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boosters that you pay for

I made two purchases today, 3/28/20, for $8.99 each and did not get any of the boosters that I paid for. This has happened before, so now I have to say something. Please refund my money.

candy crush saga

Whenever I start playing a game whether it be soda or saga it will start then it will stop and go back to the home screen for that game I don't want to stop playing these games because I like them but if this comtinues I might have to uninstall these games. I hope you will fix this problem right away because their are a lot of people who enjoy playing these games including me. Like I said I would highly recommend you fix this problem

  • Updated by Candice Campbell · Dec 18, 2019

    It still hasn't been fixed like I said before I go to play Candy Crush and it goes back to the home screen

candy crush soda saga

i was on level 347 or 348 on the 9/12/2019 and then I lost my progress on candy crush and wasn't logged in. what do I do? I don't want to have to redo it all again. :(

i would like you to try and get me my profile back. i believe that my picture was an onion I was in an episode race and collecting either cyan or red candies for the 4 in a row thing. just email me if you can get it back @ [protected]


me (classified information)

bubble witch 3

I have been playing Bubble Witch 3 for quite awhile now but I had to start over because I had to purchase a new Amazon Fire Tablet. Now I am not getting credit for Fairy Dust. You know, for every 15 stars collected you earn 1, 000 units of dust. It is stuck on 15/15. Please help, this is my favorite game... I do not want what I have lost but that would be great but I want to move forward with my Bubble Witch 3 game. It takes my mind off of my health issues when I have my treatments.


I wish to cancel an order but cannot see how to do this. The boots I ordered have not arrived and I have recieved no updates. I do not trust this company and wish to cancel my order now
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order

  • Updated by Sue Harding · Oct 26, 2019

    I ordered boots from a company called dayallday from an ad that appeared during a game of candy crush. It is clearly a fraudulent company as it is not possible to cancel an order. I have now recieved 2 responses in very poor english from them trying to persuade me not to cancel when all I want to do is cancel the order. Allowing fraudulent companies to advertise on your platform is very bad customer service. I now have no confidence in the advertisers you support.

pyramid solitaire saga

To whom it may concern,

I have reached over 950 levels in Pyramid Solitaire Saga and have accumulated A LOT of Boosters and game helpers, but yesterday - they ALL disappeared, and now I am back to square one!
It is very frustrating and not the first time it has happened - I will not keep playing the game unless I get all my Boosters back!

I have tried to contact through various media, but I keep getting automatic replies from "Virtual assistants" without solving my problem. Are there any HUMANS working for this company that I could talk to??

Please solve my issue ASAP!



  • Ju
    Judith mcdermott Nov 15, 2019

    I cannot purchase any boosters it takes my money but I don’t get the jokers why is this happening it used to be ok

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pet rescue

I recently upgraded to a new iPhone and pet rescue is making restart at the beginning. I was at the new segment that was just updated on Monday, October 21st and had a streak of over 300 going. How can I resume where I originally left off without having to start back at level one? Is there a way to log into the game under a profile of some sort? Please help.

candy crush saga

Re game 2253...l am being robbed over and over. If the game requires you to hit 20 chocolate pieces and once you get to 18, it won't register any more. I hit 4 more with no...

