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Swiss International Air Lines reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 4, 2008. The latest review Refund of money for Travel Tickets was posted on Feb 26, 2021. The latest complaint horrible service was resolved on Aug 01, 2014. Swiss International Air Lines has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 65 reviews. Swiss International Air Lines has resolved 16 complaints.

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Swiss International Air Lines Complaints & Reviews

Swiss International Air LinesRefund of money for Travel Tickets


I had made a booking on for Swiss Airlines from Frankfurt to Geneva on 20th May, 2020 and returning on 24th May, 2020 for 3 passengers worth 415 Euros. The flights were cancelled by the Swiss airlines due to Covid 19 restrictions. So on 4th May, 2020 the Tripair raised Refund requests via BSP with Refund Application number: [protected] & [protected] & [protected].

Tripair Reference Code: [protected]
Swiss Airlines Reservation Code PRXW59
E-Ticket - [protected]/ [protected] / [protected]

Swiss Airlines sent a mail to me on 16th July claiming that they have refunded the amount of 427.5 CHF. But I never received any money till date.

After many calls to Swiss Airlines, I got to know that the money was given to Trip Air. However till today Trip Air claims they have not received any money from Swiss Airlines. They have shared emails from Swiss Airlines stating that Swiss Airlines Finance is still investigating the matter.

And I am stuck between these 2 parties and waiting for more than half a year for my refund.


Refund of money for Travel Tickets
Refund of money for Travel Tickets

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    Feb 11, 2020

    Swiss International Air Lines — unethical behaviour

    On 10 February 2020 I had to travel from Madrid (Spain) to Ljiubljiana (Slovenia) for bussiness. I had to...

    Feb 02, 2020

    Swiss International Air Lines — unethical behavior boycotting pro-life, pro-family lauderach chocolates

    I noticed that swiss air has boycotted lauderach chocolates due their pro-family, pro - life values. This i...

    Swiss International Air Linescomplaint

    Nous avions un vol Genève Denpasar prévu le 24 septembre 2019
    Réf : PWINJY

    Suite au retard du vol Genève Zurich nous avons été empêche de prendre notre vol ZurixhhSingapour et nous avons été rebooke sur Émirats avec plus de 10 heures de retard
    D'autre part nos bagages n'ont pas suivi
    Merci donc de bien vouloir nous rembourser la somme de 600 euros par billet soit une somme totale de 2400 euros
    Avec mes remerciements


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      Sep 29, 2019

      Swiss International Air Lines — baggage not delivered

      Dear sirs, I flew from zurich to london on 22 september 2019 by lx 466 to attend sibos, an exhibition and...

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      Swiss International Air Linesflight from manchester to antalya


      My recent flight from Manchester (via Zurich) to Antalya in Turkey was delayed and therefore we arrived a day late due to having to stop over in Zurich. Would we go about claiming any compensation from yourselves or via the booking agency ( The flights were on the 18th of August...

      There were 4 of us on the flight...

      Sun 18 Aug 2019
      Manchester > Zurich (LX381)
      18:45 > 21:40

      Sun 18 Aug 2019
      Zurich > Antalya (LX8174)
      22:25 > 02:30 (+1 day)

      Please let me know,

      Paul Cannon

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        Swiss International Air Linescancellation of flight

        on july 16.2019 my wife and me had a flight reservation, from Copenhagen to Lugano, arriving to cph check in we learned thate our flight from Zurich to Lugano LX2906 was cancellet, andwe had to contact your represent at cph air port and got a new flight from Zurich to Lugano at 17.40 instead of 12.35. So we had lost 5 hours of our day.
        We believe we are entitled to be compensated at least with the price of our two tickets.
        with comp. Dina & Haim Friedman
        2a Anna Frank st. Ramat Gan 5252614 Israel.
        E..ticket no. [protected] ...[protected].

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          • Aryan Russ Sep 27, 2019
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            there are no old/new pnr and/or etickets seen. which you claimed the compensation due

            0 Votes
          Sep 05, 2019

          Swiss Air — Overcharge for first baggage on economy light ticket

          On August 4, 2019, I went on website to prepay for 'first baggage' for flight LX55 (e-ticket #...

