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Complaints & Reviews

new ford fiesta - paint problem

First of all, I want to introduced myself. I am a policeman in Turkey, city of Hatay and I am a...


transmission problems

i had a problem with my transmission on my 2004 f350 at 30, 000 miles- ford would not pay for the problem they agreed to pay half due to the fact that the 3 year warrentee was up and not my 36, 000 mile warrentee. they replaced it with a rebuilt transmission and i was out around 2500$ and now at 68000 miles it started having problems so i brought it to the dealer and they told me my transmission was "as good as dead" for the second time .i spoke with the ford customer relations center at [protected] with the problem due to my truck--and they told me there was nothing they could do with the second ford transmission that had failed - they are completely use-less to call - i was over my warentee by 1900 miles - i own 8 ford trucks from 350's to 750's and i am woorried about possable promlems in the future with these trucks and with no help from FORD MOTOR COMPANY - there customer service is useless and now i am going to be out 5000$ for a new second transmission -

Your customer service sucks -

  • Di
    disgusted in detroit Jun 14, 2009

    Buy a foreign make and find out that 3yrs is 3yrs and that they will not do a damn thing to help.You are probably one of those people who spend all of their money at the local cheap oil change place and expect a dealer to go out of their way to help when something major happens.Sounds like a commercial vehicle that some yahoo is beating the crap out of or has a snowplow bracket mounted on the front end.The rest of the year is spent dragging overloaded trailers around town.Feel lucky you got any help at all and quit complaining

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  • Ch
    Charles L Raymond Jun 28, 2011

    Hello: I agree with the truck owner, not the detroit yahoo with all the Mouth, he sounds like a Ford Stooge! I have a 2004 Ford Freestar van, that my transmission let go at 85, 900 miles with no warning! Bad torque converter, like I have read about, that has happened to hundreds of folks on these vehicles! If you make a defective product (Please have the guts and ethics to make it good!) This is not Ford's ideology. Save a few bucks today and lose many customers in the future! I have loved my Ford Freestar since the day I bought it, It is a pleasure to drive and the ride and power of a luxury vehicle, and the gas milage on the highway is 27-29 mpg. I never anticipated a problem like this, with no warning! Ford's customer service rep was curt and abrupt, (Nothing we can do!) I have many Ford driving friends, and there is nothing I can do about not spreading the word about Ford's Carless attitude after the sale money has lined their pockets!
    A Disatisfied Ford owner in Pennsylvania

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  • Ma
    matt brooks Aug 14, 2012

    I have a 99 power stroke when I had bought it the truck sounded great but a year after I bought it it sounds like crape it's the torch converter that gives it such a loud noise and I blame ford because your the one that put bad touch converter's in my year model I want my truck fixed and I think that you should fix it .It, s not my fault the torch converts out in it

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no customer service!!

We had a new motor put in our Mountaineer June 2006. In Nov/Dec 2008 the motor blew again. Our Mechanic determined the problem was Ford did not tighten bolts on the new motor. They were found in the pan. Ford would not pay our Mechanics hourly rate so we had to take in to a dealer. The dealer said that because we could not produce receipts on all of the oil changes, we did not take care of the vehicle. We did, but I can't keep every receipt. Now, it will cost us another $5000.00.

We are still paying on the vehicle, paying on the first loan for the first motor, and now how are we to come up with another $5000.00. I tried to work with Ford Customer Service and all they did was call the dealership that has the vehicle. The person at the dealership was so rude and accusative that I had to talk to his supervisor. The supervisor said that he had to talk to the guy before and would talk to him again. Once I have the money to replace the motor again, it will not be another ford Engine!

  • Ti
    TIMETOFIGHT Apr 20, 2009


    0 Votes

terrible service

I have been a loyal Ford Customer since 1974. Well no longer. Over the past two years everytime we have taken our autos for service into our local dealerships we get treated rudely and unprofessionally. They just don't seem to care about customer service anymore. They act like they are doing you a big favor of even taking your vehicle in.

