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Flights — No communication and bad customer services

Arrive at LAS at 10pm on Wednesday 18th for flight 1418 leaving at 12:54am Thursday the 19th first delayed until 1:54am. Second delayed 2:55am after that flight cancel, received new ticket for Friday 20th flight leaving out at 12:54am. Arrived at LAS at 10pm on Friday 19th received a Frontier alert flight has been cancelled. Received a new flight ticket leaving that morning at 8:46am taking me to Indianapolis airport then fly to Orlando airport then fly from Orlando to O'Hara. That was the longest uncomfortable flight and most confusing situation I ever experience. Then to top it off when we finally got to O'Hara airport Friday night our luggage was left in Orlando Florida and my car keys were in my luggage so we had to get a hotel room and wait for our luggage that came Saturday morning around 10:30am. Plus that I paid extra for my seats Frontier Airline was a big disappointment. Don Willis [protected]

frontier airlines

loyalty program issues on gathering points
have not been resolved I have been trying since dec of 2019
credit card points were not credited for the month they were accrued.
weekly phone calls, have still no resolution I was 3, 000 points short to become a 50 k elite member.
I spent $7, 000., , in December and was told them would be credited toward December. they were not they were credited toward jan of 2020.
huge rip off I can get any card for an airlines you run a program and then don't follow thru to give what you promse

Flight cancelled T6CUUI cancelled on 1/1/20 From ATL - PHL

Claim # [protected], was filed on 1/2/20. I have not heard anything from frontier please look into my complaint.

I am requesting a refund for the extra charge i had to pay when my frontier flight t6cuui, was cancelled on 1/1/20 in atlanta georgia. I had to purchase a flight on delta which cost me $355.00 which was double the amount of the frontier ticket. I had to purchase is ticket i had to get home and frontier was not booking any flights to philadelphia for several days.
This was the information i was given at the ticket counter that night.

airline flight cancelled

This has been the single worst travel experience of my life. On Monday December 23rd my flight was scheduled from San Diego to Tampa Bay. It was flight 550 to Denver and 290 to Tampa. Needless to say neither got there. After our plane was delayed 2 hours we were able to board. After boarding we sat on the plane for 2 hours before returning to the gate with plane issues. I was asked to get off the plane. This was at 1:00am in the morning. I had to get my luggage from baggage claim and wait at ticketing for a resolution. There wasn't one. The next available flight was on Thursday the 26th in the evening. But of course now there will be an 8 hour layover in Denver and I won't be arriving in Tampa until the following afternoon. Your staff was under trained and ill prepared for this situation. Now I have lost this Christmas with my kids and family. Absolutely the most horrible experience of my traveling life... This is inexcusable...

flight cost and customer service

Frontier Airlines seems to try to present themselves as a budget airline, but charge astronomical fees. I have consistently seen very rude employees in personal experiences with Frontier Airlines. They entice you with low fares, but I have seen them raise their prices before I can complete a booking. I have also seen error messages on their website when trying to book their "low" costs. When I go back to try again; the error has mysteriously vanished and the prices have gone up significantly. I have had numerous conversations with their customer service agents on the phone, and they are extremely rude and have even hung up on me. My family and I have been mistreated and humiliated at the boarding gate as well as observing the poor treatment of other Frontier Airline customers.

flight cost and customer service

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    Giapapa$ Nov 06, 2019

    your fares on frontier airlines are usually very good that is why I choose to fly with you but the fare for March 20th 2020 are ridiculous for a family to fly please consider to lower that fare so I do not have to choose another airlines

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    Giapapa$ Nov 06, 2019

    @Giapapa$ sent me an email

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cancelled flight and still waiting for compensation for flights scheduled with another airline.

