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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved awful attitude and stupid workers

I ordered flowers online with this company because they were a ftd florist local to the area that I needed them delivered to. The driver couldn't find the house, spoling the surprise, having to call for directions.

With delivery charges I paid approx. $50 for a small, three flower arrangement. The day the arrangement was delivered one flower died, by the second day the other 2 flowers were dead.

I called the petal patch florist and the lady told me this is a common problem with this type of flower and they don't know they even sell this arrangement. What? No offer to replace or refund - just that this is a common issue with this type of flower, that they don't live well in foam. I told her that it cost her a customer and she let it go with a "too bad" attitude. I can't hardly believe it!

  • Sh
    she666 Apr 08, 2010

    NTR:Acoptimumcs is a diet company that sells a bottle of pills online for a sample price of $1.50 for the first bottle. Then if you don't catch it in 14 days they will not only not refund your money but they won't even let you speak to a supervisor to talk about it. They use some ### excuse that if I had read the terms and agreement on the trail date I automatically get charged. So instead of helping you they want to screw you out of money...BE WARNED!!!

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Resolved another company charged my bank account

I ordered flowers for my daughter in December 2009 using my debit card. I noticed 2 months later I had a charge for $12. I didn't pay too much attention to it - thought my husband may have ordered something on line. In March I noticed the same charge so I called the 800 number on my bank statement. The person said the name of the company was shopper and discounts and they had received my information from the FTD website when I ordered flowers for my daughter in Dec 2009. I called FTD and they had no knowledge of this company - which I find hard to believe. I told them their site was not secure and this company had used their site to access my very private information. I called the company and they are reversing the charges and cancelling my account. I will not use FTD again as their site is not secure. I recommended that the service counselor send the IT dept. this information so that they can secure their site.

Resolved never again

Where do I begin? My husband ordered me flowers for a surprise (he's deployed) for SAME DAY delivery and they didn't come on that day. He had to tell me he ordered them and have me call customer service, because he doesn't get access to phones as often. I called and the lady was very nice and put the order in for the following Monday (I called on Saturday. They were supposed to be there on Tuesday!). He STILL got charged for the Same Day Delivery which I don't think is fair. When they finally came, the arrangement looked thrown together and the roses (all 3 of them) were already brown on the tips of the petals. I can't believe the arrangement was $54. It was NOT worth it at all. This is not the first time this has happened. We ordered Mother's Day flowers for our moms and they were wilting! It just REALLY makes me mad that my husband, who is deployed, wanted to do something nice and these incompetent people can't handle their business! They should NOT be advertising the same day delivery if they can't arrange for it to come on that day and they need to get BETTER flowers! We will no longer be doing business with them.

Resolved undelivered order / refund not as promised

I placed an order for a plant to be delivered on Dec 23rd. On Dec 25th I spoke to the recipient and they had not received the delivery from FTD - turns out the delivery person delivered the plant to an incorrect address. The customer service person I spoke to offered to re-deliver the plant (mind you - the delivery would be 3 days after Christmas) at a 50% off discount. When I received my credit card statement, the full original amount was charged to my credit card. When I called the customer service line again - they said the prices went up after Christmas so they gave me a discount to help reduce the increased charge. This is a complete scam. I will NEVER EVER order from FTD again and I am sending a letter to the better business bureau as well. DO NOT USE FTD!!!

Resolved flowers never delivered for a funeral

Ordered a $150+ funeral arrangement online on behalf of myself and 3 friends for delivery one day prior to the body viewing and received a confirmation. Upona arriving at the viewing there were NO flowers. A call to FTD only did not provide results--the only solution was to cancel the order. A day later a charge hit my credit card. I called FTD again and the rep explained that a credit was being processed. I asked about the service failure and all she could say was that the florist screwed up. Absolutely no consulation for the embarassment experienced by msyelf and my friends.

I've never had this problem with Proflowers.com or 1800Flowers.com. I'll be using them for all of my future floral needs and will NEVER AGAIN USE FTD.

Warning to all: If you order from FTD, timely delivery is not guarateed and it would appear that management of the participating florists is lax. Go for Proflowers.com or 1800Flowers.com for maximum satisfaction.

  • Ly
    Lyndee Demeo Jan 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    FTD screwed me too - I ordered nice arrangement for mother-in-law... it never showed up - sent four emails and never got a response fro FTD. Finally after many phone calls got a delivery (after her B-Day) and all I got for $65 was a shriveled handful of tea roses in a paper bag. DO NOT TRUST FTD!

