BEWARE OF DECEPTIVE PRICING BY FRONTIER AIRLINES. I have been monitoring airfare for possible spring break trips. yesterday i received an email from frontier and it had very attractive prices for denver to cabo san lucas. i was happy to select flights (from their fare calendar for the cheaper flying days) and was happy to see the flights coming up as direct flights. I knew from previous experience that I will likely need to account in my head for additional costs to actually get seats assigned for my party, as well as additional costs to do carry on's as well as checked bags. several times during the day, i double checked that tickets were available for our party of three for the selected cheapest days, each time it showed a total listing an approximate tax and fee amount that was similar to the amount i expected. BASED ON THIS, I SHARED THIS INSIGHT WITH MY FAMILY AND WE ALL DECIDED THAT BASED ON THE PRICING WE WOULD SELECT THIS TRIP INSTEAD OF A COUPLE OTHER OPTIONS, AND FURTHERMORE, WE DECIDED TO BOOK ON FRONTIER AIRLINES WEBSITE INSTEAD OF DOING A PACKAGE WITH THE HOTEL AS IT WAS A SIMILAR PRICE. SO I WENT BACK ONLINE TO ACTUALLY PURCHASE THE TICKETS, AND IMAGINE MY SURPRISE, (AND ANGER) WHEN THE BOOKING SCREEN - NOT THE EARLIER PRICING SCREENS - SHOW THAT $100 PER TICKET SURCHARGE WILL BE ADDED (THE TICKET PRICES FROM THE EARLIER TOTALS WERE SHOWING $260 PER TICKET - SO THIS IS QUITE A LARGE BUMP). NO DESCRIPTION OTHER THAN IT COULD BE FUEL PRICES (HA - THEY ARE LOWER NOW THAN THEY HAVE BEEN IN YEARS!!!) - OR THAT IT IS DUE TO PEAK DEMANDS (WHAT THE HECK DO THEY SHOW CALENDARS GUIDING A PERSON TO THE CHEAP TRAVEL DAYS AND TIMES???) IN MY MIND THIS IS TOTALLY DECEPTIVE, FRAUDULENT AND UNETHICAL.

Feb 04, 2015

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