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Dealer rips me off twice

Took 4.5 hours to drive 40 miles back from lake on July 16th 2009. Took my $51, 000 truck to dealer for repairs.This dealer has done all service on truck since I bought it there new. They charged me $839.95 when I picked it up on Friday July 17th 2009 and said it was the fuel pump monitor but it runs perfect now. Went home to hook up my boat to return it to my slip. Check engine light reappeared 5 minutes after I left my driveway. Had charters all weekend so I took the truck back for repair Tuesday July 21st 2009 8:00AM. They told me they would need it all day. Called me at 3:00PM Charged me $250.00 and said it was the wrong size air filter plugging things up. Total cost for repairs $1100.00. 100% their fault as they are th only ones who have serviced my truck since new. Told them I was not paying and they refused to release my truck until I did.

2006 ford freestyle

i have a 2006 ford freestyle that has 100, 000 miles on it. i have recently had a problem with the sudden...

member services threatening

I received a call from Ford today threatening to send me into collections and report me to the credit agency...

gas mileage

Yeah? We've had ford trucks for years too. Our current 3/4 diesel is a 1985. Head down south in the US and 75% of the old trucks still on the road are...you guessed it "FORD".

Our old ford (this is our 3rd one in 34 years) gets about 18 miles to the gallon hauling a truckbed full of wood or dirt. Hate to tell you, but for an old 3/4 ton, that's pretty good mileage. It gets more to the gallon now than our son-in-laws dodge 1/2 ton (gas, not diesel) which is only 10 years old, and more to the gallon than our neighbours chevy which is 14 years old (gas, not diesel). I doubt they made the truck "use more gas" than the others...since it doesn't seem to. None of our other fords had excessively low mileage:gas ratios either.

Though I'd have to admit...we've never had a "lite" truck. Always 1/2 or 3/4 ton full sized trucks, and that old 1985 is newest. We had one Ford car...never again. But we'll always have a Ford Truck. Our second vehicle currently is a Dodge minivan...most new vehicle seem to built with plastic (yeah, I know it's not, but it sure feels like plastic and looks like plastic) rather than metal.

We have never had any issues with out ford trucks. Not with the build, not with gas mileagle. Only one of our trucks ever had a frame issue...and that was only after somebody t-boned us at an intersection and the truck was written off.

So unless there's some major difference between trucks manufactured in Canada and those for the US, I'd have to disagree with you.

Besides that...seems pretty strange that in Canada at least, the Ford Motors Company didn't NEED any bailout money. While chev...well, the news speaks for itself.

  • Ta
    talsalval Jun 10, 2009


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  • Di
    disgusted in detroit Jun 14, 2009

    This guy is a ###.Blame the federal government they make the rules.

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i'll never buy ford again

I bought a Ford Escape used with about50, 000 four years ago. I'm have about 13 months left in payments. Here is just a short list.
1) Honeycomb grill: It is all plastic and held in place by two little screws. The grill broke at the screw location after having for 5 months. I bought and install a new one that only lasted a couple of months when it broke in the same place. It is now held in place by bale wire.
2) Air bag light. Had the Escape less than 90 days. Air bag light came on. Took back to the dealer where I bought(30 miles away, special trip) was told they couldn't do anything for and it would be two weeks before they could get someone to look at it. I was told that as long as that light is on the air bags would not deploy on impact.
3) Exhaust Manifold: It cracked leaving me with an exhaust that would not pass the state inspection. Upon trying to fix it I was told I would have to order one though Ford for over $500.00 with my VIN number because something about every Escape is different just enough where I could not go savage with this part. Think goodness I was able to get it welded cause I could not afford to have one ordered.
4) The door handles: It started with the back driver door, just stopping opening. Now the driver door stopped opening. A stop at the local auto part store I'm told I'll have to go to the dealer or salvage for that part. I'm just starting that process, but in the mean time I do have the panel off my driver door so I can reach inside the door and flip a little metal piece up so my door will open.
5) Window: Just starting this week, I have a window that is not going up by press the buttons. Surprise Surprise!!!
6) The 6 CD radio. The CD part just reads error. It will not eject the 5 CD in the radio. It will not play any of the CDs. But the real kicker is I'm told I have to have a "special" tool to take the radio out to get my CDs out.
7) Just the radio part. It might come on when I start the car it might not.
Husband had a Ford F-150. Between the two Ford we will not buy Ford again. So much for the Ford tough slogan.