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Resolved avoid ftd — bait and switch flowers

The website displays some pricy but beautiful looking flowers. Cost if $70 includes a $17 delivery/service charge. So I ordered it for my wife's birthday. The flowers that were delivered were a poor pale shadow of what was shown in the web site -- delivered by a local company. I ask him the cost and he said they were $20-25 if we pick it up. The problem is not so much the cost, but the quality of the product. Avoid FTD at all costs.

Resolved substandard flower/plant

To: FTD.com,
This is regarding a small floral arrangement sent by my sister (S. Majumdar) from CA to LA (order #E2539648). FTD delivered the small rose plant with yellow flowers on time, but the quality is a different matter. The plant, when arrived, had four wilting flowers two of which already had brown decaying patches. After a day, the leaves started falling off. This is after the best care we took according to the instructions. Now, after three days, the plant is almost dead.
I'm wondering who on earth should spend money to send a plant like that? At a fraction of the cost one can walk into a Walmart store and get a much better plant with healthier flowers. FTD has to improve its quality, and it is doubtful I would ever recommend FTD to others. It was a big disappointment.

  • Al
    AlLee Oct 17, 2010

    To FTD
    I was very, very disappointed with the miniture rose plants sent to me for my birthday from my sister-friend. The gift order #E4220084 (SUK:PR44 Sunshine Wishes Birthday) were delivered late and very wilted and was anything but "SUNSHINE". FTD tried to correct the problem but they failed because the second plants sent were worse than the first. They were so "dead" I believe they were dead before they were package. I could not believe the plants came from a local florist - they appeared to have been in a war, they were really, really that awful.
    I will not give FDT a third chance to correct their problem, I do hope they give my friend C. Keene the refund she deserve.
    A Lee
    New York

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Resolved non delivery

Flower order was placed June 1st for delivery on June 6th, which did not happen. I called thier customer service dept. and was assured that the flowers would be delivered the next day and I would get a phone call from them to vrify that was done. No flowers where delivered and I recieved no phone call. The same situation occured the next day and the next dayand the next day and the next day.Today, 6 days later the flowers have still not been delivered.

  • Su
    Sue Avery Feb 21, 2011

    I own and operate a local florist.Walmart and other big retailers has stolen our business and they get bigger and bigger every year.Now FTD and Teleflora offer you flowers less than what we can pay for them and thats another cut of our business.Both wire services and 1 800 flowers offer more than any florist could possiably deliver.Then to top it off, they will discount for near nothing and ship it out of there warehouse with no refridgeration at all.FTD, Teleflora and especially 1 800 flowers, Blooms today, are nothing but a bunch of greedy people preying on the american public, the only thing they will look out for is their pocketbook.Sue Avery, Drummonds Florist

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Resolved scam and cheating

We ordered a "pastel palette bouquet' for mom's 84th birthday. she received, "sweet delight", red and purple valentine's bouquet. InBloom the local florist had only red. There "like" bouquet or substituion was $10 less. For an order of $104, I am so perturbed she did not receive at least pastel roses. Ftd substituion clause should have a note saying, xmas, valentine and easter may see only red or lily white . Or that special holiday are barred from anything resembling your order!

  • Dh
    dharm31 Apr 13, 2010

    This is an advice to all potential FTD customers as well as potential member florists. DO NOT go for FTD. I repeat, DO NOT go for FTD unless you want to get cheated. For potential customers, be aware of this, FTD covers itself with clause to allow it to substitute flowers. With this simple clause alone, they are able to freely and legitimately give you rubbish & you are usually not in the position to know what & how much is being delivered at the other end. This essentially gives FTD a free hand to deliver to deliver whatever they want. Then, remember this; From what you pay, 30% is taken off for commissions etc by agent florists. Also, another amount is deducted for delivery for delivery charges. What’s left for the flowers can be anywhere between 40 – 60% of what you had paid. I know this because I was an ex-FTD member florist.
    For potential member florists, avoid FTD like the leprosy. They cheat you from right under your nose and every month! How do they do it? They make their monthly statements so super complicated that it becomes incomprehensible so that you can sneak in intentional “errors” all sorts of unfounded fees repeatedly every month without getting detected and get away most of the time. Frequently when you find out that you have been had and you try to get your money back, they tell you that the window period for dispute is over or that your records have been expunged from their data base and so can no longer address the problems. Even if you catch them very early, they will give you ridiculous and unreasonable answers. No matter how many people you talk to (assuming that you have the time and patience to wait through their ear benumbing phone system), you will not get your money back. If you try to get to speak to Senior staff, the chances of them returning your calls are lower than you winning the lottery jackpot. After being and FTD member florist for 6 years, I was cheated of total exceeding $10, 000. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief after cancelling membership with them. For 6 years, I was under constant anxiety and frustration when dealing with FTD. For any florist looking to subscribe to a flower wire service company, I recommend that you try www.irisadvantage.com and www.clearoot.com . These people are so much cheaper, easier to deal with, use very simple billing, etc. For those who insist on joining FTD, I wish them good luck. Should any reader be interested to find out more about FTD’s scamming tactics, I can be reached at 778-865-7828. I’ll be more than happy to fill you in.