My last two vehicles have been nothing but trouble quality wise. My most recent problem had to do with my custom Ford OEM wheels becoming pitted and rusted. They were replaced once under the standard warranty but this time I was told that they would not be covered under the extended warranty. When I asked why they told me that they had corrosion due to being "exposed to the elements" What a joke. Am I supposed to drive the vehicle in covered buildings only? I tried to appeal it to Ford's totally worthless customer service center and was just told that there was nothing they could do.

I cancelled my extended warranty as Ford doesn't cover anything anyway within their fine print. I'd rather deal with local independent service providers until I can sell the vehicle.

I'm tired of their arrogant attitude and will never purchase or recommend a Ford product again!

refused to repair defective lincoln

I purchased a Lincoln aviator new. I had a failed starter 2 weeks after warranty expired. They said this was highly unusual. It cost me apprx. $450. Heritage Ford in Loveland, CO was to call me in 2 days. I called the service manager and he was to check into it and would call me back. No call, and that was 3 months ago. I didn't figure he would call as I asked if he had my phone number and he said "no". He never did! I definitely would not recommend that they retain a dealership. I'd like to be reimbursed. Honda would NEVER do this! No more fords. What poor service!

  • Ford Motor Company Feb 19, 2009

    I'm not sure what happened in your situation. I would recommend that you call Ford Customer Relations Center at 1-800-392-3673. Have your VIN, the repair order (if possible), the name of your dealership and the name of the person you spoke to at the dealership. The Ford CRC representative would be in the best position to help you resove your concern. Thanks.

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heater core

I took my car to Cole Ford Sales in July of 2006 to have a heater core replaced and they charged me around...

ford brake cylinder

Due to the fact Ford decided to allow the Master cylinder to feed both the front and rear brakes, I lost my brakes when my rear cylinder went. My daughter was in the car with me, and the pedal went to the floor. Luckily. I went through our street into the neighbour's front yard and no-one was killed.

I crimped the line to take it to the garage, and my front spring on the passenger side broke and took out my tire. It was a recall item until 2002. I have a 2003. Don't bail these ### out, they design cars to fail for the money, and are unsafe.F9fixed)O(or)R(repaired)D(daily).I think the Japs make their money selling Quality, not repairable JUNK.

  • Ford Motor Company Feb 12, 2009

    I am sorry to hear of your issue. I would recommend that you contact the Ford Customer Relations Center at 1-800-392-3673. Please have your VIN available. The CRC representative would be in the best position to help you resolve your concern. Thank you.

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  • Do
    Don't Start Jul 11, 2010

    Ford didn't take bailout money and this post was oviously prior to Toyota's massive quality oopsies, lol.

    0 Votes
  • Ex
    exfordowner Dec 09, 2011

    I will never buy another Ford because of the dishonest people and practices that seem to prevail. I own a 2001 Explorer - the problems started with Ford right after I bought it- remember the big tire fiasco? AT first they were too busy to exchange mine - I understand. But when I went back they said I waited too long and was refused the new tires. Since then I have only used a Ford dealer's service Dept. 2 or 3 times. EACH time I went- my CHECK ENGINE light went on after picking up my car. More than a coincidence. They wont even look at the car for under $90- THIS IS A SCAM! Anyone else experience this type of fraudulent trick?

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re warrenty

i have been having trouble with my ford torneao transit since befofe christmas they have had my van three times but have still not been able to repair fault. which is when i switch on the enguine malfunction comes on the display also the settings display flashing on and off whilst driving beeping when this happens. my van was in last thursday and im still waiting for them to ring me for a part for my exhust . i find this unacceptable as it is still under warrenty. so my van remains unrepaired and still making bleeping sounds ford have told me they cant find anything wrong. this has been going on to long now as every time my car is in i lose a days pay!

  • Ya
    yasir elawad Apr 28, 2011

    i purchased my 2011 ford crawan victory about 3 month ago. my windsheild cracked when i visited the dealer for replacement they took a picture of the cracked and agreed it look like strees cracked they called to take a picture for the scoand time claiminge the first picture was not clear . one hour later called to detmine that the damaged will not cover by the warranty.

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couldn't pay off loan

My last ford never will I be suckered again - - I bought a ford f 150 and took the loan out with ford motor...

no aftersales service

FORD Focus TDi 1.8. The carpets pulled out from the sides. The inlet manifold had to be replaced (it smoked...

local sa service lets ford down dismally.

