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Giant Eagle Gompany / doesn't listen to emploeeys side of complaint

1 East Board Street, BlackLick Columbus, OH, United States Review updated:

Giant Eagle Retail stores in Ohio do not train us well at all. Then the customer gets mad when things take time, and myself as an employee has to take the abuse of the customers. The company does not even let you tell what happened. There is a manager at the BlackLick store Susie N/A they just automatically assume the customer does not or is not a lair. They pay like crab, and expect you to be belittled and look up to management like their god. I feel they are taking advantage of the crisis this country is in, and how disparate people are to try to make a buck just to live. It's ashame we have to bite our tongues every day just to put food on the table! Does anyone agree with me?

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  • Dm
      5th of Jan, 2011

    well i work at a giant eagle also in pa and actually i get treated pretty well there. i agree that a multibillion dollar company could definatly pay their employees better( excluding managment of coarse).the store i work at just about everyone is professional and does their jobs well if i have a problem with a customer i addressit to the higher ups and let them deal with it. thats why they make the big bucks i dont want the headache anyway!! there are alot of grumpy ### people in this world and many very nice ones to. i guess its all in the way you know how to deal with the public and if you cant then you need to find another place to work besides in a retail setting.

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  • Sp
      3rd of Feb, 2011

    i work for giant eagle as well, and completely disagree with you. the training i had was excellent and very thourough. as far as pay goes, they are very upfront with you during the interview process what the pay is. if you didn't like it you shouldn't have accepted the job. if you want to be rich then maybe you should consider a good medical or law school. the union contract also plays a role in pay scales, did you ever consider going to a meeting? probably not. i love the store i work at (stark county, ohio). we have a great staff and the managers treat us with an enormous amount of appreciation and respect. I will concede with you in regards to the abuse we take from customers. some of them can be down right rude and mean, but guess what... your going to have that everywhere. If i had to guess, i would say you are probably young and have very little experience in the real world, and i would also be willing to bet that you weren't the greatest employee. if you want respect, you earn it. you should take pride in your work, regardless of what your doing, and give it 100%, instead of complaining. only then will management take positive notice of you.

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