    *florist, flowers, flower. florists. florist shop. international flower order, domestic flower order. flower order, wire service, floral, sending flower, send flowers internationally, scams, scam, floral scam, flower scam, FTD.

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  • Ms
    msmellgrimes Mar 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    your best bet is to order directly from a local florist, they will let you know what is available at thier shop to accomidate your order.FTD or teleflora or 1800 flowers and the like have not a clue what is available in the local shops area .

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Resolved horrible service

Worst flower company I have ever used!! Not only were the flowers not delivered on time, they were the wrong flowers. On top of that, I had to leave work to pick them up myself. When I called for a refund, they will not issue my refund until the florist picks the flowers back up. This is the worst service I have ever used. I will never come back to this company ever again. On their website they state "Satisfaction Guaranteed" is compleatly false because I am not satisfied!! I have used ProFlowers before and had a problem but instead of picking the flowers back up, they gave me a full refund and a new set of flowers. That is the type of service and business I want to do business with again.

Resolved didn't deliver as advertised, then didn't cancel and refund

I had forgotten that it was Mother's Day back in Canada last Sunday, and so Saturday afternoon I searched through FTD for a florist that would deliver on Sunday. Took me a while, because a lot of the listings didn't specify delivery availability until check-out (which I went through several times).

Finally I found one that advertised same day delivery, 7 days a week, as long as orders were in before noon of that day. Well, this was the day before, so hurray for me, right? I gave them my mother-in-law's phone number as a contact. By 6pm that evening (EDT) they call to say they cannot deliver until Monday.

Sunday morning I tried calling them 3 times (they claim to have a 24hr number, but the answering machine conveniently doesn't work). This was 9am in the UK, so 4am their time. Finally I send an email marked urgent, and request both a delivery and read receipt - got the former, but not the latter, as you can choose not to acknowledge receipt.in the email I cancelled my order, specifying that I only paid their ridiculous surcharge for delivery because it was going to be delivered on Sunday. I could have paid half the price from half a dozen other local florists, both for the flowers and delivery, if I wanted delivery on Monday. I also sent a formal complaint to FTD online.

Now it is Tuesday, my mother tells me the flowers were delivered yesterday, and I have not heard a peep about my cancellation or complaint. They may be hoping that I will just go away and forget about it, but they are wrong. I didn't get what I paid for, and I even asked for it to be cancelled beforehand. I want a full refund!

Resolved billed for undelivered flowers

Paid premium price for mother's day flowers including huge penalty fee for having them

actually delivered on Mother's Day. My Sister did receive a bouquet of flowers at her door -

they were for someone else! She called the shop and they told her - so what - she could

keep them, or deliver them to the recipient - they didn't care. Since the flowers were sent

to my Sis as a surprise, she had no idea that she was an intended recipient too. Being the

saint she is (which is why we adore her) she drove around most of mother's day morning

trying to find the intended party. She did - a lady in her 80's who just bawled, that someone

had thought of her. If not for my Sis, she never would have received her order from these jerks.

I wait until almost 6pm on Mothers Day and my sis has NOT received her flowers so I call

FTD to cancel my order - I'm really burned. They tell me the florist is willing to deliver

them the day AFTER Mothers day. Well, I reminded her that I ordered online WELL in

advance and paid a premium price for ontime delivery - so no thanks, just refund me.

She got so nasty and angry, the FTD rep. named April — she asked in a snotty voice =

"So you don't intend to do ANYTHING nice for your sister?" I told her about my sis doing

the florists own work to deliver an order for another one of their botched deliveries and the

FTD rep just snorted and grumbled that I'd get my refund in a few days and then she hung up

on me. Truly, this is for real — 25 minutes after she hangs up — out of the BLUE, the rotten

florist shop calls my Sis to bully her into accepting delivery the day after mothers day with

the crappy scraps left over from the day before. That witch April got off the phone from promising me

a refund, promptly called the shop and told them to hustle their order so they could all still get paid.

