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the woman employee working on december 15 2019

I called this gamestop to ask a question about a game I had purchased there and the woman working there hung up on me. So I called back thinking it was an accident and she got...

we were sold an empty case

My mom and I were purchasing a videogame for my younger brother. We bought a brand new copy, we bought the warranty and kept the receipt, and there's not even a game in it. We...

unethical behavior

Hello, I shop at gamestop all the time. Especially for it's pre orders. I'm even a powerup rewards member. I visited my gamestop at around 7:40 PM CST on November 16, 2019. They...

customer service

11/10/19 05:14 PM 212292 SARAH 02668/01-045 The sales rep was very rude and unorganized. There were only about 5 people in the store with 2 reps and Sarah moved me and my mother...

trade in

I was trading in a Nintendo 3ds system and when they were unable to reset the ds itself, I was harassed into being told it was all my fault and they wouldn't even try again or let...

why have you only started hiring ignorant female employees?

I've shopped at GameStop most my life now and always enjoyed it but I've noticed that in the past year all you have working at you Waycross, GA location is smarta...

cash payouts to those turning in gaming equipment, games, consoles etc.

In what is likely a scenario going on across the country, GameStops and stores like it in addition to pawn shops, street corners and back allies are unknowingly contributing to the habits of others. By providing cash in lieu of store credit this is enabling addicts to get the monies needed to make drug purchases regardless of how these items were obtained . I am not blaming these establishments but am speaking from my experiences with an addict. I'm asking that you GameStop consider having just a store credit only policy on items turned in. Thank you for listening

staff was very big chested and was very unprofessional

45111 I went in told them my situation, told me he probably couldn't take it but would try, I said alright, after sitting there for him to do who knows what, he finally told me a price...

customer service

I have never had such a problem exchanging a product for store credit. I had the box it came in and the credit card I used to buy it because I didn't have my receipt...


I went to gamestop to make some purchases of a preorder Rage 2 & get Wolfenstein for ps4. The girl game me the bundle of wolfenstein new order and old blood. She cancelled my preorder for Rage 2 without my permission, she used my power up rewards points without my permission to renew my power up rewards. Plus she only gave me one game when I should of received both copy's. I submitted a complain to the store and nobody's called me as I requested.


very, very rude staff

I am a long-time customer, retired, 75 year old gamer, who has a ps2, ps3 (x2), ps4, x-box 360, xbox1. I recently renewed my power up account and maintain my online gold account...


Associate melissa blatantly judged a book by its cover. I was in your establishment with my son looking to purchase a game or two on 8/24/19 . Melissa asked me if I needed help, I...

GameStop.comonline account

I had my account hacked twice and someone claimed ecard from Google. I sent my concerns and screenshots to GameStop and I have yet to hear a response. You need better security for your user's account. I lost over 11000 points that my hard earn money had accumulated and now I can't get it back. I changed my username, password, and my Gmail account password and someone was able to change my email address again.

.com vs store pricing on in store pick ups/ call wait time

45111 Ive emailed you. Ive called you. This is absolutely rediculous. Im on hold for over an hour. I drove 230 miles round trip to be told by your manager that he doesnt have to honor...

shadow of the tomb raider (steelbook)

I recently ordered a new copy of 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' for the Xbox One. When I received my package and opened it, I expected a NEW and UNOPENED copy. But it turns out the case was damaged. It had dents on the steelbook casing and it was also UNSEALED. The season pass paper was bent/folded. Even the disc had fingerprints all over it. Whoever sent this copy to me also had the audacity to slap a "NEW" sticker on the back of it too. This was 100% false advertisement.

shadow of the tomb raider (steelbook)
shadow of the tomb raider (steelbook)
shadow of the tomb raider (steelbook)

customer service

I was trying to trade in my ps4 slim after the guy gave me the estimate and test out my ps4 I told him I'm a gonna get a receipt because my girlfriend want to see the receipt...

beat [protected]

Good afternoon

My name is Malcolm Richardson. I own Beat That Guy Gaming (BTGG), the only traveling indoor/outdoor eSports/gaming company in Alabama. We are looking to get some information about sponsorship, affiliation, or support for our local gaming communities. BTGG has had great success in working with your stores in the past 2 1/2 years. It has been mutually beneficial for GameStop and BTGG (examples: Birmingham Bowl, Vulcan Birthday Bash, etc.). Store managers and associates in District 807 are very pleased with the stores' performance on the days we hold events. On these days, the stores see an increase in foot traffic as well as sales increase. It also gives the GameStop motto "Power to the Players" meaning.

