General Motorspaint

I purchased a brand new 2017 sierra for 51k. I have owned the truck 3 months and the dealership has had it 4 times for a total of a month. I filed a gm complaint and have been dealing with my gm Rep. Today I met with the district manager who was no help at all. To date my truck has had the Hood and passenger rear door repainted due to imperfections under the clear coat. The truck has been buffed 3 times that I know of. I was told they cant buff it anymore without going through the clear coat. There are bad scratches and swirls all over the truck just from washing it. I explained to the district manager that the only thing I use to dry my vehicle is new micro fibers clothes. He then proceeded to tell me it was my fault and I should not touch the paint. So your telling me I bought a 51k truck and can't even clean it? Very unhappy customer and I feel like I was robbed. This truck looks horrible in the sunlight. I will make sure everyone knows how poorly I was treated and steer them away from any gm purchase in the future

Feb 01, 2017

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