General Motors2013 chevy traverse

Wednesday Feb 1 2017. Driving down Mack ave. Car lost power. No warning. No engine sensor warning. I almost crashed. very scary. Had car towed to Merrollis Chevy dealership. Called all day Friday to get update on car. THen I spoke to Tony he said for me to bring in my oil change receipts. I brought them in the next day. I was an independent mechanic which has serviced my vehicles for 20 years. Plus he is my neighbor. Brought in the receipts for 5 oil changes plus the 6 th oil change sticker was on the window with service date of aug 2106. the car has less than 39, 000 miles on it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Eastpointe, MI So Tony calls me back and says GM isn't going to honor the warranty because your receipts are not computer generated. they don't have the VIN or invoice number on them in addition its not a legal shop so they wont honor the warranty. He said sorry but the repair will be 6000$$. so I see the FTC and Magnus law states they cant deny the warranty if it was done by a independent mechanic. That that is against for them not to honor the warranty based on this. That my responsibility was to make sure that the car had recommended maintainence. which I did. To be clear if GM doesn't not honor my warranty I will go straight to litigation. This is riduclous. SO then the Chevy service manager says I will submit but I am telling you they are going to deny this.

Feb 04, 2017

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