We were at the airport ready to return home, when two hours before the flight we noticed a cancellation on the departing flights screen. Went to the counter to find out that there were no other options to fly with Frontier. Went to a hotel and then began our search for another flight home. That was June 26, 2019. Today is August 10, 2019 and still have not received the refund for hotel, food and new flight. And prior to filing the paper work we were given totally different instructions to file the paper work, actually 3 different ways to process. I have called about the refund and I keep hearing that the process can take 5-6 weeks. I need to have this resolved. We were flying from Ft. Myers Florida to Cleveland OH.

delay and change to earlier time with no text notification or monitor update

I just missed my plane yesterday (and so did several others) from Chicago to Harlingen, TX. This was caused simply because a flight attendant was late. We were all ready to board when the announcement came that the captain has decided to delay because they were missing a flight attendant. Our flight was moved from 6:25 am to 8:10 am. Hence with more than 1.5 hours to spare, I decided to check in at the France Airline VIP Lounge while actively monitoring the Flight Status monitors. At the VIP Lounge, the concierge even offered to remind me if there's any change on the monitor for that flight. However I chose to sit in front of the monitor while doing some light work. At 7:25 am I decided to walk back to my gate since the 8:10 am delayed status remained unchanged. Got to the gate at 7:30 am, upon checking with the gate attendant she pointed my plane that I was supposed to board was pulling off the gate. I literally missed it by 2 minutes. Her explanation was several announcements was made of the change in earlier departure instead of the 8:10 am. None of the monitors reflected the earlier change of time, including the monitor by the gate! What's the point of those monitors status? Announcement cannot be heard everywhere but monitors are available everywhere! What about those with hearing disability? Terrible communications method. Even signed up for text notifications. The earlier delayed came across the text notification. Nothing appeared on this second change of departure time. With all these digital offerings, gate personal are just so behind in using it. Get your staff and culture to catch up to technology so that your customer service can be improved Frontier!

delay and change to earlier time with no text notification or monitor update

treated unfairly prior to take-off and luggage items taken

Ref: PVD900144825, incident: [protected]
1) Prior to departure my wife had a medical issue and rather than the crew help we were removed from the flight.
2) Our luggage remained was on the flight (below deck) and continued on to Providence.
3) Alternate transportation was arranged and my wife arrived in Providence.
4) We discovered that her pills were disturbed. Meaning pills were missing. In addition, a silver watch is missing.
5) As for the medication, I had to do a quick script and have the medication over-knighted to ensure my wife did not have any additional medical issues.
6) The pharmacist said to file a complaint and we should be reimbursed for this incident, not to mention the missing watch.

frontier airlines cost me dearly

We had been told that if you make changes the Airport desk is always able to help you easier than the people over the phone. We found out my daughter's graduation with her Masters was actually the next day after our flight (GCU has multiple graduations all week)and we would miss it so we drove 40 minutes to the airport Wednesday to try to change the tickets. My daughter who would be graduated and I waited for 1.5 hours in a long line. Even though we were only about 7 people from the front and there before the 2-hour requirement of the next flight and before the counter opened, I was told I had to WAIT until they had helped everyone on the entire flight before they would help me. I asked again after an hour and I was still denied help. I also called on the phone and the computer asked if I would agree to a change fee for help over the phone. I agreed, but had no idea what the fees would be, so this is not a fair way to do business. You are agreeing to an open-ended number when you say "yes." When it seemed like they weren't going to help me over the phone unless I paid a lot more money for new flights (I had bought insurance too) I figured I had already been waiting an hour in the airport so I might as well continue waiting based on being told that the airport desks help you more. Finally, after everyone had been helped a clerk started to help me. She proceeded to pull up my confirmation number on my younger daughter's one-way ticket and switched the flight to Saturday morning. Then she pulled up my confirmation number with 3 people traveling and said she switched it, the other co-worker had her come to his machine and help with something he had been doing for a gentleman. He tried to finish up our confirmation and then she came back. She was asking him questions about why it didn't have any fees showing up and neither knew why...they both seem confused but didn't question it. They told me that the confirmations I had would still be good and to use them for checking in. I asked for a printed confirmation because I was very skeptical. I was told they couldn't print anything and couldn't print boarding passes until 24 hours before. The woman and man both said it was fine and I didn't need one and then PROCEEDED TO TURN THEIR SCREENS AROUND TO SHOW ME THAT WE WERE ON THOSE FLIGHTS.

