Ford/ Throttle Body / refund scam

Philadelphia, United States

I just got a letter from Ford last week telling me that the throttle body on my car was contaminated. When I liked at the date it was dated for January 2014. I called Ford and told them I replace the throttle body on my car in September 2013 because the car cut off on me when I was taking my son to school. Lucky I didn't get in an accident. Thank God! When I tried to start it up to go, a couple seconds later it would cut right back off. I had my car told to Chevy but they told me I had to take it to Ford. Luckily Ford was next door. Ford called and told me later that day that the throttle body went on my car and it was going to cost me $454. I'm a single mother I needed my car to back and forth to work and my son's school. So I paid it. When I got the letter stating that the part was contaminated by Ford, I said it wasn't my fault so Ford has to reimburse me the money I paid already. When I called Ford, I was told by the representative (not going to say his name) that the program I'm talking about ended but Ford extended and that I could get a refund and go to a Ford dealership and get the throttle body in my car now calibrated. He set up the appointment for the next day. A week later the service manager from the dealership said the program expired. I told him that I was told that the program was extended. He told me he see that in the notes but there is nothing he can do and that I has to call Ford back. I call the customer relations back for them to tell me that the program ended but was extended but I can't receive a refund on a part that was contaminated by them. It didn't make since to me because I almost got in an accident because of this problem. I talked to three people including a supervisor and I got three different story on my why I couldn't get my money back. First story was it expired July 2014. Second story it expired January 2015, and third story was it was extended but you can't get your money back. At this point, I'm mad because I was charge for a part that they messed up and could have costed me and my son life. They claimed they sent out several letters I have not received one letter except for this letter I got last week. They even had an excuse for that, one representative told me they get addresses from the dmv and another representative told me it is sent to the last known address. I got my car October 2012 and I have not heard from Ford until this letter I got last week. I feel as though the throttle body is a serious problem since it cuts the car off even when the car is in motion. Ford is not a reliable company and they like playing with people lives including children. Someone need to really reprimand them before some really get hurt. If there something I can do or someone I can call please email me [protected] Thanks!!!

Feb 12, 2015

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