GDex / GD Express / staff at gdex seremban

Seremban, Malaysia

I have serious issue on my parcel delivery as they said to me they will send my parcel on 23rd june 2017, since I made a call saying I cant make it on 22nd june 2017 as their office close at 8 pm, so when I said I want to pick up myself on friday 23rd june they said I cant since the parcel might have with the rider so I said then I proceed to make usual delivery by despatch on friday, when I call today as friday 23rd, they said the parcel still at the office without saying anything n cut off my phone line! How rude!!! A rude female staff and when I called back nobody pick up until the third attempt they cut off again! And I couldnt check wether my parcel will be deliver or send by despatch! Please check this matter seriously so this thing can be happening to others and I will take this matter to the top if they refuse to send my parcel as they promised! Please check management on gdex seremban!

Jun 23, 2017

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