candy crush saga

J started complaining about being forced to spend money to play and advance in your Candy Crush Saga game starting with Level 74. At that time and has been and currently is continuing to be advertised as "FREE", you CANNOT ADVANCE or beat levels WITHOUT PURCHASING GOLD BARS, BOOSTERS HAVING ANYTHING EXTRA AND BEING STUCK ON LEVELS FOR DAYS AND EVEN WEEKS!! That just is plain boring! And frustrating. All along you brag about the hundreds of thousands of players and over 4000 levels and adding more! Why???? To make more money! However, it is all over your game that the higher levels provide better, faster boosters for better players! Truth: the higher levels are much more difficult and the better boosters are NOT FREE but paid for!!! When complaining at Level 74, I was told by one of your employees to go to YouTube tutorials for instructions to help with strategies to get through difficult levels. That help on YouTube did not actually show up until about the mid levels 200 forward, I found a "Candy Crush Guru" who provided "audio, tips, tricks, etc." with full explanation and how and why strategies to get through these most difficult levels! She is great! I subscribe and go to her always. There are 2 other on YouTube who only have stupid music that show moves at a fast pace you can't keep up with! While strategy is explained by the Guru, it has become very apparent that these words are being used way to ofter: "this level requires a lucky board"! Or this is my "9th play through" waiting on a lucky board! It took me from May 2019 to August to make it to Level 359. Thanks to this Guru, I was able to make it from Level 359 to Level 1070 til Sept. 15. I have now purchased over $60 from August thru first of October which I swore I would NEVER do but once I was advancing quickly in from 359 to 1070, in a little over a month, learning strategy, I was having fun! But at 1070, now at 1145, EVERY LEVEL FROM 1070 TO 1145 has been tricks and cheats by you!!! What happened? I started spending money so you took advantage of me? It had already been things like the guru had uploaded her levels from 2016 and you had changed things to make the game more difficult. For instance, since you decided you didn't want players to learn and use strategy which every game out there requires and we all love to learn and utilize because we like to be smart, learn and play, you decided on "lucky boards." Back in 2016, you could exit, without making any moves, and not lose a life or the boosters you wanted to use! This was to wait on a lucky board. NOT ANYMORE! So direct me to YouTube, you watch this guru so you can make the game more difficult by watching too and removing this provision!! THEN, I don't know how many levels starting with 1070 through 1145 you removed the number of moves on "hard", "nightmarishly hard" levels but I do know on 5, you removed 15 to 20 moves on these hard levels going from 50 moves to 15 on one, 35 to 23 on one, and others! For scrolls, levels I am stuck on waiting on the lucky board, a just "hard level" can take 3 to 5 days and every booster I have purchased for 1 scroll! While a nightmarishly hard can take 2-3 days, maybe a booster or 2 to get thru the level to get 1 or 2 scrolls. To get a 3 scroll level is up to you to decide in the moment. When other extra things are going on like the rocket where you gather candy or the color bombs and feeding the goat or dino or whatever that thing is, if you are stuck on a level for days and days, those extra things mean nothing. So when you have passed the scroll hard levels on Candy Crush made up desires at the time, and they become full at 1 to 2 weeks, the buy within 12 hours where you have some booster with 1 hour play. It doesn't matter that you have already won 1 hour candy bomb and another hour candy bomb and have 3 lives left because at Level 1145, I should have passed the level on first try but Candy Crush had just one jelly with cherry left...I used 2 boosters, had over an hour in color bombs left and 17 gold bars and 2 lives. I opted to use 1 each of a booster and purchase 5 moves for 10 gold bars...Candy Crush gave me 4 FOUR lives for those 10 bars! Did not allow the lollihammer to open the cherry even tho it can open "any candy or item on the board giving you trouble" AND IT HAS OPENED A POPCORN WHEN IT'S THE LAST TIME THE POPCORN HAS TO BE HIT AND UNCOVERED CANDY WITH JELLY FILM ON IT, AND EVEN KNOCKED OFF A PART OF THE CAKE SQUARES!!! So I challenge you to advertise the truth! The amount of people that are actually playing your game from the beginning AND HAVE NOT STOPPED, advising that if you go to YouTube, you will fine CANDY CRUSH HAS REMOVED MOVES AND THE ADVISE THERE IS NO LONGER VALID, YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR A LUCKY BOARD, YOU CANNOT QUIT BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE A LIFE AND BOOSTERS! AND THE AVERAGE AMOUNT OF MONEY EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT HAS PLAYED FROM THE BEGINNING, IS STILL PLAYING NOW, HAS SPENT AND CONTINUES TO SPEND TO PLAY YOUR FREE GAME! AS WELL AS THAT IF A LEVEL APPEARS LESS DIFFICULT, YOU WILL DO ANYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO SIT AND DREAM UP WAYS TO MAKE IT AS DIFFICULT, WAYS TO FORCE YOU TO SPEND MONEY, MAKE LUCKY BOARDS APPEAR WITHIN MAYBE A WEEK AND NEVER ADVISE PEOPLE TO GO TO YOUTUBE AGAIN! THESE ARE TRUTHFUL STATEMENTS! BECAUSE SO FAR, AT 1145, I LEFT 0 LIVES, 1HR 8 MINS OF A COLOR BOMB AWARDED AND A COUPLE OF BOOSTERS WITH ANOTHER LIFE IN 15 MINS. AND THE NEXT AFTER THAT IN 30 MIN. IM JUST NOT THAT STUPID AND WILL NOT PLAY ONE LIFE AT A TIME EVEN THOUGH IM THE LOSER OF THE HOUR AND 8 MINS COLOR BOMB I HAD LEFT FROM WINNING! I WAS ON 1129 WHEN I CAME HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL FRIDAY NIGHT. HERE IT IS THURSDAY MORNING AND I MOVED 17 LEVELS, BUT I MOVED FROM 1125 TO 1129 IN 2 WEEKS! SOMETHING STINKS AND CHEATING IS WRONG! ALL I DEMAND IS THE TRUTH AND YOU WON'T GET ANOTHER DIME FROM ME! SO KEEP DREAMING UP WAYS TO KEEP PEOPLE SPENDING MONEY, REMOVING MOVES FROM 1 SCROLL HARD LEVELS AND TELLING ALL OF US HOW MANY PEOPLE SIGNED UP TO PLAY BUT NOT ACTUALLY PLAYING! I DON'T CARE IF YOU AREN'T IN THE USA OR NOT! I CAN MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW OUR ADVERTISING RULES! BECAUSE HERE, TRUTH IN ADVERTSING ARE DEMANDED AND ENFORCED! YOU DID'T EVEN RECOGNIZE MY EMAIL AND PASSWORD...BUT I PLAYED AND YOU ACCEPTED MY MONEY!!! SHAME ON YOU! KING! SHAME ON YOU////////////1

