General Motors / 2004 gmc envoy

Manchester, TN, United States

I have owned this car since 2004. I have had one thing after another go out on this car. I have reached out to GMC several times trying to get help with some of the things I had to replace with no luck. My late husband was Service Director for a Nissan Dealership and Nissan would do whatever they could to help a customer with a part no matter how old the car. My late husband told me I would be messing up buying this Envoy and now I know what he was talking about. Even when the car was under warranty and I had a part go out I was told by GMC that part was not under the warranty. I'm a firm believer in buying American but after my experience with this American car since 2006, I will never buy American again! I will drive this car till my catalic converter goes completely out then I will part the car with a sign on it letting everyone know what parts have gone out, the times I called GMC and was told they were sorry but it was out of warranty. I will list my case numbers along with the reps names I spoke with and let them decide as I have American is not the way to go with a vehicle. Thanks for your time and my first and last time of being an American made car owner will stop with this one!

Jun 10, 2017

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