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flower delivery

I ordered 'Todd Oldham' "Mother's Day Teapot" flower arrangement for my mom for Mother's Day.

What was delivered to my mom was NOT a floral arrangement, as was stated on FTD website and what was shown in photo.

What my mom received was flowers in a box!
She had to arrange the flowers herself.

Never will I purchase another "box of flowers" from FTD.

Unbelievable. Imagine if this had been for a funeral or something like that. What? The funeral director is supposed to arrange the flowers and do FTD's job now?

This is so ridiculous.

Resolved I will never use them again

On May 7th, 2008 I went online to order flowers for Mother's Day from FTD.com. My girlfriend and I ordered flowers for both our mothers.

Ten minutes after we place our order, I get a call from a FTD customer service representative stating that "the flowers that I have chosen are not available at a florist nearby" (bs, but anyways), "and that I could call FTD and speak with a rep or he would cancel my order and not charge my credit card." So I said "thanks but cancel my order." 5 minutes later I get an email from FTD stating that they cannot Process my order, and it will therefore be cancelled, and my credit card will not be charged.

So at this point you are all going, great what’s the problem. Here it is, needing flowers for mother's day I find a florist in both of our mother's home towns and order directly from them (should have done this in the 1st place). So I now have flowers going to our mothers perfect. Mother's day arrives and both mothers get the FTD flowers (the cancelled order) and the new flowers that I got from another florist because FTD cancelled my order.

So I patiently wait to see online if they have charged the flowers to my account, and yes you guessed it; they DID.

So I call there customer service rep, and discuss the matter with a very nice rep (Jessica), and explain my situation. She gives me the generic "well we have no records of calling you or sending you an email." and "if the flowers were delivered there isn't much we can do." HOLD ON you cancelled my order and then reinstate it with out telling me and "there's not much you can do???" So reluctantly I hang up because she informs me that she cannot discuss the matter further until she calls the flower shops to see if the flowers were indeed sent.

Fine I call back the next day and talk to 1 customer service rep, same story, so I talk to her manager, same story, so I go one level higher, same story. By this point the time I spent on hold in-between talking to someone grew in length (if we bore him with the hold music maybe he will go away). Once I finally talk to the 5th person, he informs me that I will be refunded my money BUT (this is the best part) to inform the people I got the flowers sent to that that the florist will be coming to pick them up!!! HAHA so FTD screws up and is going to get the florist to clean it up. The florist calls my mother, and she tells the florist the story, and she says "enjoy the flowers that is a waste of out time/$ for their mistake."

So I will never use FTD again, and I advise you to stay away from them as well.

  • Jo
    Jones89 May 14, 2008

    yes FTD does suck. i have a long story as well but dont have the time that i'd like to explain it. But same deal, Mothers Day flowers this past week. 2008. They totally messed everything up, messed up the whole surprise and everything, with lame excuses. i did however get a refund pretty quick, but i will NEVER do business with them again. bottom line.

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  • Da
    Dave Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had ordered flowers for my wife and was given the run around and no flowers were ever delivered.I just called my bank and had the fraud dept. cancel my account.Has anyone filed a complaint with the INTERNET CRIME COMPLAINT CENTER?

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  • Jo
    Joel68mn May 01, 2009

    I ordered flowers online for my mothers birthday--I got a confirmation number and my credit card was charged. No flowers ever arrived. I called the 800 number listed 10 times over a two week period. These are all independent reps and all they can do is "send messages". I signed up online and sent two messages off and I have never once received a phone call back, the flowers were never delivered. They have no customer service and my card it still charged. I called the credit card to file a dispute. I also filed a complaint with the better business beauru and don't ever, ever, order from them. Go directly to a reputable flowerist that you or someone else knows and recommends! This is fradulant!

