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GameStop Complaints & Reviews

Gamestop / 2 year extended warranty

mrscafenoir on Oct 7, 2017
Bought an Xbox One with a 2 year extended warranty from Gamestop. 698 days later it would not power on, called, told them I thought it was my power cord. Gave them my serial number, plan did not show, livid. Will never buy from them again. Over 12 years as a regular customer, thousands of...

Gamestop / mario car game

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj on Oct 1, 2017
My sister order a Nintendo Switch console along with two games one of which she never received. All the items were bought on the same but two of the items came at different times in individual boxes except the Mario Cart game which we never got. We kept getting messages of completed...

Gamestop / powerup rewards

NathanD.Young on Oct 1, 2017
10/01/17 It appears GameStop has completely removed all physical merchandise from their rewards program. I just renewed my membership because I planned to go buy a few games today, and I wanted to browse the merch with my newly earned rewards points. Low and behold no merch to be had, just...

Gamestop / 4 bad controllers in a row

Minato Donaldson on Sep 22, 2017
I bought a xbox 360 and I live 60 miles from you pathetic excuse for a store and I've had to go back 2 separate times to return controllers and they gave me yet another bad cotroller so now I have almost 100 dollars invested in a 30 dollar controller I want my money back this is in fort...

Gamestop / special order

Renee Cundiff Nauful on Sep 21, 2017
Placed an order in local store back in July & still haven't received it. I've made phone calls to 800#, I've sent emails, I've gone back to the store & still no game! I paid for it in July & want my game. VERY poor customer service! I keep being given the same excuse that order was lost by...

Gamestop / payment

Doug6969 on Sep 13, 2017
I owed 48 dollars and some change at gamestope at 350 baseline rd mesa az for call of duty. I went in and put 21 dollars down on wolfenstein 2 and then now all of the sudden I have 21 dollars added on to call of duty. The store saod they cant do anything. I really dont feel like paying...

Gamestop / Hurricane Operating Hours

Colleen O Hara on Sep 7, 2017
It is really unfortunate that my significant other is one of two people on the team who haven't evacuated for hurricane Irma yet and because of that- the district leader (who evacuated two days ago) is expecting then to work both Friday and Saturday . They might be even be expected to work...

Gamestop / online order destiny 2 collector's edition

Rathalos on Sep 6, 2017
I ordered the Destiny 2 collector's edition for ps4 5 months ago when GameStop had sold out of the original collector's edition and only had it conveniently as a bundle that cost 30 dollars more than the original steep price of $250. Putting that aside, I called the store a month ago to...

Gamestop / destiny 2 pre-order

redsox3591 on Sep 6, 2017
I received an email stating that on 9/5/17 at 9:00 pm my copy of Destiny 2 would be ready for pickup at the 210 Andover Street, Peabody, MA location. I arrived at 9 and was told that my game was there, but I could not pick it up. Apparently the manager wasn't informed about the release...

Gamestop / the worst customer service ever!!!

Rudy L on Sep 3, 2017
Order number: 8170903015471645 September 2, 2017 I purchased a digital downloadable game from Game Stop online. After installing the game and playing it for a few hours I decided I wanted to purchase a copy for a friend so that we could team up and play it together online. I searched the...

Gamestop / unprofessional assistant manager

99Abcdefgh on Sep 2, 2017
Rude "Assitant Manager"!!! Was in the store and overheard the way he spoke to the other employees-came across as he was some kind of king talking to his peasants. He was also a very very very slow during the checkout process and had an almost condescending tone towards customers as well...

Gamestop / video game

Dev305 on Aug 31, 2017
You people need to change some prices seriously. Nba 2k16 is 35 [censor]ing dollars (pre owned) on Xbox 360 & it only $7 on Xbox one & $10 on ps4. That is the dumbest [censor] ever it's very backwards & you mutha[censor]as need to edit that [censor] that is ridiculous and...

Gamestop / rudeness, disrespect, plain out not caring about someone

Rhonda Tim on Aug 24, 2017
My son and grandson went into the Bryant and 2nd store in Edmond Oklahoma, (my son who is 33 has problems dealing with people, he doesn't do well dealing with people he gets jerky and stutters very badly, (there is more) so my grandson put the games on counter, the girl said she couldn't...

Gamestop / customer service

dethforu on Aug 18, 2017
Been trying to get in contact with someone for quite sometime. A year ago, had an issue with my points disappearing, 20, 000 points. After trying to resolve this in a few gamestop locations, and trying to get in contact thru the phone, and not making the slightest progress, I then decided...

Gamestop / crappy shipping practice on collectible things (funko pops)

Rusty Voodoo Riepele on Aug 11, 2017
I ordered for the 1st time from gamestop about 1 month ago and I received the package and more then half the order was destroyed and the funny thing is the package was fine. Which means they put the Funko pops in the box like that from the warehouse. Now a week ago I ordered 2 more pops to...

Gamestop / wrong game received

Devan Andrew on Aug 11, 2017
I was shopping online for a new game to play, and I decided to order Dragon Age 2 to be shipped to my house. When I finally received my package in the mail, I opened up the case just to find a Dead Rising 2 disk. I am very disappointed in this, since one would expect the company to be able...

Gamestop / gamestop on grand river avenue in farmington hills stole my money

Leslie Erin on Aug 11, 2017
I purchased an Xbox 1 at GameStop on grand river in Farmington hills Michigan. I returned it within the 7 day window WITH my receipt and credit card. I was told it I'd get my money refunded to my account within 72 hours. That never happened so I called back the store and was informed that...

Gamestop / bought a game from gamestop and it doesn't work

Casey Vickers on Aug 8, 2017
I bought a game from the GameStop store next to walmart out in oak grove, Ky right outside of my military base fort Campbell. And the game didnt work I brought it back to get it exchanged or get my money back and she told me my phone number was no good and told me she can't help me. She...

Gamestop / sold out online pre-order cancelled by "system"

Janis Mayfield on Jul 26, 2017
Pre-order Destiny 2 Collectors Edition the day it was available.I was so happy because it sold out in hours everywhere. A few days later 3/30/17 I sent a customer care email online asking to verify that I had next day shipping so that I would have the product on launch date. Two month...

Gamestop / an unprofessional gamestop employee

Ychen2 on Jul 22, 2017
I am a GameStop PowerUp Reward member sine 2016. Today I went to the GameStop in Alhambra around 1pm. I wanted to exchanged my son's old Wiiu system for cash because I really needed the money to pay for my car registration and insurance. I am a single mother of three and currently on...

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