  • Updated by Denise Sheppard · Oct 17, 2019

    Did my first complaint go through


When I have tried to withdraw my funds from my account back to my paypal account uses have blocked my account and not replied to any of my message over the past 3 days when I have sent them. All I want to do is withdraw my winning and carry on playing my games that are waiting to be played. I have sent messages on the 13th 14th and 15th of October to try and have this resolved and sent emails and facebook messages to king and royal games, but I have not had one single response.

Candy Crushlevel 2479

Regarding Candy Crush level 2479: Why is it after clearing all the jellies and proceeding to knock out the blocks below the cherry several times the cherry was never allowed to drop? Is this a ploy to get the player (me) to spend more money in order to be able to finish this level? I've spent more money on this game then I care to admit and when I meet a challenge I should be able to expect the move to be carried out, allowing me to move to the next level.

candy crush soda saga won't allow me to purchase booster 9/15/2019

Candy crush soda saga won't allow me to purchase more booster via my facebook account! Kept giving error message: sorry, the store is unavailable, try again. Would someone in customer service or leadership please rectify this error. I'm right at completing a level, but only if i'm able to make the purchase.. I've clicked on it countless times, trying to make the purchase, but was given the same error message each and every time.

Thank you so much, I really enjoy playing candy crush saga, soda, and jelly..


Lamelvia pierce display name via facebook is: kim pierce

candy crush soda saga won't allow me to purchase booster 9/15/2019

Candy Crush Sagadrums

My son and I have been playing this game for about one month. Yesterday the screen was in and out. I spent a total of$13.98 more on gold bars, etc. The screen shifted again and my game was lost. I contacted Candy Crush and they said my email was not on record. I tried to contact again this morning accessing Drums the parent company online and putting in Candy Crush Saga. It was useless my message said the information was incorrect. We probably spent a little more than we should in the last month but we enjoyed the game. We are done with this. Never felt so taken in my life. Thanks for your time.

candy crush saga

A number of advertisement videos play but at the end of the video, a notice appears that states the video is not available so no reward is given.

I cannot give you specific videos because for example.. the Ikea video plays and sometimes gives rewards and other times none. The one video which is consistently not giving any rewards but plays all the time is the View Qwest video. There are also others like NTUC which plays but also no rewards. I cannot recall any others but there are a number in addition to the 3 I mentioned.

Is there anything you can do to fix the problem? I would appreciate it very much as I am at the 3600 plus levels and it's frustrating not to receive any rewards after watching the videos play completely. These are much harder levels and every reward is much needed.

Thank you

Sugar Crush Saganot receiving the boosters I paid for

This is the third complaint that I have submitted and have not heard from. Last week I paid for boosters for 12 hours and did not receive the full 12 hours and today I paid for 9.99 for 1 hour and did not receive it. This has been happening when ever I pay for bundles with boosters and would like a refund. You can check on my email [protected] to verify the purchases. I have been having trouble signing in with the [protected] email and had to register with a different email... [protected] Please make this right as I spend a lot of money to have my ill mother play these games. My phone number is [protected]

  • Updated by Candy soda · Oct 22, 2019

    Rupes transfer

  • Updated by Candy soda · Oct 22, 2019

    Khelne me problem

  • Sy
    SydneyIzzie Oct 19, 2019

    When trying to use the gold bars it did not give me the extra moves. I tried twice and the only thing it did was to remove 20 gold bars and did not give the extra moves.