While I was sitting and waiting for the graduation to start I checked my email and saw that I only had one confirmation for Check-In and that was for my younger daughter. I immediately panicked and called Frontier and talked with someone on the phone who said they couldn't help me and that I needed to go into the airport to get help because the 3 tickets showed up as "no shows" and they couldn't do anything for me. So after the graduation, we drove to the airport again and I waited in line again for help from the Frontier clerk and we actually got the same man who was helping us on Wednesday night to change the flights. He proceeded to say he couldn't do anything to help us even though we reminded him of what he had said that everything had been changed and we would use our same confirmation numbers. We then asked for a Supervisor, she came over and said its because we hadn't paid a change fee. Well on Wednesday when we were there both clerks were puzzled about the fees not coming up. Either they did not know how to change them or they didn't finish processing the second confirmation in the computer and that is why it didn't stay changed. Because we had seen it with our own eyes on the computer screen. The clerk should have owned up to the problem and what had transpired. Instead, he just wanted to act like we were lying. If they review cameras at the airport at that time on Wednesday afternoon they would see the whole 1.5-hour wait for us to get help and also the clerks changing the reservations. Instead, this problem ended up costing me for 3 new tickets to the cost of $1, 190.00. Which is not my fault. The Supervisor at the airport was not helpful at all.

Also, to make all matters in this craziness worse, my daughter, the one traveling home with us on the first confirmation also ended up with fever, chills, sore throat and nausea. She ended up using over the counter medicines due to the fact we were preparing for her sister's graduation and traveling for her grandma's 80th birthday celebration. It was extremely hectic, trying to drive to the airport for help twice (once on Wednesday and once after the graduation when the person on the phone said they couldn't help me and that I would need to go back to the airport since they originally helped me) this involved once again another drive across town in traffic and a wait in line. We were trying to get some help at the airport and never truly got the help we deserved. We ended up having to wait until Monday for Frontier to get us 4 tickets on a flight together and had to take 3 flights to get to Raleigh, North Carolina. We couldn't have split the tickets with the one leaving on Saturday and the others getting in on Monday, due to we all needed to drive back to Virginia where we live and work together.

unethical behaviour

I have went on your compliant site in regards to a return fligt from denver to rsw airport - red eye. The flight attendants were loud and continue to speak poorly about fronties. Saying they couldn't wait till delta bought them. Talked about pilots and their behavor. Contiuned to speak about thier interviews, training, and the lack of concern for being at work for 2 hours!!! kept the lights on, it was so disrespectful for us customers.
Finally the front attendant came back to the back of the plane and whispered something, they stopped.
The service was horrible, one was inappropriatly rude!! i want my money back. So this is my second complaint i will be riding the frontier president then the airline board


I was on a RETURNING FLIGHT from Fort Lauderdale to Trenton (Flight 810) on May 29, 2019. My flight departed on time but once we landed we were unable to get off the plane due to bad weather. We sat on the plane for 3 hours! This delay was very costly and inconvenient. I missed a very important event and paid extra for parking. I would like to continue to fly Frontier on my furture visits to Flordia and would like to be compensated for the inconvenience.
My conformation number is, S69YYV. Thank you in advance to looking into this.

Mariann Sadlak

  • Updated by Marianna Sadlak · Jun 03, 2019

    I was on a RETURNING FLIGHT from Fort Lauderdale to Trenton (Flight 810) on May 29, 2019. My flight departed on time but once we landed we were unable to get off the plane due to bad weather. We sat on the plane for 3 hours! This delay was very costly and inconvenient. I missed a very important event and paid extra for parking. I would like to continue to fly Frontier on my furture visits to Flordia and would like to be compensated for the inconvenience.
    My conformation number is, S69YYV. Thank you in advance to looking into this.

    Mariann Sadlak
    [email protected]

flight cancelled and not rebooked

I am so upset as I am writing this email, I know I am not going to get all the details. In short, Fronteir airlines delayed our flight for almost 4 hours, each hour telling us it was an hour later. When I was finally cancelled, I NEVER got an email indicating cancellation. I took the shuttle to the other terminal 15 minutes away, and found out from another angry passenger when I got there. They did NOT rebook our flight. they did NOT give us a voucher to buy a new one. All other flights were booked, and those of us planning to fly out that night were stranded. They did NOT give us any travel vouchers- we had to pay for transportation, ubers, our parking for that day, hotels, a nd a new flight. Since there were no flights out the next morning or daytime, we rerouted and changed cities. We drove 3 hours to another airport. We paid for a hotel. We will need to change our flight to a different city home and will get penalized because it was a 3rd party purchase with a mutil-leg ticket and the other airline won't honor the situation you put us in. I am so living with the poor treatment of us. I have already spent hundreds of dollars rebooking hotels, losing hotels, driving to other cities, spending another night in a local hotel, cancelling my rental car and rebooking at a much higher rate and ow having to change our ticket. Frontier associates had absolutely no answer for us. I am strapped and on a budget (I am a grad student) and this is very bad for my situation. I feel even worse for the people who could not afford a hotel and new ticket--- where do you think they spent the night? I am hoping for a prompt and appropriate resolution of this problem. Is fronteir shutting down? it is the only explanation of the completely disrespectful behavior of this airline, who already has a terrible reputation and now will have more affirmation on that. And, I have never written a letter like this to a company in my life.