I challenge all you Ford lovers, leave a message at your favorite Ford customer service to check if they reply.in my experience no one is ever available and messages are never returned. Possibly there is another number but my advice is not to waste your time phoning the Ford customer service at [protected]. I have left in excess of 10 messages and have yet to have someone return my call. I have asked for the problem to be escalated, and again this is an impossible task. They will not let you get hold of the MD. Either his staff are pulling the wool over his eyes or he doesn’t care to know.

The reason for trying to contact Ford SA customer care was 8 months of chasing after dealers and not getting issues successfully resolved. Now more than 2 months, 5 e-mails and at least 50 calls, all that has happened is that I am frustrated and still have a vehicle that is not operating in the manner that it should.

So let’s get to the problem and as to why I was trying to contact Ford SA. For starters my car, a Terrotory ST, which is the most expensive passenger product that Ford SA offer was in at Fury Ford William Nicol for about 15 working days last year. It would have been longer but the last time, I was scheduled to leave the car for another week, Ford was going to give me a replacement car (The service manager’s car). When I went to drop off the car they had a Fiesta for me but I was told that I would have to sign accepting an excess of R40 000 should anything go wrong – this is totally ridiculous, as I was not taking my vehicle in due to my own fault.

What are the problems that I have been having that they haven’t been able to fix.
• Faulty cruise control, been in 5 times to have this fixed. I finally asked my brother in law to help. He found that the brake light and cruise control switch connected to the brake pedal was faulty and fixed with a piece of cardboard.
• Arm rest fixed twice broken again.
• ‘Clonking’ noise in the front right (Sounds like shock) fixed once re-occurring again.
• The warning signal for the lights has stopped working, I think this is a result of them trying to fix the cruise control.

To add insult to injury this Christmas I was on vacation in Knysna. I checked and there was a local dealer as the car was getting close to its 45 000 service. When I got to Knysna I phoned the dealer to book the car in and was told that the Ford dealer was being bought out and they weren’t taking other bookings. So I was back on the phone to my favorite FORD SA customer service team. I was given 3 stories 1st they were being bought out so weren’t taking other bookings, 2nd they didn’t have parts, 3rd they were fully booked, they could only fit me in on the 6th January (3 weeks lead time). To get to this point took 10 days and as many calls.

Early last year when I got my car back from a service they left me with a dent. I have to wonder is this due to an overfull workshop resulting from their lack of ability to resolve problems.

I don’t know what is worse the dealers inability to fix problems or the Ford customer service department lack of service. The sad thing about this whole lot is that I like the car, but I guess without the back-up of local supplier that is useless.

To tell you the truth I would not buy another Ford even at half the price.

  • Al
    Alan M-Wilson Mar 01, 2010

    I purchased a fleet of 15 Ford Fiestas and 11 Ford bakkies in May 2009. This is my second time buying Fords. The problem with the new Ford Fiesta's is that they have a serious problem sith the ignition key. I have complained on a continual basis without success. My technical team now have to use a pliers to get hold of the ingition key to start the vehicle. This is a design fault that is not being sorted out by Ford.

    1 Votes
  • Kz
    KZ Malope May 17, 2010

    I bought ford focus (Auto) 2.0 two years ago and ford sold me extended warrenty, last year october my ford started giving me gearbor problems, i took it ford dealer and they submitted the claim to inovation group and they didn't want to pay. I fixed my the gearbox and it is still giving the same problems, we took back and they say they can't figure out the problem. how on earth they build something they can't fix or detemine the problem? they had my car for two weeks they can't fix the problem. I will never buy ford car again in my life. the service is bad and they don't know what they doing.

    0 Votes
  • En
    Enock Ndlovu Apr 04, 2011

    I am experiencing a similar experience with my Ford Bantam I bought in Decmber 2009 brand new. It has been leaking since then (when I was it as well as when it rains if it is on an incline)

    It has been with Ford Kempster Umhlanga Dealership, who seemed not to take my concern seriously as it does matter to them. To them it is like I am trying my luck to get a new car. My issue though is that this problem surfaced when the car was still brand new. What a f...