My sis who then knew the story told them respectfully no thanks - please do not deliver because

she knew I had cancelled the order. The next afternoon, her son came home and there was the

SADDEST, SICKEST looking mess of flowers on her porch. Sis works from home and these slimes

never rang her bell. They dropped off that mess and slinked off, the neighbor actually saw the guy

tip toe to the door and drive off! How pathetic - these awful rats. First they toldl me they couldn't

deliver because no one answered the door, then they said that my sisters address didn't exist on

that street even though she's lived there for 15 years and my online order printout showed that ALL

the entered data was correct. Then this April even read off the name of some entirely different

woman with a different phone number that came up under my order reference number. WHAT

a tangle of lies and deceit. Bottom line — FTD has your money period. They will back their crummy

florist and NEVER the client. So scout around for a REPUTABLE floral shop near your recipient. Do

a yelp or other search first - then call the shop directly to order. FTD used to stand for integrity - and

those days are LONG gone!

  • La
    larryts May 18, 2009

    my mothers day flowers still havent been delivered - found FTD's CFO's email address;

    Investors and Press:
    Becky Sheehan, 630-724-6504
    [email protected]

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Resolved insulting customer service

FTD failed to deliver flowers to the address as promised. Worse, their customer service rep 'Jake' - just laughed when I asked for delivery status. He breathed heavily into the phone like a psycho and would not transfer me to a supervisor. He just laughed. When I asked if he enjoyed letting people sit on hold and then being totally useless he said - 'yes'. When I asked to be transfered to a supervisor - he just laughed and continued to breath heavily into the phone.

This company is CRAP

  • Vi
    Vincent May 11, 2009

    FTD also failed to deliver flowers ordered on 5/5/09 for delivery on Thursday, 5/8/09. Called FTD on Saturday morning...they were out of stock on the flowers ordered, but they did not send a subsitution or contact me. So on Saturdday morning worked with the helpful CSR to chose an alternative arrangement that could be Florist delivered on Sunday, May 11 (Mother's Day). However, FTD FAILED. No flowers delivered on Sunday. (CSR made some misktake in the order system...) Contacted FTD on Monday(waited for 40 minutes, must have lots of issues from Mother's Day...). FTD offered to send flowers out on Tuesday, 5/12 and give us a discount on the service charge! They should have offered complimentary flowers for their 2 mistakes! FTD is not just selling flowers, but also the sentiment/thought of getting the flowers/gift send for the occassion on time. What terrible service...raised to supervisor did not get good customer service response either. The FTD brand is tarnished. Add your stories her and twit about them on twitter with #FTDFAIL

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  • Sa
    Sandra May 11, 2009

    I'm in the same situation as everyone else. On May 5th, I placed 2 orders for flowers (Mother and Mother-In-Law in 2 different States) to be delivered by Mother's Day and neither order was delivered. Fed-X tracking number was provided, but as of Monday, May 11th, no shipping status. I've emailed FTD, but received no response. Called their Customer Service number, only to be told that there was a high volume of calls and that there would be a minimum 15 minute wait. This is the first year that I have ordered from FTD, but it will be my last. I will contact Bank of America to dispute the credit card charges.

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  • Ms
    msmellgrimes Mar 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PEOPLE...call your local florist ftd is not a florist they send orders to florists!!!
    They are only a middle man!!

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  • Je
    jean777777 Apr 22, 2011

    Just had a very disappointing experience with FTD as well. They did not even deliver the rediculously overpriced chocolates I added to my order. I will never use this company again. Service was terrible.

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  • Ch
    chinamoy May 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I 've experienced the same as all of you only I'm working in the Middle East so I've had to ask relatives to call FTD. One time a customer rep could not even understand English to address my sister's request to cancel orderse and update status on others. Out of 4 orders, one was delivered TWICE yet I have been charged $93.98 on my credit card for an order that was canceled the same day and deducted my United airline miles so that out of 24000 I only have 104 left even though they were supposed to reimburse. The worst part is they give no customer service email or an address, just the online form that allows for no communication. I will never use them again either. No more middle men is right!

