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Dartmouth, NS, Canada
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I own a 2013 Ford Escape that I purchased new from McPhee Ford Dartmouth NS in Dec 2012. The sales staff was excellent. I can’t always say the same about the service Department. Nothing that I would formally complain about until now. I purchased winter tires from an automotive repair shop and just recently had my all seasons put back on. My husband has used this shop for years and is friends with the owner. The mechanic informed my husband that my front rotors were the wrong size for my vehicle. I have a Ford Escape front wheel drive, the rotor size should be 12.6. The rotor that was on my vehicle was 11.8 which belonged on a 4 wheel drive Ford escape. My brake pads were ½ an inch over the rotor. I contacted McPhee Ford and was only put through to a female who took appointments for service. After speaking to her I made an appointment to have it looked at. No one from the service Dept. or Management would contact me. The lady I spoke with suggested that the other Automotive place was trying to “upsell me”, I informed her that the owner is a friend of my husbands and would not try and up sell me anything. I then received a message on my voicemail at home that I would be responsible for all costs! I had a work order from Aug 2015 where my front and rear rotors were resurfaced and I had new brake pads. I assumed that the mechanic must have been working on another vehicle and mixed up the rotors.
My appointment was for 9 am April 27 2017. I arrived at 8:45 am. The female I spoke with in the working area took my information and was very understanding of my situation and fully agreed with me that a mistake was made. I went to the waiting area, approximately 1 hr 15 mins later I asked the same female what was going on with my vehicle, and she stated the manger and another person were discussing what they would do. I informed her that there should be no discussion and I was not leaving until the problem was fixed and I was not paying for their mistake. I waited for approximately another 30 minutes and then I went to the service desk. They informed me a manager would be out soon.
The Customer Service Manager Dave Decoste eventually came into the waiting area and took me too his office. He tried to deny that Ford was not at fault but admitted that the rotor was too small. He asked if had the rotors replaced elsewhere and it was someone else’s fault. I informed if that were the case I would not be sitting in his office and expecting that they fix their mistake. I informed him that he could check the brake pads and rotors and confirm that they were parts from Ford. He said he can confirm the brake pads were from Ford but did not check the rotors. He said he could not understand how it happened. I said to him that my educated guess is that the mechanic mixed up the rotors when completing the repairs on my vehicle in 2015 or the vehicle came with the wrong size rotors. He said this was not possible as the rotors were not removed when they were resurfaced. I asked how he would know this if he was not there when the work was completed. He then said he was going to conduct an internal review as he suspected someone replaced my rotors for “cash” at some point outside of business hours. I informed him this was not the case as I did not know any of the service/repair staff at Ford and the only time my brake pads and rotors were worked on was that date in Aug 2015. He stated if he agreed to replace my rotors then I was not to bad mouth them to Ford or on Social media and I was to say good things about them. I also had to agree not to take my vehicle anywhere else to have serviced, only at McPhee Ford. I informed him that I would agree not to badmouth them on Social media but I would not agree to have by vehicle serviced at Ford and I would not praise them to ford or Social media about their customer service as their service has not been up to standard and I will not lie. He said he does not have to fix my vehicle and if it was defect from the manufacturer it is past the warrantee and Ford would never agree to fix it. He stated the money is coming out of their business, insinuated I was not telling the truth and would not fix it if I did not agree to his terms. I said to him that this is a safety issue and I don’t understand why he is not accepting responsibility. He agreed it was a safety issue but would not acknowledge fault. I said I will explain why I won’t come back. I informed him that at one time I had a specific problem with my vehicle and Ford gave me an estimate of $1200, I went to our friends garage who did the work for free, I also said that every time I go to the other garage they clean the inside of my vehicle. I explained that have four dogs who are in the vehicle every day and the vehicle is spotless when I pick it up, also they charge me less then Ford for everything and I trust them 100%. The service manager stated that he cannot compete with that. I said that’s why I would never come here and we are wasting each other’s time and I expect that my vehicle will be fixed at no cost, he then agreed. His behaviour was totally unprofessional! I feel like he was being manipulative and a bully. I think if I was not a strong woman and adamant about them making the mistake then another person would have given in a paid for their mistake, actually I am appalled at the treatment I received today from this man.

May 26, 2017

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