We have been working together now for one year to make sure our performance is our best and with little to no compensation. Numbers don't lie, but 807's District Manager, Andy Harper, has not been honest with us. Mr. Harper has given BTGG verbal promises during this time of passing our information up to his supervisors to get BTGG into more stores. BTGG was also promised by Mr. Harper connections with outside entities so that we may begin invoicing people for our services when we do joint events with GameStop. We are a gaming company coming to our local stores, helping bring in business and boosting sales on release dates. We have done these events for free with the promise of future pay outside of GameStop. BTGG has recently been told by Mr. Harper that we are no longer allowed to work with the local stores. This severance is due to an event coming up at the University of Alabama where I asked for contact information to send an invoice to so that BTGG would receive payment. I was told by Mr. Harper that I was angry in asking for this information and that he never promised BTGG contacts for payment. BTGG asks that we are allowed to continue working with the stores. BTGG also asks, if contracted to help with an event, that we receive payment for said event.

We are not trying to bill GameStop for our services.

Thank you for your time.

The links below are for our social media as proof of events we've done with GameStop as well as BTGGs own events.

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From: Beat That Guy Gaming
Date: Sat, Aug 10, 2019, 1:44 PM
Subject: GameStop Mobile Feedback

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beat [protected]
beat [protected]

failed to work

I have an account with gamstop and have since April 2019. The reason I registered with gamstop is to stop gambling as it was causing me a lot of issues. I took a downhill turn and decided I wanted to start gambling again. I tried to register on a number of online gambling sites and rightly so I was refused and wasnt able to register. Then I set up an account with william hill who i was registered with before. I used a different email address but same name and other details. This was end of June 2019. They verified my ID and proof of address so they knew exactly who i was and atill allowed me to register and lose a lot of money. I contacted William hill several times about this and proved to them I was registered with gam stop. They blocked my account again but wouldn't refund me any money. They told me to contact fam stop. I have contacted gamstop on many occasions since June and throughout july and they have failed to respond to any of them. They have failed me. I registered with them because I had a problem and paid for their service. They have failed me, my depression has come back and they don't even bother with responding. I want to claim for my losses and compensation. Gamstop are a joke and responsible for people ending their lives.

customer service relations, re: complaint

On Thursday Aug 1, 2019 at 9:15pm I went to gamestop in Pelham NY, at the address 812 Pelham Pkwy, Pelham, NY 10803. [protected]. I approached a sales representative, about...

xbox one controller

I bought an Xbox One pre-owned controller and it's A button and LB button do not function properly. When both of the buttons are pressed they are so loose that they don't press in all the way and there is a low chance that the button that is being pressed is even pressed. There is also a problem on the bottom of the controller and I can't plug my earbuds into the controller so I can't talk or listen to the game and my friends through my earbuds.

ps4 pro

We bought a ps4 with one year warranty. Had issues and was told to bring in and for 40 can have it swiped clean. We thought that was protocol when getting a system in and buying used but paid 40 any way. Now it is not working at at due to blue ring of death and after son talking with manager was told nothing they can do even with the one year warranty which I have receipt. Son after being told that stated he thought he had one year warranty but was told there is nothing they can do and my son threw ps4 away. Why pay for warranty when it is not going to be validated for an employee who should have cleaned and checked system. My son is handicapped and that is his favorite form of entertainment since he can't get out much due to seizures and I just so frustrated on how this was handled and disappointed in a company I thought was good with game products. Sometimes you see true in a heartbeat.

ps4 pro

return of defective product sold by gamestop - beltsway plaza, 6100 greenbelt rd, greenbelts md 20770. (ph) [protected]

I went in the store today 4pm to return 2 One recon 50x headsets (refurb). there was an older white lady behind the cash register that was not customer service trained for her position to represent Gamestop. She stated that I had to wait 20 minutes in order for me to recieve my funds for the return. I ask where is that written in company policy?
She also stated that I could not return one of the headset becuase the 30 days has expired for return. I told her that I did not have my receipt on the first purchase when I return it about 2 weeks ago, she then said why dont you donate it to the salvation I do understand that both of these product were refurbished items, I was willing to try another one, so I purchased the second one in hopes that it would work correctly and when I have time I would return the first one. Both were defective. Just based on this person attitude is the reason im filing this complaint.
If you have any questions to this matter, you can reach me by email- [protected] or call [protected]. Gary Armstrong.

poor customer service

My name is Susan Dreiling and I live in Deerfield Kansas. I am a Gamestop Pro Reward member and have been for some time. My husband and my boys went to the Game Stop at the Garden...