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Resolved wrong plant delivery

I ordered Florist.com a plant to send my friend who lost her family. It was to show my condolence.
They sent my friend red hydrangea with red big ribbon.
I did not know the fact until I stopped by her office.
I called the customer service at florist.com, but their local florist denied the fact the wrong flower delivery on the phone. Later that day, the delivery person came to my office and told the office receptionist that he picked up the DEAD flowers and bring new plant.
Also, the customer service person promised me that they would send the apology letters to my friend and me as well as give me the credit back to my account. It has been one month since the day.
I am really disappointed and still want their sincere apology.

Resolved poor service

This week I ordered flowers for my wife from the FTD website for
Valentines day. When they were delivered they were not the red roses I
had ordered. Instead, they were peach roses. I contacted FTD to
complain and they pointed me to their Substitution policy which
indicates they reserve the right to substitute flowers and containers of
equal or greater value if they would otherwise have a problem delivering
them on time. They do not contact the customer to alert them when a
substitution will take place to allow them to reschedule delivery or
order a different product.

I was not aware of the substitution policy at the time I ordered, and
when I was directed to the policy it was behind a link on the product
page that I had to scroll down to see in my browser.

Admittedly, I messed up when ordering and did not realize that I had
requested same day delivery (I had ordered the flowers one week before
Valentine's day). Regardless, it would have been nice if they had
contacted me beforehand to alert me to the substitution.

I hope this information helps others to not make the same mistake I made.

Resolved wrong order!

My boyfriend ordered flower thru FTD and send it to my office on valentine's day. I talked to my...

Resolved bad service

Made an order for red roses and a cute striped vase for mom on valentines day. What got delivered was a cheap vase with carnations and baby breath in it. So looked online and see it says they have a right to substitute flowers and vases. So buy roses and get cheap carnations? The sad thing is I went to the grocery store last night and saw beautiful red long stem roses for $20 and was tempted to buy them too but thought I had this great set coming to the house anyway. Boy was I wrong. Big mistake. Next time, I buy roses I SEE and deliver them myself. Never again will I ever buy from FTD.

  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    DO NOT USE FTD.COM for flower purchases!!! Purchases are not delivered in a timely fashion or delivered at all!!! This is the 3rd attempt to have flowers or plants delivered and the product is NOT delivered on time or at all!!! It is extremely bad when other deliveries are made for flowers purchased from other individuals but NOT delivered by the spouse of the reciepient that was purchased 1 1/2 weeks in advance and at a very high cost!!!

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  • Gl
    Glen Jan 05, 2009

    This was the absolute worst service I've ever received in my life. I placed my order 6 days ahead of time and the order was never delivered. I called four times to find out why and nobody ever returned a call or gave me an answer. I finally cut out the middle man and went directly to the local florist where they had no record my order ever being placed. I'm now on day 11 of waiting for my refund, which was promised to be refunded within 6 days. I've made a total of 8 calls since starting this fiasco and all 8 times people have promised to call me promptly, as of right now I have received ZERO phone calls from them. I will never for any reason use this company again.

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  • Tw
    twmo Feb 14, 2011

    The same thing has happened to me today. Two months ago, I met the love of my life. I ordered Valentine's Day roses for her from FTD.com on 2/9/11 to be delivered to her place of work on Valentine's Day. As of 4PM on 2/14, they still haven't been delivered and she's about to leave for the day. Now, after ordering sufficiently early, I've been scammed for $85 because the roses were never delivered. Sigh... FTD: what of bunch of losers!!

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Resolved poor value and poor customer service

I was very disappointed in the flowers ordered from FTD that my wife received in the hospital. I ordered an...

don't deliver ftd-catalog product as ordered.

They are a ftd-member florist, offering a catolog item : s9-3465 "broken-heart" white & red wreath
Of roses for my sisters funeral. They delivered, late
A heart-wreath of mixed-flowers in fall-colors, brown, orange, yellow... Had to hide it... All flowers were to be in pink & white... Don"t use them
$185.04 wasted...

Resolved failed to deliver flowers

I placed an order for flowers on 7/29 for delivery on 7/30. FTD calls towards the end of the day to tell me that the flowers could not be delivered because the nursing home said my Aunt didn't live there. After 20 minutes of being blown off and spoken too rudely by the FTD Rep, we determined that florist had been going to the WRONG nursing home. Then they refused to try redelivery! FTD refuses to make this right or refund my money. The say as long as the florist keeps trying to redeliver the flowers there is nothing they can do and they can't assign the purchase to another florist. I can do something - I can put a fraud complaint on my credit card ! I urge any one who has had problems with FTD to complain to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office in the state where the order was placed.

What they are doing is FRAUD, deceptive business practice and false advertising.

  • Su
    sue May 07, 2009


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