Glocell / glocell msc cruise - scam and false advertising

South Africa
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Glocell had a promo take a new contract or upgrade and receive a cruise for 2 adults and 2 kids.I was one of the first people to know about this and applied straight away.Filled in all documentation and booking forms for cruise.Received an sms that glocell intends accomadating mean and more info will follow.

So here is the rubbish part :

I have been in contact with glocell tlc as well as the support department.I requested my tickets which are due to me agent told me he will follow up and get me some more info.Today i receive an email stating we sorry we cannot accomadate you as the promotion quoata of people has been reached and to compensate me i will receive an R8000 credit but only to use on my glocell data account.

This is total nonsense and legal action will need to be taken no matter what the terms and conditions state as per previous posts i saw from glocell to similar customer complaints.I would like the management of glocell to provide the details on how the 1000 +- families qualified for the cruise and i did not.I was one of the few that applied first and contract approved quick and device shipped to me, this is where the discrepancy arises, how did i not qualify?I only took this contract on the basis of me getting a cruise so whats the point being a glocell customer??This is a scam from glocell and a company thatsl has pathetic service and i have been an autopage customer and never had this type of bull**** service..I will ensure glocell is exposed for this and legal action is going to be taken.How is it that i applied 3 weeks before my relative and approved instantly he received cruise but i did not?Dont anwser me with your nonsense of terms and conditions state its a promotion based on availability...rubbish..

I want my cruise for my family thats what i signed up for not for **** useless service like this..

I would really like to hear what glocell responds with.My legal team is looking into this and it does not look good for glocell.

People do yourself a favour..cancel all glocell contracts and spread the word to others never to use glocell even of contract is for free..they are a scam company and do not value customers.

Glocell om the front page of a few major newspapers countrywide is definitely going to create a stir..we will just have to find out how much glocell values a customer and there integrity.

Also see this as proof :

We confirm receipt of your Detail Form for the MSC Cruise. Thank you for your patience, we intend accommodating you and will be in touch shortly thanks GloCell

Feb 1, 2017

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