wheel chair assistance not honored

Sushila Patel's return flight from Wichita to Sandiego - Re: N8PCTM
Flight 187 from ICT to DEN in 5/2/19 was delayed by about 30 min to go to Denver.
Sushila Patel had specifically requested wheel chair assistance due to her disability however, however no wheelchair assistance was availabke or given at Denver Airport so she had to struggle to the flight 553 with her bad knees and sore back.


I booked a flight to Las Vegas on 5-2-19 to leave 5-3-19 from Albany got to the airport at 4:30- to be told...

shocking experience

On November 13th, while on a return flight from Cancun to Philadelphia, and traveling with 56 elderly passengers, among a total of 225 passengers, that included passengers with children, the flight was first reported to be delayed 2 hours. After an hour waiting, all passengers were informed that the flight was delayed for an additional 2 hours, then again after another hour, we were informed that the plane had arrived, however due to an unexpected mishap that has supposedly occurred to an arriving passenger, the flight was going to be delayed again. At this point our gate was changed and we had to go to the lower level where the new gate was assigned. After waiting for an hour and a half, and not getting any updates from the frontier employees, a female Frontier gate attendant announced " Flight 101 has now been cancelled, your are on your own." That specific announcement was mentally difficult to digest. it was after waiting to board for more than 5 hours, a shocking way to be told That was the only information given. After 45 minutes of total confusion about what do next and not getting any help or answers from the frontier employees. All passengers had to negotiate their own lodging plans. The 56 elderly passengers, I was traveling with, were attached to apple vacations. After our tour representative frantically made contact with apple and frontier we were given overnight lodging accommodations; that is after we had to go back through customs to retrieve our bags which took over an hour and then spend 2 hours in a line trying, to find the right bus to take us to the hotel.
I am sure that most of the passengers understood that the possibility of flight is always on the horizon, delays occur and that flights, sometimes have to be cancelled for one reason or another and you have to live with it. However that is not my complaint. My complaint is the matter in which the female frontier gate attendant choose to relay such an insensitive, unprofessional, condescending, and downright slap in the face announcement. It was a nightmare of a day and night. Oh by the way, after returning back the next morning to the Cancun airport and having to go through the entire check in process and getting new boarding passes, we arrived at the gate 2 hours before our scheduled flight.After waiting an hour, we all were told that the original flight was cancelled and we were going to board another flight; however we all needed to get yet another boarding pass for that flight. The entire experience sounds like it would make for a National Lampoon Griswold scene, but the reality is that it was truly a nightmare for all of the passengers. Frontier airlines should investigate this incident, learn that this actually happened fire that employee, and provide all of the passengers at least a monetary compensation to all of the passengers, who experienced this nightmare.

justfly seating the permanently disabled

When I booked my flight I let them know I'm disable can't walk but a short distance needed a wheel chair. And...

Frontier Airlines

cancel flight without notification

There 4 of us flying to Chicago today 8/13/2018 from San Jose airport with 3.5 hrs lay over in Denver.The...

luggage and customer service

My name is Curtis Houlder my 2 kids and wife flew from Atlanta to Cincinnati #1179 with a connecting flight...

luggage damage

I booked a roundtrip from Colorado Springs, CO. to Minneapolis, Minnesota. My reservation number wa...

customer service and baggage

My name is James Tillman and my family and I came in on flight 1623 today from Dulles airport on 06/17/2018...

poor customer service

I purchased two tickets, one for my husband and the other for my daughter, one-way from Atlanta, GA to...

fly to las vegas round trip on nov/17/2017

I called TravelerHelpDesk to buy round trip tickets to las vegas the total cost was 312.40 U.S Dollars for my...