          Swiss International Air Linescancellation of flight without notification

          My name is Chrisi Vagianos and I was traveling with my 11 year old, daughter Sophia Loizos and my two other kids, Eleftherios Papanikolas and Eirini Papanikola .
          My reservation number was UIZPLN.
          And my older kids reservation UGB2DW
          We were scheduled to leave Rhodes August, 23d to Zurich flight 8347 and from Zurich to Newark, USA flight 0018.
          When we arrived to check in from Rhodes they told us that we only have tickets to Zürich and they had no idea what had happen ... ! They told me to go to Zurich and they will help me ... I go to Zurich and they did help me and they explained that the flight was cancelled .. I had no idea, I didn't receive nether a text or an email from Swiss Air to notify my cancellation !
          They sent us to a hotel but I had my daughter crying because we had purchased tickets 500 dollars to go and see Shawn Mendes, Saturday the 24th.
          The end result was that they put us on a flight Saturday and between arrival to JFK and the traffic going home .. my daughter missed the concert and she was devastated ! My son was part of a bridal party at a wedding on Saturday the 24th and it was an embarrassment not to be there for the church. They had to replace him last minute putting the couple in such stress !
          I always travel with Swiss because I truly believe it's the best airline but I was very disappointed with the whole situation !

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            Swiss International Air Linesflight attendant

            On lx242 on the 16 of August, there was a slightly chubby flight attendant who was passive aggressive and rude.
            She questioned my drink choice once and gave me the wrong drink. The next time she came around, I made another choice and she acted like she couldn't understand me. Then she speaks to are partner in another language in a hostile manner. When I point out my correct choice to her. She just talks back and did not seem to care. I believe skin colour was involved in her bad attitude.

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              Swiss International Air Lineswheelchair and assistance not available

              I travel through Delhi to Montreal via Zurich.
              In Delhi airline provide wheelchair and assistance but in Zurich no wheelchair and assistance available.
              I don't know what is the reason I consult Swiss counter several time but no body helps me.

              I was in stress and I am feeling so bad It was the worst experience for me.

              My name PUSHPA RANI MALIK
              travel date 2 Aug 2019
              Mail id : [protected]

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                Swiss International Air Linesflights

                I booked flights for my friend to fly with two rescue dogs. Phnom Penh to Madrid.
                Had confirmation emails but when my friend arrived at Bangkok to transit he was told to go though immagration and collect the dogs and his bag,
                By this time he missed the next flight and was told he had no onward flight.
                So now I have lost the money on the flights booked, hotels booked and taxi booked for his arrival.

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                  Jul 23, 2019

                  Swiss International Air Lines — no assistance with short connection due to delayed swissair flight

                  34A Hill Street, Picton. NSW. 2571 Australia. 24th July 2019 Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Delayed flight and...

                  Swiss International Air Linescarry on size misleading information

                  We were flying on Swiss Airlines from Chicago to Zurich. We are very dissatisfied with how Swiss Airlines employees handle their carry on baggage policy. It states on their website that the maximum size of a carry on bag is 55 cm (21.6 in). Our bag is exactly 21 inches including the wheels. When we were boarding, we were asked to check the size of the bag by fitting it into the measuring device. Our bag didn't fit it to our big surprise and to the surprise of the other passengers who had similar size bags. We measured airport device with a measuring tape and it was only 20.5 inches long. We have a picture of the measurement that we can submit. When we pointed out extremely politely to Swiss Airlines representatives that the Swiss Airlines device is incorrect, the representatives became very rude and cancelled our boarding passes. We were flying with our daughter who just had a surgery and was awaiting another surgery and had a lot of things necessary for a transatlantic flight. If we knew that Swiss Airlines only allows 20.5 inches, we would've packed differently.

                  carry on size misleading information
                  carry on size misleading information
                  carry on size misleading information

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                    Swiss International Air Linesdelayed and cancelled flights

                    Ladies and Gentlemen,
                    below short summary of my flights:

                    02nd July:
                    departure from Dubai via Zurich to Stuttgart.
                    Rebooked from 07.05h departure Zurich to Stuttgart to 09.35h.
                    Very unfriendly staff at Zurich counter where I collected by new boarding card !