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  • Ca
    Candy soda Oct 28, 2019


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  • Pe
    Penny Florez Oct 29, 2019

    yesterday and today when i try to cash in my gold bars it never connects and also when i try to purchase things. you are losing money and i am going to have to stop playing candy crush saga and candy crush friends because i can not make any progress and this is very annoying

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  • Sh
    Sharon Singleton Dec 02, 2019

    This toy was was very deceptive from the picture. It was a mini compared to the picture on It was not worth the price, and I returned it for a refund. I will never order from this company again. I did not realize it was overseas. vThe picture was very deceptive.

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  • Ti
    Tina Ohson Feb 29, 2020

    In candy crush saga there is an option of recharging it if your 5 lives get over.I hv recharged with rs 1599 in candy crush saga.i have received 28 gold coins whereas I should have got 100 coins .

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Candy Crush Sagapayments

Morning, i would like to make a complain about your service,
My name is Mr Ashley Desmier.
Email is, [protected]
Three times this week i have been charged, £1.99 for buying Boosters which i havent purchased!, i clicked on the order then cancelled it and was told no money has been taken from my account, this is not true, each time i have been charged the £1.99. totaling £5.97. i am unemployed and that amount i cannot afford! the transactions took place on the 20th and 22nd of august, 2019. i would like a full refund. Please will you investigate this matter!


royal games

I have been, then Royal games member online since 2007. I am currently a platinum member. A few days ago I went to play, and my saved login details were rejected as wrong. When I clicked to reset my password, no email came to address registered .
I had to open a new second account to contact support. They said contact my ISP about IP address. ISP said IP address is fine.
Support said I had a VPN and they won't send emails if this is the case. I had not done anything different, but I checked my computer and VPN is off.
They then said my query was resolved and that I can't submit more information. I have spent around £1200 to play games over the yearas and had recently topped up my account which I now cannot access.
I can find no other complaints procedure.
PLease help me get back to my account

Pet Rescue Sagabad technical issues

I am at level 1473 but I cannot go any further because I don't move forward the dots before and after my actual stage does not appear the last stage completed that can be seen is 1467 so I have to start at 1467 every time and even if I pass 1473 and exit the game when I want to play again I must again repeat from 1467 I have sent in a complaint and they told me to uninstall it then they will reset it for me then they told me to install and login with fb but it did not help they asked me to send a screen shot and I did then they wanted a video and I became so frustrated that I didnt bother now I started playing all from over using my husbands fb account and reach stage 529 and it's doing the very same thing

did not receive all gold bars I paid for.

I paid 17.99 + 1.26 tax for 100 gold bars +4 each of three different boosters. I already had 4 gold bars. When processed I only ended up with 75 gold bars. I have not used any gold bars so I contacted Sent them copy of receipt. Didn't matter to them. Below is answer I got from them. THEIR system shows that I got all of them and it reads like I used lots of them..I DID NOT USE ANY. So they will do nothing. This happened once before & I thought it just a glitch. I won't be fooled a 3rd time. Done with spending money on them.
Hi Arlene,

Thanks for reaching King Player Support.

I've carefully been through your account balance and I'm unable to find any issues with the purchases that you reporting. Our systems show that the Gold Bars have been correctly received and used. you can check this up here:

Game Date Amount Balance In-Game
Bubble Witch Saga 3 03/08/19, 19:31:03 100 Gold Bars 104 Gold Bars On Map - Level: 727

With this in mind, I'm afraid to say that we will be unable to offer a refund or compensation for this transaction.

I appreciate this might not the answer you were hoping for and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!

Estêb, 🌟
King Player Relations.

did not receive all gold bars I paid for.

candy crush soda saga

The saga ended after I paid thousands of dollars and everything spent not able to use and sucked away!!!

I want a refund right fricken now!!!