    I find that FORD is very poor in after sale service.

    As a result I would wish my enemies to buy a FORD CAR. To my friends, never ever consider purchasing a FORD car as they are only interested in making a SALE, but not to satisfy a client.

    0 Votes
  • Hh
    H Hattingh Jan 05, 2012

    I had a bad experience today. 6/01/2012 Vehicle booked in, list all the problems, Paid for the vehicle and only to find that they did not fix two of my problems and yet not shy to charge you for something that is not fixed. I had to drive back, petrol wasted and also my log book was not even stamped. Guys, I can not even blame it on the new S.A as it is still the old S.A who did the service, Shocking.

    Dissatisfied customer. :{

    0 Votes
  • Fr
    Fred.Fieldhouse Feb 02, 2012

    I bought a Ford Figo. Since day 1 I had a problem with the driver seat that just dislodges itself whilst i am driving. It is now 18 months down the line and Hatfield Auto and Ford Customer Care is still unable to resovle the issue. i was texted last week to bring my car in to Hatfield Auto on 1 Feb 12 to have the new part fitted. I left the car at 07h00 just to be phoned by Hatfield Auto at 4pm and be informed that they have the wrong part and the car will only be ready later. They could not confirm when it will be ready.

    I think the service of Ford Customer Care and Hatfield Auto is way below standard.

    Fred Fieldhouse

    0 Votes
  • Em
    Emzo Jul 25, 2013

    i have bought my fiesta 2013 model on the 6th june 2013 since then the ford have not yet released the car in the system and i am afraid of driving the car since it is a target for criminals as it is not yet registered on my name.I appeal with Ford to assist me on this matter as the situation is beyond my control and the dealership that i bought the car from is unable to assit me with the registration due to above mentioned challenge.I have been driving with the permit since 6th june 2013 until now, so it means i have been driving with three permits so far.Please could you email on this number for respond:[email protected] or call me on :0735091832.

    your respond will be highly appreciated.

    0 Votes
  • Ni
    Nishal Rammanhor Jul 13, 2015

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus ST3. The engine light came on 2 weeks ago, gone to a dealership 3 times in one week and I'm still sitting with the problem. the vehicle is boosting nowhere the way it should. I would think that this is their flagship vehicle and to get this sort of service is absolutely appalling. so now I'm driving a performance car that does not perform. They make absolute, y no attempt to assist. i would never suggest that anybody buy a Ford nor would I buy another myself

    0 Votes
  • No
    NoelBoyd Aug 27, 2015

    I just bought a brand new ford focus ST. Problems with the clutch at 6000km with it smoking and burning, even at low speeds whilst driving. Ford now want me to cover the expense of the repair work which is R27 000.00. This is after having taken out the extra 80000km maintenance plan. Wish I had bought a VW.

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  • Ze
    Zethu Zee Tobo Apr 22, 2016

    I have sleepless nights, I loved my Ford Kuga with all my heart and I was hoping that it will take me very far.Hardely 3 years I started having problems when the dealership at The Glen Johannesburg South when I took my car for 60000km service, They told me that I have to pay R22000 for Clutch repairs. When I took this matter seriously and needed explanation they change the story and said it was Spark Plugs Which they recorded on the log book that they changed the spark plugs and they appologised and promised to even buy me new tires. Even so I reported the matter to Ford SA and they didnt even keep up to their promise.
    I was going on a Holiday and I had to forget about it because my car was with Ford.

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misleading window stickers

In September of 2008, I purchased a 2009 Ford Focus. My car's driver side window has a sticker that says "This car is equipped with a Sirius Satellite Radio". When I arrived home with the car, after reading my owners manual, I tried to get the Sirius Radio to work. Nothing happened. I called my dealer, who said to call Sirius. I called Sirius, gave them my VIN# and all that, and they said that the radio must not have been hooked up before it left the dealership.

I called the dealership back and they asked me to bring the car in when I come for my first oil change for them to look at it. I made the appt for the oil change and mentioned the Sirius problem to the mechanic. He said he'd have to look into it and call me back. He called back hours later to tell me that my car does NOT come with the Sirius Satellite radio.

