General Motorsdan cummins chevy service dept.

Let me start off by saying that my famly and i have done business with this local dealership for many years and have purchased over a dozen vehicles from them. my most recent purchase was this 2014 chevy cruze. this has been the worse vehicle we have ever owned as well as the worst sales experience we have ever encountered. when we purchases this car we purchased an extened warranty like we always do. from the start we have had problem starting with the headlight not working, power outlets not working, 2 power window motors have went out, multiple sensors have had to be replaced along with the numerous recalls it has had. but this past problem has topped it all... on [protected] my service stabilitrak and traction controll light came on and the car started running bad. we called Dan Cummins to get it looked at and they told us they could not get to it untill [protected]. i asked them if i could get a rental sence my extended warranty covers rental and they said it wouldnt cover it untill they looked at the car and diagnosed the problem. this was going to be at least a week. so we had to pay for a rental car for a week while we waited for them to look at the car. on 1-31 they finally called me and told me they looked at it and it needed a break swich, then they added that while they were in there they noticed an oil leak coming from the oil cooler which i found strange because i park in the same spot everyday and never noticed a drop of oil in my driveway. they assured me it would not cost me any extra because my warranty has a $200 deductible per visit so i went along with the repair. i asked them at this time if the i could get a rental and they replied no because the repair should take less then a day but they couldnt do it in that amount of time because they were so busy. on 2-2-2017, they called me advising me my car was that evening.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Paris, KY i picked it up and they tild me everything was good and they did a multi point inspection including hoses belts and so on and all was fine. i left the dealership. after just 15 -20 miles of driving i noticed smoke rolling out oron under the car..i pulled over poped the hood and there was fluid everywhere and had even caught fire on the manifold. i put out the small fire and called the dealership. after explaining what happened they had me call a tow truck to come pick up the car and bring it back in. the called me later that day asking if i could come in to talk to them in which i did. the shop manager tells me that the problem was caused by a hose that had burst onder the hood and was not due yo the work that they had preformed. i the reserched this to find out that that very hose ran to the oil cooler that they had replaced the prior day. when i ased them about this he said that they did not touch that hose and it must be due to some minor bumper damage that was sustained several months ago. they were doing everything they could not to admit fault. the car had no leaks of any kind wgen entering the dealership and upon picking it up was advised it had been inspected and all hosed gaskets and so on were in good shape with no leaks. now they tell me this was prior damage from months ago and they didnt see a huge leek spraying fluid out all over the place within seconds. lol. they now tell me i have to pay for this repair and its not covered under warranty or was due to anything they did while working on it. in fact i had the car in for service 1 day prior to bringing it to them for the original problem for an oil change and there was no problem or leaks at this time. all i want is for them to accept responsibility and fix the leak that they caused. today is 2-6-2017 and i have been without a car and had to rent one since [protected]. they tell me they have become one of the top GM dealers in the country but along the way they have forgotten about customer service. this has been the worst sales and service experiences ive ever had.

Feb 06, 2017

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