Golden Corral / the whole damn service

Milwaukee, WI, United States

This is for the Golden Corral in Milwaukee, WI. The service was trash. My mac and cheese had the colors red and green in it. The server waited god damn 30 min to get me a coke which I didn't even pay for she just handing out free drinks like she runs the place. She walked around with spoons in her hands for damn near 10 min before she ignored me to get some coke. Oh and the manager john was trying to throw hands with a customer complaining about the poor service. So [censored] you john. I spent 35 dollars at Golden Corral and wanna throw up the trash food that was discolored and slap the terrible servers tell they learn how to serve, because honestly this place needs to be shutdown. I want my money back. I didn't even eat that much it was so garbage. Finally, the waiter spilled my coke I waited 30 min for on my sweatshirt that is white. Please refund me and give me dry cleaning money, Porfavor.

Oct 22, 2018

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