                    20th July:
                    departure from Stuttgart via Zurich to Dubai.
                    Instead of 10.50h from Stuttgart arrival Zurich 11.40h / departure Zurich 12.25h and arrival Dubai 20.45h following unbelievable three !! rebookings happened:

                    First change:
                    19.15h from Stuttgart - arrival Zurich 20.00h / departure Zurich 22.15h arrival Dubai

                    Second change:
                    20.50h from Stuttgart via Lufthansa to Munich arrival 21.35h / departure Munich 22.35h arrival Dubai 06.30h

                    Due to delay of more than 1 hour which means no connection to Dubai in Munich any longer - again a change ! I missed 2 important meetings in Dubai which were schedule for 21st July.

                    Third change: 1 day later
                    08.20h departure Stuttgart to Frankfurt arrival 09.10h / departure Frankfurt 11.00h with Emirates arrival Dubai 19.15h - which thanks God - happened in time.

                    Besides of the usual compensation which should be around 400 EURO, attached Taxi costs which I had due to getting in and out to the airport. According to Marie Budner who was the only one who was very much supportive and re-booked my flight for next day, nothing went smoothly. She also confirmed that copy of Taxi costs will be sufficient to get these costs reimbursed (262 EURO). For sure I can send originals to any address mentioned from your side.
                    Since I have already booked my flight to Stuttgart for next month before this inconvenience happened, I hope everything will work much better. If not, I definitely will switch to Emirates Airline. Looking forward to your response and reimbursement. Regards Iris Seiffer

                    delayed and cancelled flights

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                      Swissairswissair horrible customer service

                      When we arrived in Zurich, a friendly Swiss agent was waiting by at gate as we disembark. Sees our boarding pass, says "yes, Budapest, gate 54 right there". Points to a gate just a few meters away. There we waited. As the time approached and no one else showed, we checked and found that she had misdirected us. So we ran to the other terminal. When we arrived the shuttle bus was still there, but they refused to let us board and sent it away. Never, ever again on Swissair - not a clue on operations or customer service! No help or courtesy from the original (unidentified) agent who misdirected us, nor from check-in agent Limacher Roman, his supervisor D. Chetelat, transfer desk agent D. Anioke-Cipoli, nor her supervisor. I booked this ticket via Tauck and will be instructing them never to put me on a Swiss (or Lufthansa) flight again.

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                        Swiss International Air Linesflight lx789 09 mai 2019 référence de réservation wigrho

                        Madame, Monsieur,
                        Je souhaite vous faire part de mon mécontentement concernant mon vol Bruxelles-Zurich du 9 mai dont référence ci-dessus.
                        Suite au retard important de ce vol, il ne me restait qu'un laps de temps très court (même pas 10 minutes) pour attraper ma correspondance LX176 à destination de Singapour.
                        J'ai dû courir le plus vite possible dans l'aéroport en espérant arriver à temps à la porte d'embarquement.
                        Vous imaginez quel stress alors que vous auriez au moins pu, vu les circonstances particulières, venir me chercher en voiturette pour me conduire à la porte d'embarquement.
                        C'est le service que donnent d'autres Cies aériennes.
                        Je vous rappelle que j'étais en business pour mon vol vers Singapour et que c'est la troisième fois que je voyage vers Singapour avec Swiss Airlines.
                        Je reste dans l'attente de votre réponse.
                        Elisabeth Crahay

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                          Jan 10, 2019

                          Swiss International Air Lines — flight and service

                          Good Day Never fly Swiss Air or Work with I enjoyed a great vacation to morocco only to end it...


                          Swiss International Air Lines — pathetic staffing and consideration for customers

                          Airline is beyond unreasonable and disgustingly arrogant. Made my friend and I miss our connection flight...

                          Swiss International Air Lines — seat reservation

                          Flight LX 296 - Kellen Wangari Gichohi I wish to expresss disappointment that i seat reservation between...


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