GA Powertree trimming not done despite damage to power lines

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Months ago I requested that branches overhanging power lines to my property at 624 E. Park Lane in Savannah, GA be removed because they threaten to take the lines down whenever there is any wind. Three days ago, a different branch from this tree fell on a completely calm day, landing on a neighbor's car. This has made me even more concerned about the branches that overhang the power line connecting our property to the power grid! However, I have never been contacted about the scheduled date for the removal of these dangerous branches.

May 21, 2018
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  • Na
      Jul 30, 2018

    I worked in Iowa for Alliant Energy (Tech/Electrical foreman) for about 30 years and we had blizzards, ice storms, floods, high winds and tornados and even accidents and failures but since retiring and moving to Oglethorpe Ga we have suffered through more outages than the entire time I lived in Iowa. I know most of the outages occur because of poor street and road tree trimming. And this can be fixed if people cared and wasn't so lazy. I have a portable generator and can get by but it seems to be getting worst to the point that I'm considering on buying a standby generator. I've already lost a $1000 dollar server and all the info it contained due to brown out, surges and outages. I could replace the server but all the years of info, music, software, pictures and movies are irreparable. Something have to give you guys have to do better. I clearly sympathize with Dawn above.

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