Frontier AirlinesThe worst customer service ever!



I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in two states...Wisconsin and Georgia. I am the CEO of both of my companies. I have done lots of flying with Frontier and I am an Early Returns member, and have flown frequently with Frontier within the last year. All you have to do is look up my name and this fact can be proven. My husband and I have been pretty happy with Frontier until this flight! I just wanted to tell you about my experience. I cannot believe that after everyone had boarded the flight because my husband did not have a seat assignment and there were empty seats left over, that the gay flight attendant refused to let my husband and I sit there! First, I want to let you know that when I first got on, someone was occupying my seat! Secondly, I want you to understand that I have nothing against gay people. However, in my experience with dealing with them, some of them are nothing more than "Drama Queens." We had one on this flight for sure. None of the flight attendants would give their names to me because they all knew they were wrong. One of the reasons I couldn't sit in my assigned seat even though it was occupied, (which I didn't mind because I didn't want the window seat anyway...) is because I am claustrophobic- closed in spaces as well as fear of crowds. Frontier crowds people in the hallway during the boarding process which makes things worse for me. So my husband and I always board last no matter what Zone we're in. So, I became ill on the flight as a result of the flight attendants refusing to let me sit in an Aisle seat which there were some seats available that I could sit in. On other flights I've had with Frontier this was never a problem. The reservationist as well as the flight attendants were all rude and disrespectful accept except one. You mean to tell me that I couldn't breathe and they refused to let me sit in an aisle seat? I never had this problem before on any other flight! I never had to ask to be re-seated because of my condition. I would just work through it. Frontier never gave me a reason to make me feel different. The gay flight attendant yelled at both me and my husband and talked down to us like we were dogs. All I can tell you is that the black flight attendant put her hand in my face several times as she was talking to me when I asked for the gay flight attendant's name. I asked her to put her hand down out of my face. She would not. When she wouldn't, I politely moved it out of my face. Again, I couldn't breathe at my assigned seat that all of them made me sit in... I finally buzzed my call light to indicate I had trouble breathing and she had an attitude because she had to call medical personnel on the flight as well as over the phone. She eventually allowed me to sit in an Aisle seat when I became ill. Everyone refused the oxygen that could have made me breathe better. My blood pressure at the first time checked wasn't normal, although the nurse on the flight said it was. It was 144/84 and that isn't normal. I looked it up. This is borderline hypertension. Even though my blood pressure did go down after some time... But, something dreadful could have happened to me. I'm considering seeking legal advice in regards to this incident. I never got an apology from any of them. Just bad looks and disrespect. They refused to listen to me when I told them that I would become ill and when I became ill. Nothing like this should ever be tolerated over an empty seat that wasn't occupied. Lots of airlines don't even have assigned seats! Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know about this experience. There was no reason for the gay flight attendant to yell at me and my husband and demean us in front of a whole plane. The rest of the flight attendants had an attitude for no reason and of course I fired back at the negativity. All of this could have been avoided had they let me sit in an open aisle seat. I understood the upgraded fair if he didn't want us to sit there...exit row...ect. However, there were other seats available that weren't upgrades. When a person tells the staff that they have a disability, whether it is at the beginning, middle or end of a flight it should not matter. I was told that I should have said something in the beginning. At that point, I was still made to sit in my assigned seat even after I explained my disability. As a business owner, if these were my Real Estate Agents that did anything like this to a customer, they would no longer have a job! They refused to acknowledge a customer with disabilities and I will get my doctor's statement to prove it! I don't know what you plan to do about this. All I know is that this shouldn't have ever happened. I pray that this never happens to another customer. I am hoping that you respond to this formal complaint because my next plan of action is to speak to legal counsel as well as the FAA. Even if we talk, I still may move forward. I am still very traumatized by these series of events and so is my husband.


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    Gdb1 May 31, 2011

    Spend over an hour on hold after system said it would take 4 min. then sytem hung up after listening to their phone commerical for an hour. Called back same issue. never again

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    Slaidoxe Jan 12, 2012

    I checked my luggage early (2 hours) in Boston for the trip home to Milwaukee. I had my lime green Ipod in the zip pocket of my suitcase. When we got home, it was gone. I think that the xrayed the luggage, saw the Ipod and took it. They had more than enough time. You can't trust anyone anymore.

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  • Da
    Dan White Jun 07, 2012

    Had to reschedule a flight. Understand there is going to be a chage order fee but then they messed up the reservation and want to charge me to correct their mistake. After three calls, of which all lasted well over 30 mintues, still no resolution. Trying to charger me an additional $257 over the $488+ add-on amount for the flight. Very bad customer service.

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