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FTD / Non-cancelling of orders!

1 Las Cruces, NM, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-Sendftd

I made a mistake and needed to cancel an order I made to FTD. Oh Lord was I setting myself up for days of misery. First, after realizing I had made a mistake I immediately contacted FTD - (First, they are so proud of their phone number they hide it in their name so you get the opportunity to spell it out on the keypad - don't you just love that - I feel like a second grader - uh, 1-800-S - E - N - D - F - T - D.)

After, (I thought) successfully canceling the order, I received the FEDEX tracking information sent to my email address. I thought this has to be a mistake but I will check anyway. Sure enough the package was shipped. Now I am getting real concerned. So, I call FTD again and sure enough, they can't cancel the order because it has already been shipped. But it was supposed to be stopped, your service Rep told me it was cancelled. Sorry, it has already been shipped.

Well, can I re-route the delivery so that it comes to my house instead of the recipients? Well, yes we can do that. Okay, here is my address. Fine, we will contact FEDEX immediately and have that changed. Next day, guess what, FEDEX was never given the information and there was an attempted delivery of the package. Fortunately the office was closed where it was being sent. Back to the phone I go, I call FTD again, (oh they have the most rude hold, they mix a little music with the most rude announcer you have every heard. She comes on every 5 seconds with some kind of an announcement from FTD. It is horrible.

Anyway, I finally get a rep on the line and they say, oh yes that order was canceled and refunded. But I just checked FEDEX, they attempted delivery but it failed for some reason. AHHH! I WANT THIS ORDER CANCELED. Next day, I go to FTD and here I sit with FEDEX set to deliver that package on the next business day, it's Saturday, and that annoying on hold announcer trying to get an order stopped that was supposedly canceled and refunded and canceled from being delivered.

"Oh, thanks for your patience." Oh my gawd... If I hear that once more I will go crazy. Mr. Bush, you should make those detainees in Gitmo listen to FTD's Hold for a couple of hours, it's just the torture you need to extract any information you want.

AHHH, I will never ever use FTD again.


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