Frontier Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Frontier Airlines / shocking experience

Nov 29, 2018

On November 13th, while on a return flight from Cancun to Philadelphia, and traveling with 56 elderly passengers, among a total of 225 passengers, that included passengers with children, the flight was first reported to be delayed 2 hours. After an hour waiting, all passengers were...

Frontier Airlines / justfly seating the permanently disabled

Nov 29, 2018

When I booked my flight I let them know I'm disable can't walk but a short distance needed a wheel chair. And that I was on crutches . When I gets on the plane flight attendants n other customers was surprised and myself where I was seated 28D on the tail when I got to my seat the pain wa...

Frontier Airlines / cancel flight without notification

Aug 13, 2018

There 4 of us flying to Chicago today 8/13/2018 from San Jose airport with 3.5 hrs lay over in Denver.The reason why they cancel our flight is due to the weather in Denver, before leaving San Jose airport I did call Denver airport to find out the weather over I was told by one of the lady...

Frontier Airlines / luggage and customer service

Aug 8, 2018

My name is Curtis Houlder my 2 kids and wife flew from Atlanta to Cincinnati #1179 with a connecting flight in Cincinnati to San Diego #1185 for basketball exposure camp and mini vacation for my family. Upon arriving to San Diego our luggage never was recieved and I was told in front of my...

Frontier Airlines / luggage damage

Aug 5, 2018

I booked a roundtrip from Colorado Springs, CO. to Minneapolis, Minnesota. My reservation number was 142-924-902-86. On the return flight I arrived at Frontier only to be told that a ticket agent would be available 2-hours before the flight only. There was a line and people were waiting...

Frontier Airlines / customer service and baggage

Jun 17, 2018

My name is James Tillman and my family and I came in on flight 1623 today from Dulles airport on 06/17/2018 we got into Orland airport about 8:30ish we were told to pick up bags at 9a I waited literally 35mins and still no bag. I went to the baggage personnel and spoke with a Cindy and...

Frontier Airlines / poor customer service

May 7, 2018

I purchased two tickets, one for my husband and the other for my daughter, one-way from Atlanta, GA to Austin, TX, on April 28, 2018; Confirmation # M3BZNL. They arrived at Hartsfield -Jackson, 2.5 hours ahead of their flight departure. They were not checking any bags. There were unable to...

Frontier Airlines / fly to las vegas round trip on nov/17/2017

May 2, 2018

I called TravelerHelpDesk to buy round trip tickets to las vegas the total cost was 312.40 U.S Dollars for my wife and I, after 60 days when i received the statement from my credit card i noticed that i was charged 252.80 U S Dollars two times i called TravelerHelpDesk and i spoke to...

Frontier Airlines / Horrible experience

Aug 21, 2017

I should have read all of the stories before booking the tickets. I wish I knew how bad this company was! Flight attendants were late for the flight and it was delayed for over 3 hours. Everyone was waiting for them to find replacements. This is so wild and unprofessional. I don't want to...

[Resolved] Frontier Airlines / Flight attendant service during flight

Mar 18, 2017

Flight Attendant ignored assisting with lifting carry on to overhead on Flight 718 from Denver to Washington Reagan on 17 Mar 2017 at 1045 AM from Gate A36 arriving in DCA at 410 PM. She was a slender about 5'8 - 5'10, middle age, long black hair with some grey. Her hair was pulled back in a...

Frontier Airlines / Cancelled flight - no real options!

Dec 29, 2016

Scheduled flight from lax-ord 12/20/16.. Few hours before my flight, I received an email that it was to be cancelled. No reason given. I tried to call customer service and waited for 45 minutes before I was disconnected. 3 options were given that were not accommodating to anyone! Full...

Frontier Airlines / Air travel

Dec 19, 2016

We were scheduled to fly out on December 18, 2016 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, flight was canceled two hours before take off. Frontier airlines would not help us schedule another flight or give us comps for hotel. They can only get us from Miami to Denver but not Denver to Salt Lake...

Frontier Airlines / Flight Reservations were delayed and told me that I couldn't get home for two more days from my booked flight

Jul 25, 2016

This is the worst experience I have ever had with any company I have ever done business with in my 49 years of life. I've never even written a complaint about any other company ever but felt I had to warn other people about this unethical and unprofessional business. I booked a flight for...

