General Motors2008 gmc sierra

I'd like to know why gm would put out a product that is extremely dangerous to drive or to ride in. When reduced power mode kicks in on my truck, its not reduced, it mode is "no power mode idle only". I was on the highway last night and couldnt get to thte side when no pwer mode kicked in. I had to sit in traffic waiting for a cop to come park behind me so I could unplug the battery and release the truck from no power mode. I want gm to reprogram my computer at their cost to say no power mode. Why the hell would a company stall a vehicle in the middle of a busy highway? Im not going to rest until my computer isw reprogrammed. I feel this is fraud. No one wouold purchase a vehicle if they knew there is a possibility that you would be stuck on the highway at gm's decision. Poor decision gm and reduced is the wrong word. If there is no power and the gas pedal is made inoperab le, then its no power mode not reduced, and I would like my dash to reflect the truth. Why lie about something when it would be easier to say no power mode reset computer to continue driving. Its not that difficult, but I dont think i'll let my children in a gm vehicle again for fear they wouldnt know what to do. Gm you are terribly wrong for the no power mode, and there is never a reson to be stranded in the highway when you dont have to be. So call me so we can reprogram this week. All that needs to be done is reprogram the dash to tell the truth, no power mode. I think you could be liable for an accident and this information hopefully will go viral and your sales will reflect poor design and incorrect display information. Its almost like the display saying, "its not what we display, but rather what we meant to display." im not going to rest until I get the reprogram of reduced power mode. This is dangerous, and I wasnt told this when I bought the vehicle. A full blown recall is what i'll start pushing for now. Gm should have been more careful in their choice of words. Definitely a recall to reprogram is in order. Until then, we wont be riding or driving in any product made by gm that is this dangerous. What good are seatbelts, safety in all aspects has been neglected when the possibility of being shutdown on the highway is a good possibility, regardless, gm shouldnt ever disable power mode and not allow the pedal to accelerate the vehicle. I want the computer reprogrammed to display no power mode. Its a matter of principle

Jan 16, 2017

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