I emailed Ford today, asking them why the sticker says that my car has this radio when it does not have it. I have received NO useful answer to my question. Simply an email back that said "No your car does not come with that radio".

I feel this is false advertising, and not fair at all. Unfortunately, I have no where else to turn, as both the dealership and Ford have told me I am out of luck.

  • Wo
    wood Feb 08, 2009

    If you have the INVOICE from your car when you purchased it, contact the FORD REGIONAL MANAGER with your complaint about shady dealer practices of selling yo the vehicle. A FORD Regional Manager can require that dealer to put in the radio if your vehicle has it listed on the Invoice that was presented to you at the time of Purchase. Generally Regional Managers are only in dealerships once or twice evry 3 months to handle Issuses with Service . You will have to meet with them to get your problem resolved.

    Don't allow your dealer to get away with this. follow up your complaint to: http://www.ford.com/about-ford/careers/contact-ford

    0 Votes

loss prevention department

The past tuesday 01-06-09 I made a phone call to Ford Credit Customer Service from my work. I forgot my...

need new transmision (out of warranty)

I have a 2017 Ford Focus and the warranty was about up so at about 99, 000 miles I took it to the local...

irresponse customer service, fraud

This is a very serius complaint. I requested 4 times (first on Dec 8 2008) a lien release
for a Minivan that I bought at Ford Credit company, I paid 17 dollars, and haven't gotten anything yet.
The Ford Credit division told me all lies. They said that they already mailed it to me, but my local
post office didn't get nothing from them, also they said that they faxed it to me, but that was another lie, my company
didn't get nothing from them.
The said they will work on Dec 24, today, and that was also not true.
I want to know what is behind this problem?, why they did want to send me the lienrelease?. Who
else is involved in this case?. There is Court Order to tranfer that Minivan to someone else, since they do not
want to give the lien release, I will not be able to comply with the Superior Court.
I will contact my attorney on Friday to see what else I can do, I hope Ford knows what they are doing.
Besides all technical problems you can see in almost all complaints in this board, we also have as you see fraud and
serious unethical bussines.
With regards
Jose Banda-Schulz

poor customer service

I bought a Ford one year ago, and was enrolled in this Owner Advantage program it seemed like a good program...

engine problems

This is our second truck that at 15, 000 the engine dies. No one in Drew Ford has any idea on what's going...

bad service

Is it fair that Chesapeake Energy and Barnett Four Sevens Energy is taking my minerals for free? I am a 70 year old, single woman and I am scared. I am struggling to pay my house payment and these energy companies are stealing my money. They owe me over $5000 because of my oil.

In March I had to travel to travel over 14 hours to be by the bedside of my son who was near death and with the price of fuel and airfare, I got a little behind on my house and car payments; so I did the best that I could. I am on a fixed income and really do not have room in my budget for the unexpected. So I paid Ford Motor Credit half payments for 3 months. I explained to them my situation and set up arrangements with them that they accepted and they still continued to threaten me with repossession. I have paid them 2 months of my past due balance and only owed one month and $185 and they still sent a tow truck to repossess my car on a Sunday afternoon, despite our previous agreements. I have had this vehicle since March of �04 and only have one more year to pay on it. I have made my payments every month for the past 4 years until I ran into an unexpected emergency.

I also tried to catch up on my mortgage, but Litton Loan has refused my payment which has made me 3 months behind. They have begun filing for a foreclosure. If the energy companies would have paid me on my oil lease I would have been able to pay my mortgage shortage. I went to Channel 4 and have not received in response back. I also called the Attorney Generals office - no help there either. Is Chesapeake Energy and Barnett Four Sevens Energy God? Are they untouchable? I am just barely hanging on by a thread. When I lose my house and my car, what am I to do? Go homeless?? Live in the streets??? Please advise.

  • La
    Laurie Dec 04, 2008

    They cannot take it for free, unless the mineral rights were sold before you bought the property. Go back to original deed and see what it says.

    If the deed includes mineral rights you are entitled to compensation.

    0 Votes

blown spark plug

I have experienced the Blown Spark Plug problem with Fords Triton 5.4 liter engine for a second time. My 2003...

poor service

My truck spent half of last summer in the shop it ended up needing a engine replacement. After about 38 day...

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