Horrible experience

I should have read all of the stories before booking the tickets. I wish I knew how bad this company was!
Flight attendants were late for the flight and it was delayed for over 3 hours. Everyone was waiting for them to find replacements. This is so wild and unprofessional. I don't want to go through the same again. I hope those attendants were fired.

[Resolved] Flight attendant service during flight

Flight Attendant ignored assisting with lifting carry on to overhead on Flight 718 from Denver to Washington...

Cancelled flight - no real options!

Scheduled flight from lax-ord 12/20/16.. Few hours before my flight, I received an email that it was to be cancelled. No reason given. I tried to call customer service and waited for 45 minutes before I was disconnected. 3 options were given that were not accommodating to anyone! Full refund, wait till monday 12/26/16 (After christmas) or book with another airline (With my own $ and frontier will give me back only 400 of it) !!!

Air travel

We were scheduled to fly out on December 18, 2016 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, flight was canceled two hours before take off. Frontier airlines would not help us schedule another flight or give us comps for hotel. They can only get us from Miami to Denver but not Denver to Salt Lake which was our destination. So we booked a flight with them to Denver and another company to Salt Lake City for the next day. The next day we sat and waited for over eight hours with no information on what was happening until they finally told us that there was a strike. Our luggage was under a plane so we had to wait an additional two hours to get her luggage. They gave us a refund supposedly, but nothing else not even at the sorry or an apology. Never fly Frontier.

  • Wine Is Good Dec 20, 2016

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Flight Reservations were delayed and told me that I couldn't get home for two more days from my booked flight

This is the worst experience I have ever had with any company I have ever done business with in my 49 year...

Customer Service

I dropped my niece and her friend off at Orlando International Airport at 0900 more than 2 hours before their...

Delayed flight and then gave away my seat

My flight was delayed twice. I did not stand by the fair when the flight was delayed 2 hours so they gave...

Passenger Ticket


Terrible everything

I have been trying to book a ticket for the past five days and it's IMPOSSIBLE to do this with Frontier. I have 46, 000 FF miles, that expires a week ago. They never told me the miles were going to expire. Now if I want to re-instate them, I can but after 3 different CS people and an hour on the phone I gave up. Have spent three hours on the tel with CS people and can't book with them, can't book online. They'll sell you a seat, but then you have to pay for the carry on bag, the seat, i'm surprised they don't charge you to use the toilet. This is the WORST airline ever. I will do everything i can to avoid them. It's worth it to may more to fly for an airline that does not have the hassle factor that frontier does.

The entire customer experience has changed

Frontier Airlines used to be the seamless and most dependable airline to fly. WARNING: This airline no longer...

Terrible experience

My boyfriend booked a flight with Frontier to fly from Detroit to Portland (layover in Denver) for thi...

Communication regarding luggage

Aug 1, 2015 Unprofessional Atlanta Airport Staff with Luggage issue. Saturday 8-1-2015, I flew Frontier...

The worst customer service ever!

Hello, I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in two states...Wisconsin and Georgia. I am the CEO of both of my...

late and rude

Our flight times were changed twice and the plane was 40min late leaving!! Upon our return flight, the plane...


BEWARE OF DECEPTIVE PRICING BY FRONTIER AIRLINES. I have been monitoring airfare for possible spring break...

Rude Unprofessional Staff

If your traveling on and airline and dont mind being late leaving the your gate, Frontier Airlines. If your traveling and dont mind missing your connecting flight, Frontier Airlines. If your traveling on an airline and dont mind being disrespectful flight attendants and gate staff, use Frontier Airlines. If you are traveling by air and want to be charged for your carry on and like to be charged extra for your "carry on" (such as a camera tripod $50.) use Frontier Airlines. If your traveling by air and dont mind paying $6 dollars for a can of soda, Frontier Airlines. Need I say more.

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    NoThankQ [user banned] Oct 31, 2014

    "Need I say more." No dear god, please don't say anything more until you learn English.

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    MkStItCh Oct 31, 2014

    Almost all airlines charge for carry ons like a tripod AND unless you are not capable of reading then you know that beverages are NOT offered on some airlines...

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Airline Police: Unprofessional Conduct

At Midway Airlines, at approx 6p on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, near the waiting area at C2, I entered a room...


I made reservation for my wife son and I to fly to Memphis TN.Reservation code DNVTON on Aug. 13th - Aug...