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  • Eo
    eodguy May 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never use FTD again. Simply put, if they do not hold their florists accountable, then they clearly do not need my business/money. I ordered a Mother's Day bouquet ("Dreamland Pink Bouquet" consisting of pink roses and peruvian lillies) this year, and had the option of 3 different price point arrangements: 14 stems with vase at $39.99, 20 stems with vase at $49.99, and 26 stems with vase at $59.99. After shipping and handling charges, the total for the order came to $90.98. I decided to go big and get the nicest, most expensive arrangment for my Mom. The photo depictions of the arrangements on their website show how each bouquet SHOULD look. Needless to say, when the flowers were delivered to my Mom's house, I was extremely disappointed and angry. The photos attached show what the arrangement was supposed to look like, and of course, the weak flowers that were actually delivered. After contacting FTD, they asked if the stem count was correct (which it was), and then explained that they could not verify nor hold the florist they used to locally arrange and deliver the flowers accountable. For $90.98, I would hope that I was getting what paid for... I guess not. And that is that, I will never again use FTD, and will encourage others to send their business to 1800flowers.com (who have always been spot on with my past orders) or other businesses that actually give a hoot about their customers.

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  • Ro
    rocco canonico Feb 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    FTD sucks. I ordered and they duped my order and sent the dupe to the wrong address. They will never get an order from me.

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no delivery for mother's day

I ordered 2 sets of Gardenia Bonsai for my mom and step mom on 5/6/08 for delivery on 5/8/08. My mom and my step mom live approximately 2 miles from each other. FTD sent one by FedEx the other by DHL. The one sent by FedEx was delivered on the day promised Thursday 5/8/08. When I tracked the package through DHL it said that it had been accepted and according to the FTD website was delivered on 5/8/08. Not true. When I called my step mom and asked her if she got her gift she said no. The monday AFTER MOTHER'S DAY, FTD informed me that DHL had not picked it up. I asked them why their records indicated that that it was delivered when it wasn't. No response. My response to them was that 1-800-FLOWERS does a much better job and that they had lost a customer. No where on FTD's website is there a place for complaints and one would think that the busiest day of the year for flowers being Mother's Day they would have people on the phones. No way their recorded message was that they were just too busy to talk to anyone. What a crock. But they were sending me advertisements in my email for delivery for Mother's Day on the Saturday before. Now we'll see if I get my refund.I look like a total idiot with my step mother.

  • Ki
    kiatapps May 28, 2009

    I ordered my mother-in-law Mom's tulip bouquets for Mother's Day May 10, 2009. Th flowers arrived on Thursday, May 7, 2009. Thee was no card enclosed even though I did type out a card online and the card showed when I log into my order. We called her on May 10, 2009 and asked if she got the flowers, she said yes, and now I know who they are from as there was no card. We asked if they were pretty and she said that she will be writing us a note about it. We received a thank you note from her about 2 weeks later. She is 85 yrs old. She said in her note..."Thank you for the flowers. I don't want to sound ungrateful but that was a lot of money to spend on flowers that didn't even last 3 days. By Sunay morning they were completely wilted and I had to throw them away." When I got her note I was shocked! I immediately called FTD and they said there was nothing tey could do because I hadn't called within the 7 day time frame. I sked to speak to a supervisor and they still would not give any refund or re-send flowers. 2 years ago we ordered african violets for the same woman and they sent purple lilacs with instructions for the african violets. I will N E V E R order from FTD again!!!

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This has happened for the third and last time. I order flowers online and paid the price listed. Within 2 days I receive an email from FTD, offering the same item on sale at huge savings. This time 20.00 off on a 39.00 item. When contacted they would not issue a credit. Its strickly a gimmick. Every time you place an order that item will go on sale to lure you in to another purchase. I sat on hold for 30 min. to reach a customer service rep and then 20 min. to speak to a supervisor, to be told no supervisor was available. I will no longer use this giant of a company.

poor quality, rude customer service

Ftd does not respond to emails. Their customer service line has you on hold for more than forty minutes. Once you get a respresentative they apologize and will not resolve your issue. I called corporate @ [protected] only to be greeted by one of the rudest receptionist in the world. But there is help available. Call [protected]. Fax [protected]. Good luck.

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non-cancelling of orders!

