Giant Eagle / pharmacy dept.

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

I'm writing this to suggest a few changes you need to discuss w/your pharmacy depts. My husband is on a powerful medication for pain because of numerous injuries. I dropped of his script a few days before he would run out to be ordered because they usually dont have the brand he needs in stock.I never recieved a phone call nor did my dr. letting me or him know the insurance needed prior authorization after being on this med. for 2 yrs. This medication can"t be stopped all of a sudden he ended up W/terrible withdrawls which if the dr. had known sooner he could of helped. I dropped the script off on a Tues. went to pick it up on Friday after work the lady didnt even care. Please let all your pharmacies know there needs to be better comunication especially w/meds that can cause harm when taken off suddenly!!

May 18, 2017

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