GE Appliancescustomer service and incompetent repairman

I own several GE appliances. My GE profile slide in range had an element light that stayed on and my GE microwave had fan that stayed on as well. I viewed the internet and basically both were minor issues. So, I contacted GE customer service and told the rep what I needed. I was scheduled for May 1 from 8 am to noon. I waited 4 hours and 45 minutes. The repair man had no explanation or apology for being late. He entered my home and asked about my pets. I told him that my pets were put up. Then, he asked, "Where is your husband?" I refused to answer. He walked in my kitchen and never looked at the stove or microwave. I told him what was wrong with the stove and he replied, " I do not know how to fix it? You need to call back and a technician will come out to fix it at $593 for parts." I told him about the microwave, he said. "That is not on my order.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Covington, GA" He refused to look at it. He told me to call the rep and reschedule the appointment at another charge. He told me to purchase all new appliances and that GE products are "JUNK". He proceeded to tell me that I owed him $109 for the visit. His stay was less than 3 minutes. He grabbed my credit card and charged me. I contacted GE and they refuse to assist. The repair man signed my credit card receipt. He laughed at me and said, ' I knew you were not going to pay to have it fixed. You woman are all the same." He ran out of my home. I contacted the BBB and customer affairs. I purchased all new appliances from Lowes. All GE products will never enter my home. PLEASE ladies, beware of this type of repairmen. He had no intention of ever fixing my appliance. He came for the sole purpose to rip me off. I am a senior citizen woman. He took advantage of me. SHAME ON GE.

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