I made a mistake and needed to cancel an order I made to FTD. Oh Lord was I setting myself up for days of...


My husband wanted me to have a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day. He is blind and in a wheelchair so he could not order them himself. He really wanted me to have the very best because I just had lung cancer surgery. I went on-line to teleflora and ordered the flowers. They looked beautiful in the picture. My husband ask me if they cost at least $100.00 and I answered very close, $92.94. They were supposed to be delivered on the 13th of February. They were delivered on the 15th. We were not home to accept delivery due to my husband's doctor appointment, so they left them with a neighbor. When I went to pick them up I was totally shocked. When I told the neighbor what they had cost, she was in shock. They were nothing like what I expected. They were just a hair over twelve inches tall including the vase. I paid $92.94 for a bouquet with vase that would have cost less than $19.99 in a store. My husband was so distraut as was I. I phoned Teleflora and ask that my money be returned as I was highly unsatisfied. They offered me a 20% discount. I told them no. I emailed them and they offered the same and again I said no. They said they were going to credit my account for $17.99 since I had only received eleven roses instead of twelve. That means that each 10 inch rose cost $17.99??? I phoned the florist who filled the order and she said the flowers called for were 8 roses for the regular order and 12 roses for the ultimate order. She said they were the height that Teleflora instructions told her to use. I will NEVER use this company again and I intend to file a complaint with everyone who is even slightly interested.

flowers never delivered, no customer service help available!

Ordered one day service flowers for delivery at 8am. Flowers never arrived and its a day and a half later. I...

false advertising!

Ordered several products for purchase and delivery to wife at her school on February 10, 2008 at the FTD.COM website for the amount totaling ($56.98) for the product and an additional ($25.98) for the "shipping and handling charges" for delivery set on Valentines Day February 14, 2008. These items that were purchased were located in a special section on the FTD.COM website marked "Valentines Day". The order numbers for both items purchased were # FNM1695386 and FNM1695385 and the delivery date chosen and marked on the invoice was February 14, 2008. An extra fee for delivery on Valentines Day was also charged which brought the total to ($82.96). Arrived home on February 12, 2008 and found that FEDEX had already delivered the packages to work address on the 12th, and that someone else had signed for the packages in her place. I immediately called FTD.COM customer service and talked with a customer service agent in regards to this delivery problem. I asked the agent for a reason this product was delivered accidentally two days earlier when my wife was not even working. The agent told me that her supervisor was needed because she had only been working for 5 days on the phones. After a few minutes the agent comes back and says that the reason the delivery was made on the 12th is because when FTD.COM uses FEDEX or other shippers the products can arrive "BEFORE" the date specified. She then told me that there was a small claim to this somewhere on the website, but could not tell me where to find it. I went and RE-PURCHASED another item which would be shipped via FEDEX in the same manner and choose February 14, 2008 as the delivery date and this is what the website showed in the box marked "DELIVERY OPTIONS"... it reads as follows : " This will be delivered to MO 63366 via Fed Ex, DHL or UPS on Thu. February 14, 2008 " That is ALL that it says. And everywhere else on the website it says how you need to purchase NOW FOR DELIVERY ON VALENTINES DAY. Its on every section of the website. This company is CLEARLY misleading people with special delivery times WAY before Valentines Day so they can make extra money off the consumers and then save money themselves by shipping on a day earlier than marked. I invite anyone from the BBB to go to the website and choose an item for delivery on a certain day and then see how their site spells out that FEDEX may just deliver the item anytime that it wants, regardless of the date specified by the consumer and PAID FOR. This is an outrage and the customer service at FTD.COM refused to offer ANY type of reconciliation for this matter.

  • El
    ellen Feb 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    to bad you didn't call a local florist .Your order would have been sent on the correct day and your extra charges would probably not been more than $12.00......live and learn

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ftd.com refused to deliver flowers!

Father died a little over one month ago. I am my mother's only child and her only support system. She...

Resolved don't go to ftd.com!

Feb.13 2007, Being busy I decided to order flowers online for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I found...