Frontier Airlines / Customer Service

Apr 27, 2016

I dropped my niece and her friend off at Orlando International Airport at 0900 more than 2 hours before their flight was to leave they waited in line for more than an hour with 3 agents on duty. Not that this is a surprise but the way these two young adults were treated is. Over the...

Frontier Airlines / Delayed flight and then gave away my seat

Mar 26, 2016

My flight was delayed twice. I did not stand by the fair when the flight was delayed 2 hours so they gave away my seat. stoof at the customer service desk for 60 min to no avail. My flight was from Boston to Orlando and they offered me a flight from Chicago. With no way to get to Chicago...

Frontier Airlines / Passenger Ticket

Mar 19, 2016

DO NOT EVER FLY FRONTIER. NO MATTER WHAT THE PURPORTED PRICE OF THE TICKET IS YOU'RE BUYING, IT'S NOT FULLY DISCLOSED. READ ON. I'm no lawyer but it seems that Frontier is engaged in deceptive business practices. They do not list the fact that you'll be required to PAY additional money if...

Frontier Airlines / Terrible everything

Dec 20, 2015

I have been trying to book a ticket for the past five days and it's IMPOSSIBLE to do this with Frontier. I have 46, 000 FF miles, that expires a week ago. They never told me the miles were going to expire. Now if I want to re-instate them, I can but after 3 different CS people and an hour...

Frontier Airlines / The entire customer experience has changed

Nov 22, 2015

Frontier Airlines used to be the seamless and most dependable airline to fly. WARNING: This airline no longer is functionable and has lost its integrity. Once you purchase your ticket, you must expect the following: incredible delays: your incoming plane for your flight will not arrive a...

Frontier Airlines / Terrible experience

Aug 27, 2015

My boyfriend booked a flight with Frontier to fly from Detroit to Portland (layover in Denver) for this weekend. We drove to the airport, he went to use the Kiosk to print his boarding pass, the Kiosk was out of service and said "see attendant" and there were no attendants. There were...

Frontier Airlines / Communication regarding luggage

Aug 6, 2015

Aug 1, 2015 Unprofessional Atlanta Airport Staff with Luggage issue. Saturday 8-1-2015, I flew Frontier Airlines from MSP to ATL, I checked 3 pieces of luggage. Once I arrived to ATL, I only received one piece of luggage. I then talked to ATL Frontier Baggage Staff, the had me filled out a...

Frontier Airlines / The worst customer service ever!

May 4, 2015

Hello, I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in two states...Wisconsin and Georgia. I am the CEO of both of my companies. I have done lots of flying with Frontier and I am an Early Returns member, and have flown frequently with Frontier within the last year. All you have to do is look up my...

Frontier Airlines / late and rude

Mar 10, 2015

Our flight times were changed twice and the plane was 40min late leaving!! Upon our return flight, the plane was 20 min late and had to be cleaned making it later! when we got on the plane to be seated the flight attendent was rude and unprofessional. The pilot was driving faster than...


Feb 4, 2015

BEWARE OF DECEPTIVE PRICING BY FRONTIER AIRLINES. I have been monitoring airfare for possible spring break trips. yesterday i received an email from frontier and it had very attractive prices for denver to cabo san lucas. i was happy to select flights (from their fare calendar for the...

Frontier Airlines / Rude Unprofessional Staff

Oct 31, 2014

If your traveling on and airline and dont mind being late leaving the your gate, Frontier Airlines. If your traveling and dont mind missing your connecting flight, Frontier Airlines. If your traveling on an airline and dont mind being disrespectful flight attendants and gate staff, use...

Frontier Airlines / Airline Police: Unprofessional Conduct

Oct 22, 2014

At Midway Airlines, at approx 6p on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, near the waiting area at C2, I entered a room designated for yoga. I didn't know Frontier offered such a service. Before entering, I asked an employee if the general public was allowed in the room. The employee to whom I...


Sep 3, 2014

I made reservation for my wife son and I to fly to Memphis TN.Reservation code DNVTON on Aug. 13th - Aug. 15th. After realizing that we were not going to have to stay over til the 15th I called a re booked to return on the Aug 14th...fully expecting there to be some charge for doing so...

Frontier Airlines / Frontier hidden fees, bad service, etc.