I had free games on my computer that where deleted by Microsoft update several years ago and replaced with King games which cost MONEY, lots of MONEY! These games are addicting and when you cannot progress anymore they charge you a fee to continue. My fees are at $7000.00 total now on my charge card and what I have paid for cannot be used because the game levels ended three days ago. They have a message that states new levels are under contsruction. These fees are for extra help getting through the levels. The help is on a expiration clock in terms of hours. So, when I spend $99.00 at a whack for extra help I get 48 hours to use it. So they are stealing or embezzling $50.00 a day from me!!!

Candy Crush Saga — candy crush level 2479

I do enjoy the game Candy Crush. I played almost every single day. I make sure to save all my boosters unless I know I can pass a level. This morning I was playing level 2479 and...

candy crush saga game


I have been having an issue with the Candy Crush Saga game with the graphics on my tablet. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the game's graphics are better but I lost over 200 lives. :( Is there any way you can restore them please? I know its just a game but it was nice to keep playing after my 5 lives were gone. I have spent alot of money on this game and I am just upset.

Thank you

Julie Perez

Candy Crush Sagaadvertisement for weber grills

The company that you have on Candy Crush that is advertising Webber grills is a fraud! They take your money and do not deliver! They do not answer their customer service number and they do not respond to emails! Shame on you for allowing a fake company advertise on your site! Don't you check these companies out? This type of company puts a bad name on all your advertisers! How can anyone trust any advertiser when you allow fake companies advertise?

Candy Crush Sagacandy crush saga

The new option to 'play it your way' sucks. No offense. I can no longer send lives to my friends because you don't show them to me until after I've won a level. When I scroll down to a level where a friend is and click on that level it doesn't show the friend it only gives me the 'play it your way' option. I have friends who are hundreds of levels below me and the only way I could send them a life was to scroll down to them, on a level they had already won, and send them a life. I have absolutely no way to send these friends lives anymore. Which brings up another thing you should fix. There should be a place on the main map where you can click on 'your' friends who play and send them a life no matter where they are on the map. I shouldn't only have that option with the friends who have scored well enough on a level to be in the top 10 or 11.
Susan Settle

candy crush

I am unable to progress form level 320 to 321 I have sent friend requests but this does not seem to make any difference is there anyway you can progress things for me. My player name is Zebedee 117 this has been like this for about two weeks now and I am getting fed up that this is happening. My other games are not affected. Thank you

My email [protected]

Candy Crush Sagaactually spent $ on the game and of course it burned me

I rarely but boosters or anything. I had one gummy left to pass the level, decided to spin to try to win extra moves. I had 4 gold bars and decided to buy ten, I bought them, instead of taking me back to the wheel the screen went black, I waited and waited, tried to get back without leaving the game but it eventually just kicked me out. I then went right back and opened it, wasn't at the wheel anymore of course but I also noticed I now have 7 gold bars! So it charged me, spent the 7 bars on a spin but I didn't get anything. Only $2 but this is why I rarely spend actual money on the game. No help in trying to pass the level and it took my gold (in the game and real life). Thanks for anything you can do.

Candy Crushcandy crush

Good morning on June 19, 2019 I had a charge to my bank account in the amount of $17.99 for a package for Candy Crush. I did not purchase this package I was arriving in Cancun, Mexico on this day and would not have made a purchase. I have made purchases and will probably continue to but if you look at my purchases you will see I have made $2.99, $4.99 and $7.99 never a $17.99 charge. This also caused my bank account to go in the negative causing a $30 insufficient funds. I need to have this matter looked into

Thank you
Vivian Harris

candy crush

Candy Crush Sagacandy crush

On level 1879, the requirement is to get three yellow candies. However, every time I play the level, at least one of the candies with a check mark (which are supposed to turn into yellow candies) turn into a white blocker thing and then I automatically lose. This is frankly so stupid and I am contemplating deleting the app because of this. How is it even possible to complete this level with this stupid thing happening. Good day.

candy crush
candy crush

Candy Crush Sagasame

I find it to be highly improbable that after completing over 3000 levels, I haven't hit one jackpot on your booster spin wheel. The odds against that happening are very high unless it has been rigged to prevent it. If you are not going to allow hits on the jackpot space, please remove it.Furthermore, for some reason unknown to me, the ability to send lives to friends is not available. Please fix these items as soon as possible.
Thank you.

pet rescue saga

I have been playing the game for a four or five years and was not having any problems. The last several months I have had issues with the game crashing four or five or six times an hour. It also has crashed several times just as I win a level and sends me back to that level. I feel this makes you have to purchase boosters, etc. The levels are also much harder so it takes longer to win. I just won a level two different times and low and behold it crashed for a second time keeping me from moving until the next level. Maybe this company should not offer games or quit trying to make people pay for what is supposed to be a free game.

