GE Appliances / ge® 1.6 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave oven

Morris Plains, NJ, United States

I purchased my GE Microwave in January 2017. I had to purchase this particular one because my previous Microwave was a GE and this was the one that will fit in between the cabinets. After about 2 months I noticed in the window what looked like a separation about the size of a dime. I called GE as a concern and I was told as long as it doesn't affect the performance there was nothing they will do. Now here in June this problem has grown to the size of a half dollar. I'm concerned that this could be some kind of protective film or something is slipping in between the glasses. I would have taken this thing down myself and returned it to BestBuy myself months ago but I had to pay $125 to have it installed by my contractor. Now I'm stuck with this ugly thing that anyone who comes over asks me what on earth is that? I tell them that it's the mark of GE and their shoddy workmanship of their product. Very very disappointed!

Jun 11, 2017

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