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employee at havertown, pa 1305 west chester pike, suite 20

The employee with the last name of Lewis was completely rude and condescending during our whole interaction...

online order

I placed an online order on Thanksgiving that I haven't received. Every time I have called, I have had to wait 1-4 hours to speak with a live person. I was lied to on the 29th and told that I would receive my order on the 30th. Then, I was told by a supervisor on the 2nd, that I would have my order by the 4th. UPS is not showing they have received my has never left the warehouse. No one has attempted to resolve my issue. It's been 2 weeks and I still don't have my order, but they have my money.

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    Stacy Cabrera Dec 11, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I think they are scamming all black Friday deals. I also ordered and received confirmation. They never sent my item and now I received an email saying that either I cancelled it or my credit card did (which I verified, they did not) and they want me to reorder it...obviously no longer at the black Friday prices. I can't get anyone on the phone either...sounds like the FTC needs to get involved with the bait and switch activity going on.

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customer service

I have had the worst possible experience with Gamestop Customer service. I placed an order during black...

customer service

An employee named Alyssa at the gamestop at the Legends in Kansas City would not sell a M Rated game to me...


Went to the store trying to return 2 unopened games...while in there manager comes from the back and says I...

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ordering a digital copy and being told the console did not have one.

My son ordered a digital copy of Ones Justice for the Xbox One from Gamestop. After going to Gamestop to get...

product and service

I preordered WWE 2k19 Woo Edition. Paid for it two months early and still haven't received it and...

Lumberton Retail Stores

multiple accounts of the worst, unethical behavior/customer service on my pre-order of game

I have had some of the worst service and issues ever while going through the process of Pre-Ordering Call of...

double charge to my bank account

Firstly, I must state that the manager was absolutely awesome! However...the computer system was messing up...

supervisor very rude

I was at the game stop in Louisville Ky on 9-15-18 . there is a white lady whom I think is the supervisor...

customer service

Stopped in June 15th, 2018 and purchased a PS4, two games, and a year PSN membership. Stopped in June 30th to...

product purchase

I have purchased many games, consoles and in 2015 I purchased an Astro A50, unit. The unit broke and the...

Holualoa Airlines

rewards program and game labeling/customer support

The box of the game my 10-year old bought does not say a PSplus subscription is required to play it. The...

Eagle River Software & Games

playstation voucher card

On July 6th, 2018 my son went into the Royal Oaks game stop to purchase two 10 dollar psn giftcards, upon arriving home, he found that only one of the two cards we had just purchased was not activated at the register, as it had no value. I then called the store and spoke with the employee who had rung up the purchase, Deanna (#582960), to inquire how we could resolve this issue. She then claimed that there was no way to remedy the situation as the psn card "is like cash", and we were at a loss since we had left the store, when I asked to speak the manager, she said that I was and that there was no way for her to help us even though she was at fault for not activating both cards.

for processing my trades on my iphones

I'm a frequent customer at a game stop at 1282 Broadway. I went in on Monday June 18, 2018, looking to trade...

in store team leader

This is a complaint not against your store at, 3691 Airport blvd, Mobile AL, BUT one against your in-store...

game return policy for all locations.

You know i understand about trying to prevent fraud and what not but seriously its pretty annoying that if i pay 60 dollars for a game that i honestly do not like i only get less than a fraction of what i pay. Im sure you all get the same complaint and you could probably care less but its ridiculous. I work long hours which prevents me from returning the product in less than a week. But it miraculously becomes significantly less than what i paid because its out of the wrapper...hmm okay. I dont expect this to go anywhere honestly but its hard to not want to really use profanity with the amount of anger that quickly gave me. I would have been okay to only get store credit back in the amount or a little less than i paid..but to me it feels like an organized ponzi scheme. Please get it together. I know you guys arent walmart because they have the loosest return policy known to man. But you guys take the cake with the rigidity of your return policy. I could go on and on but its alright i know with the evolution of gaming becoming more digital you must keep whatever money that is given before the inevitable closing of your stores so why not start now...thanks game stop you might as well just have a sign that says all sales final. And i just wont waste me gas to even pull into your parking lot.

customer service

Good morning, I wanted to inform you all that I had a very bad experience at the Game Stop located on Ledo...

gift card frozen

02 May 2018 I went into the GameStop at Freedom Crossing, FT Bliss TX and tried to use the gift card that my...

online order

On Feb 20 I placed an order for a download and my card was declined. So I placed an second order and it went through. About an week later the order that was declined went through which I didn't authorize. I called and they kept telling me they gone issue the refund but never did. I wait weeks on weeks and nothing. It has been a month in a half and still no refund. Yet today I was told that I wasn't getting an refund. Why, because they don't refund download orders. But I didn't authorize this transaction your business took upon themselves to push this transaction through. So going into my account without permission is wrong. And to talk to me very rudely today. I have been a valuable customer and this is very unexceptable. My name is Shenita Leavy telephone number [protected] and if I don't hear from anyone about this issue I will be taking this to court. I can't afford to give you guys and extra $27.00 over something I didn't authorize.