Jan 6, 2014

November 2013 - Flew from MSP to LAX, with a connecting flight in Denver. Our flight was with Frontier Airlines. At MSP, we were told about the baggage fee for carry on luggage. When my sister said she called and was told there was no fee, our tickets were updated to show carry-on luggage...

Frontier Airlines / Deceptive business practice

Dec 20, 2013

Frontier Airlines practices deceptive and unfair business practices in its online internet booking practices. On two consecutive occasions, I went to pay for a flight to have a notice jump up indicating that the selected fare price was no longer available. On the second attempt, I moved...

Frontier Airlines / Costs of services and changes

Oct 28, 2013

Frontier Airlines has established policies that make a traveler feel like they are a piece of luggage rather than a passenger. 1. Unless you are an honored guest of, a drink of water will cost you $2 (I can drive my car over 500 miles based on the equivalent price per...

Frontier Airlines / Pilot Ineptness

Jul 1, 2012

On July 1st, 2012, at 1:15 PM, I was on Flight #627 departing Denver for Kansas City when the aircraft left to taxi the runway. A short time later the pilot said we had to pull in to check out a possibly open cargo door...????? Okay, not a problem because it was probably a loose connection...

Frontier Airline / cancelled flight

Mar 26, 2012

I had a flight R/T to KC, MO but Frontier cancelled all service out of Boston eff/ 05/17.-They offered me travel on United or a refund-as I need to go, I chose the UNited flight BUT they then told me I couldn't go due to difference in class tickets so it will now cost me $150 extra a...

Frontier Airlines / cancellation is impossible

Sep 1, 2011

This may be the only airline in teh world that will not allow you to change or cancel a reservation online. The phone took over an hour to connect with a person to cancel a reservation. My mother got sick and was hospitalized. She was scheduled to come visit so I tried to cancel her...

Frontier Airlines / Travel Guard

Sep 1, 2011

Beware when you buy Travel Guard from the Frontier Airlines website. It appears to be a guarentee that you can be refunded airfare due to unforseen circumstances. (unfortunately the definitions link does not work - so really you have to just take the description on the FRONTIER website...

Frontier Airlines / ticket purchase tricks

Jun 25, 2011

I purchased a roundtrip ticket on Frontier Airlines to denver and back on Frontiers website. language on the website implies there are no change fees or bag fees to use Frontier. when one purchases a ticket, for $117, one then learns that one has to purchase a "package" to avoid change...

Frontier Airlines/us Airways / ruined my luggage

Jun 19, 2011

Never before had I been this much let down and lied to by an airline. I will avoid Frontier Airlines/US Airways like a plague. Their flights are filty with crumbs left on seats and on carpet from previous flight. But that is a minor point. I lost $300 worth of luggage. After spending the...

Frontier Airlines / Cheap(er) tickets not worth it

Feb 17, 2011

I booked a leg of a flight for a vacation I planned with Frontier. A week after booking, my Grandma who had been sick for awhile received a stage IV cancer diagnosis and was given 3 weeks to live. I called Frontier to explain the situation and was also told that the economy ticket i...

Frontier Airlines / Lied to and tricked into buying a second ticket


Purchased a set of "Buddy Pass" Tickets, which are standby tickets. Missed a few flights, no big deal... I was then cursed at in front of 5 passengers and my girlfriend. Once I brought it to the managers attention, he shuned it and shook his head. He stated, " It's been a busy week."...

Frontier Airlines / Stretch Seating vs. Classic Plus


Issue at Hand. While at hotel with 15 minutes allotted on computer we got online to print boarding passes. Half my family flew out early on a 1-connection flight and the other half of family flew out 3 days later. Somehow one half of the family somehow booked Classic Plus seats for the...

Frontier Airlines / Lack of Communication & Risky Baggage Handling


I had a baggage issue on my flight to California and back and after phone calls, going back to the aiport, filing a report online, and then calling the headquarters, they still haven't gotten back to me about my baggage claim! It's been over a month! I will never fly frontier...

Frontier Airlines / Change in Terms to the Early Returns program


In March, I signed up for the Frontier Airlines Early Returns Mastercard program. On the brochure, including all of its fine print, it mentions that a round trip flight within the continental U.S. will be rewarded to new cardmembers who spend $500 in qualifying purchases within 90 day...