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I am a gamestop customer for a very long time, I have provided many good employee feedback and until now there were none complaints. This is the first time I have experienced such behavior that I wish did not happen. As i went inside, I was the only one in line, the two ladies just talking to eachother and ignoring me, then one of them was like "yea so what you need?" I told them I wanted a certain game, her respond was "have you checked the shelves? if it isn't there we don't have it" i replied "i checked online it says this location has a copy" her respond was ..nothing..just started to finally check the computer...they did have a used copy for me...then she gave me my game and nothing, no have a nice day nothing, and it was damm i asked her "whats the return policy on this used game?" i already knew what it was just wanted to see if they give me accurate information, she responded "no we don't take back games sry" and thats like "Really?" she like "yea why would someone buy a game if they didn't want it" ... i returned the game at another store and have cancelled all my pre orders in all gamestop stores and I am never coming back because i can't trust people who give me wrong information. The two ladies description was was tall and manly looking caucasian..other was short to medium height hispanic.

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  • Fi
      Dec 01, 2012

    I shop at this store all the time, and I can't imagine this is a legit complant. Sounds more like a personal attack on two people at the end of the comments.

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  • Jo
      Dec 14, 2012

    Have you reported the issue? Anytime I have an issue I use Apparently when you request a response from someone, it triggers an email that goes directly to the district mgr. I say this because last month I used it and within 10 minutes I received an email response from someone and the email contained the text from my original complaint. So, I know it works. Much better than their 1-800 line.

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