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Let me begin by telling you my experience with both the service department and sales department at Lunghamer GMC. I went there on Friday June 16, 2017 to take my 2010 Chevy Traverse in for service. (this car was purchased at the Lungahamer Chevy dealer). I was dropping my car off to be serviced for an engine light which when another auto place checked the code it stated that it was an O2 sensor. I was waited on by Joe, who I had spoken to on the phone that morning before dropping my vehicle off. I also asked for an oil change and new front and rear wiper blades also that the car was idling high recently. On 6/16 the car was dropped off before 9am. I had also informed him that I was interested in purchasing a new car and asked for a recommendation of a sales person. Joe stated that he is a newer employee and could not give a recommendation. Joe stated that he would contact me later that day with an update on my car and stated that they are “short staffed and backed up”. I was transported home by their shuttle. On Saturday June 17, 2017 I contacted Joe in the am to find out the status of my car and he stated that the “fixed the O2 sensor” and that they were waiting for a hoist so that the transmission person can look at the car. Joe stated that he would contact me later that day for an update, and I never received a call. On Monday June 19, 2017 in the am I called and spoke to the receptionist and asked to speak to Joe and the call when to his voicemail, after I was not contacted several hours later I called back and spoke to Brad who stated Joe was off. I explained the situation and inquired about my car, diagnosis and progress. Brad put me on hold and when he returned to the phone stated that the O2 sensor, oil change and wipers were done and that they were still waiting on the technician to look at the transmission, I stated that I needed a car for work on Tuesday and he stated that he would set me up with a rental, I also stated that I wanted to speak to someone in sales. I went to the dealership and did get a loaner and spoke with Brad who could give me no new information or estimate of completion. I then went into the sales department and spoke to Jessica and explained the situation and that I was interested in a Buick Envision and that I wanted to trade my car in and purchase a vehicle for cash. She then took me out to the lot and was discussing options and colors I may want and discussed the Envision having a third row seat, I questioned this because I had already looked them up online. When she brought a car for me to test drive I asked to see the third row seat and when we opened the hatch there wasn’t one and she stated that she was sorry and that she was new and had gotten mixed up. After test driving the car went in to discuss again the options I would like and wanted to look at an Envision Essence. (again I had researched online beforehand). I asked about deals and promotions and stated that I could use GM friends and family and she and the male sales manager stated that the Costco discount would be better. (well at that time on the website it showed deals on the exact vehicle we were looking at for $35, 000. Jessica came back with $40, 000 without knowing my trade. I stated that would be doable and would wait to see the trade in for my car, which would have to be driven by the used car manager before giving a price. Jessica asked if I wanted her to run numbers for an Enclave and I stated I did and she said she would get back to me. On Tuesday 20, 2017 I again called the dealer in the am and spoke with Joe who state they are “working on it” and that he would call, which he did later that day and stated that the Trans Control Module needed to be replace and I said ok and asked that when it is complete if they could have the used car manager drive it so that my purchasing process could move forward. Later that day Joe called and stated the car was done and the used car manager was going to drive it. I left work early to pick it up and got there and turned in the rental and paid my bill of over $1400. (and again the cashier was extremely rude to me. I had asked her about the Costco discount and she said something about I need an email from them? Never letting me know how to access this service). Jessica came out and stated that my car was parked in the front and would find out the trade in price. I also asked Jessica about the specials that were on their website that listed several of the vehicles we discussed at $5000 less than what she quoted me and even showed her the print off. She stated that she will look into it. Then I was told as the used car manager was driving the car the engine light came on again and that he could not give a value until it was taken care of. I then spoke to Joe and he stated that the technician that had done the work was gone for the day and that it might be that he did not clear the code after and that my car would need to stay until tomorrow. (no one else in service knows how to clear the codes?). So then I had to get the rental car again. On Wednesday 21, 2017 Joe contacted me and stated that it was the O2 sensor that was bad!!! I stated that was the reason that I brought it in and that they had told me that it had been fixed……Joe said that he would waive the labor fees….so another $79…..(this is not acceptable for me). I went and picked up my car. I got a call from Jennifer checking on my experience and explained to her all that is above and she apologized and asked if I wanted to come and speak with the manager, I stated I would on a different day and that he could call me. Jessica contacted me later that day and stated that the trade in value was less than $4000 I informed her that is not acceptable and that I felt it was unfair and discussed the issues above. I also asked about the Enclave quote and also stated to her that it was interesting that the deals that were on their website that I enquired about were no longer posted but one…She stated that to have the “special” I had to already have a car leased through them and the GM discount. (nowhere on the disclaimer stated anything about having a GM leased.) I told her I was disappointed in the service at all levels and if discouraged if I bought a car through them that the service department let me down to trust in future service. I stated that I would take my business elsewhere. I also called Jennifer who referred me to the manager Scott and I left him a message on 6/21 and have not received a call back as of yet. So last night I looked up several sites about O2 sensors and how they can cause a car to idle high…I also called and spoke to a mechanic who stated the same thing. So now the issue is I just paid over $1400 that I did not know would have been necessary if they would have fixed the O2 first for $79. Besides the fact that the KBB value of my car and they offered me less than ½ off fair condition besides just putting $1400 into it. I am discussed and disappointed with this whole situation and feel like I was truly taken advantage of.

My husband and I have been owners of GM Vehicles for many years and have gotten them serviced through Lunghamer and I feel I’ve been a loyal customer and sad that it does not seem to matter.

Sincerely, Megan Wentz

Jun 22, 2017

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