Candy Crush Saga Game (PC)computer game not loading

I am unable to get the game to come up on my computer. It gives me an error message. Its been that way for a month now. Can you fix this back on for me? It worked fine for me until then and then all of a sudden the error message started coming up. I have tried numerous ways to bring it up, but with no luck. I love this game and have gone quite far on it. I hate to lose out on it now. Please help me with this. Hopefully I wont lose the progress that I've made on it so far.

candy crush games

Hi this is Nici Campbell and I have a king account but for some reason I cannot get back to where I left off it takes me back to the beginning of the game. I am very disappointed that it is doing that because I am REALLY doing well and I lose my progress. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what but I would like to get back to the levelI I was on

pet rescue

21 May at 9.36 local time playing level 1541 Pet Rescue Saga with 42+ run of wins at first attempt. Said had to get 7 pets. I got 7 then 8 then 9 then 10 and then it said level failed and took away all my wins not to mention the amount of coins it took to get those extra 3 pets. I want my run of wins reinstated, my coins back and an apology for a malfunction on the part of

Candy Crush Sagawhen you get to level 3447

When you get to this level you can't pass it. It's virtually impossible to pass without purchasing extra moves. Every game it comes up with over 23000 pass level when you buy extra moves. Well not all of us can afford to do that. candy crush states its free to play. It's a devious way to get you to make a purchase . How many people get sucked in to parting with money they can't afford so as to continue playing. I have memory problems and games like this are beneficial in keeping the brain active but not if you are continually asked to buy your way through levels.

Candy Crush Sagasweet supplies inventory missing

I dropped my phone while playing Candy Crush, the phone auto shut down. Candy Crush has restarted back to level one. I managed to link my facebook account at level 4692, but all my inventory were gone (7 lolipops, 10 colorful bombs, 4 hands, etc.)

My name is Jasmine Quek, facebook email is [protected]
The date is 1 May 2019, around 10:30p(GMT +8) Singapore local time.

Please help to retrieve my items.

Thank you very much.

Jasmine Quek

Candy Crush Saga — candy crush. level 789

When playing candy crush level 789 there are only 15 plays per game. When I go on the helps and cheats it shows 25 plays. Something is definitely wrong. There's no way one can...

candy crush

On April 27, 2019, I purchased the full (60 gold bars) Piggy Bank on Candy Crush. I had 4 gold bars at the time, bringing my total to 64. While playing the next game, I chose the "play on" option for 10 gold bars and then bought the lollipop hammer for 19 gold bars. This should have left me 35 gold bars, but my account only showed 5 gold bars left. Please correct this by replacing the 30 gold bars that are missing.

Candy Crush Sagaloss of sugar tracks

Why have you removed the Sugar Tracker rewards, I think you call them. Player would earn points each game, first level needed 24 points, then you would receive a reward, going up to 180 points. When this was reached you had to wait 8 hours before you could win these points again. Rewards were small, but appreciated. Without these incentives CC is just another game. Please put them back.

candy crush

On Saturday, April 20, I was playing candy crush (at approximately 12:14 EST), I was out of moves and only had one more order to get. I think it was a cherry that still needed to drop (so I had gotten 3 out of 4 items to drop down). I ended up purchasing more tries, I hit the "play on" button which took me to the purchase section. However, it did not allow me to play on. It kept on bringing me back to "purchase" even though my purchase went through because I have a receipt. It then ended the game and took me back to the board to "play again".

I can't tell you how annoying this is especially after I paid money ($1.99) to keep on playing. It would not let me play again. It only allowed me to restart the game which I did and then did terrible with it. I only had one more item to get with the other game.

I am therefore requesting a refund of $1.99 for this incident. I have purchase extra time and bundle packs before and were happy with everything. I would never ask for a refund if I didn't feel I was entitled to one.

thank you.
Suzanne Haray

Candy Crush Saga — after asking to purchase one piggy bank on candy crash, there was a fatal error and the request could not be completed.

I checked my account and (provisionally) they charged me but I did not receive the 30 gold bars. If I get charged I will never again allow this to happen, by simply not buying...