GameStop IJJI inc — rotita return department

647827 I am reporting this company since instead of filing a return for the two purchased items from Rotita Website, they remotely got into my computer, got access to my PayPal and Yahoo...

Poor Customer Service

Gamestop decided to cancel my order without attempting to contact me. When I told them I didn't authorize this they told me I would have to place the order online again. The items are not available. They told me I was just out of luck. Very terrible customer experience. I attempted to contact Gamestop and they refused to address or fix the issue. I have contacted them a few different times and there has been no response.

neptune beach fl store manager jay!

This young man was very disrespectful towards my father and I because as soon as we walked into the store it felt as if we were profiled for the way that we looked and as we...

cashier misgendered me!

I was trying to return a game and get a refund and the cashier refused to give me my money back. He kept on calling me sir when it's obvious that I'm not. How many times should I...


I was in the Idaho Falls Gamestop in the mail when a women immigrant hispanic with 3 teenage kids went to buy a game that was M. The lady looked about 40 or 50. The female...

manager named ed

This guy named ed is a complete jerk to me and my family everytime we come in. He abuses us and refuses to take any of our trades. And when he does he complains and trys to guilt...

xbox 1

I bought three for Xmas gifts, and one of them won't work. Took it back and was told that I need to pay v$50 more dollars for a warranty. All's. I want is for them to exchange it...

unethical behaviour

On 12/21/2018 at 5:15pm PST I went to purchase for my son the 12 month playstation subscription. Purchase price was $59.99 I handed the girl a $100.00 she then took the bill and...

Gamestop Online — buying a game from gamestop online store

Wanted to order game online because i had a coupon that was for online only. Couldn't get it to work for over an hour. Finally called Customer Service, who was able to do for me...

black friday ad - rebate

Date of Incident: 11/22/18 Rebate is not being offered Would like the rebate that was advertised in the 2018 Black Friday Ad. I have been trying to reach the Customer Service...

playstation vr - charged an extra $100.00 at checkout

In the last few days I purchased a playstion vr from gamestop. On the box was a 3"x4" label that said $ the checkout it rang up at $299.00 I immediately questioned the...

digital copy purchased/clerk did not tell me digital could not be returned

I went to Gamestop in Goldsboro, NC Weds. 12-5-18. They did not have an actual copy of the two games I wanted. The clerk said they would be hard to find as they came out earlier this year. So I bought two digital with codes. Nothing was explained to me that these could not be returned. I spoke with my sister that evening and she told me my nephew would not be happy with just a code. He suffers with OCD, Tourettes. This means when things are not as he is used to, he gets very upset. I returned to Gamestop Thurs. 12-6-18 and was then informed that they were not refundable. I planned to get the actual games through Gamestop on-line. I am very upset. I have purchased 2 PS, 2 X Box, 3 DS, and a multitude of games, most, when available, are Gold or Ultimate Editions. I will no longer buy from Gamestop. I should have been informed of the conditions with digital code copies. I also felt as though the clerk was irritated with helping me.

employee at havertown, pa 1305 west chester pike, suite 20

The employee with the last name of Lewis was completely rude and condescending during our whole interaction as if it was beneath him to speak with me and treating me as if my...

online order

I placed an online order on Thanksgiving that I haven't received. Every time I have called, I have had to wait 1-4 hours to speak with a live person. I was lied to on the 29th and told that I would receive my order on the 30th. Then, I was told by a supervisor on the 2nd, that I would have my order by the 4th. UPS is not showing they have received my has never left the warehouse. No one has attempted to resolve my issue. It's been 2 weeks and I still don't have my order, but they have my money.

  • St
    Stacy Cabrera Dec 11, 2018

    I think they are scamming all black Friday deals. I also ordered and received confirmation. They never sent my item and now I received an email saying that either I cancelled it or my credit card did (which I verified, they did not) and they want me to reorder it...obviously no longer at the black Friday prices. I can't get anyone on the phone either...sounds like the FTC needs to get involved with the bait and switch activity going on.

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customer service

I have had the worst possible experience with Gamestop Customer service. I placed an order during black Friday. The order was then canceled a week later without me being notified...

customer service

An employee named Alyssa at the gamestop at the Legends in Kansas City would not sell a M Rated game to me even though I am 18. My younger sister was holding the games for me...


Went to the store trying to return 2 unopened games...while in there manager comes from the back and says I always return there and ask where I got it from take it back there...