  • La
    ladycmac Jul 08, 2009

    Just purchased a 2009 Escape and the keypad and ignition key are a single intergrated unit. Unfortunately this means that every time I start the car I am activating the remote rear window lift gate. It takes 2 punches to opperate but it's hit once inserting the key into the ignation and a second time turning the key to start the car. Every time I go to drive anywhere I have to get out and manualy close the liftgate. Whatever idiot engineer came up with this idea should be fired.

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  • Ford Motor Company Jul 09, 2009

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I work for Ford Motor Company. I would suggest you contact your selling dealership to assist with this issue.

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  • Er
    erin23 Jul 31, 2009

    I bought a ford escape from the Flamingo Car Group back in June 2007, I am active duty Marine and my credit was bad, I was mislead about the car I was buying and I have put so much money into fixing my car. Now I can't sell it and can't afford to get another car. I can't believe how some people will take advantage of military personel like that. I NEED details on how to sue the company to get my money back.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 31, 2009

    Im not understanding why you cant sell it.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 31, 2009

    Oh and if you bought the car "As Is" your stuck with it.

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violent shaking

Ford 2005 F250 4x4 super duty, violent shaking. On Sat May 30th at approx 11:00 am pacific standard time, I was traveling on the I 280 south freeway with my daughter to a soccer tournament in my 2005 F250 4x4 super duty truck. We were in cruise controll going approx 55 mph. We drove over what I beleive was a large expansion joint on the freeway. Immediatley after we travelled over joint, the vehicle start to violantley shake and vibrate. After a tense moment of complete terror as the vehicle became extreemly difficult to controll and continued to shake violantley we came to a unsafe stop on the freeway. After the complete stop, I immediatley needed to speed up again to prevent being rear ended in the middle of the freeway. The rest of the trip was spent white knuckled traveling well below freeway speeds for fear of another episode of shaking . Every bump in the road was a scary reminder of what might happen again. My daughter is scared to travel in the truck and my wife has demanded that the probelm be addressed immediatley, or "sell the ###ing truck" . This is not an isolated incident. Ford Motor Company sent a notice informing me of the probelm. They indicated it could be prevented with proper tire pressure. My tires were well within the range of pressure suggested. I know this becuase I checked them immediatley when I arrived home. This is compleltey unnaceptable and presents a major risk to the driver of these vehicles as well as the surrounding drivers. I almost lost controll of my truck and had flashes of my daughter and I never making it home. There was a parent travelling behind us in a truck. They witnessed the violent shaking and said "i thought your axil was going to come undone and you were going to crash" .This is completley unnacceptable and I will be taking my daughters and my experience to as many forums as possible untill there is a full recall on these trucks. Ford is compeltely aware of the situation, dont let them get away this.

  • Ford Motor Company Jun 04, 2009

    Hi, this is Jennifer and I work at Ford Motor Company. Have you taken the vehicle to your local Ford dealership to be properly diagnosed? I would also suggest that you contact our Customer Relationship Center at 800-392-FORD (3673) to formerly document your concern.

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  • Di
    disgusted in detroit Jun 14, 2009

    Go to a dealer and ask them to look up TSB#07-10-10.The service bulletin applies to your problem.The parts involved are a steering damper and bracketUnfortunately since your vehicle is over 3yrs. old you will be responsible for the cost of this repair.Only affected a small amount of these trucks.I work for a dealer and have only seen 2 trucks with this problem so this does not warrant a recall.Or if you are mechanically inclined buy a new steering damper and bracket.The part numbers are 7C3Z-3E652-C(bracket) and 8C3Z-3E651-C(damper).The parts are easy to replace.Also the tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold as recomended on the door sticker, not after driving on the freeway as air expands when heated.

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rude coustomer service

I had gotten a phone call asking to return my used 07 ford focus by the date of 5-02-09. When I arrived at ford center I was asked to go see head of financing kevin rock. Then I was speaking to him about the bank not wanting to go threw with the finance he had said either get our down payment back $1500 or get the new 09 ford focus but we dont not like that model. I than said ill go look around at diffrent models and he replied if you do want another car it will be more of a down payment and money talks. So I decide to get my down payment back and he said no we cant do that but in the begining he said we were able too. Kevin rock was veryvery rud to me and my family before I was asked to enter his office their was another women in their and she was arguing with him and she said to us good luck when leaving she didnt look happy at all and I wasnt either that was by far the worst customer service I had ever had!!!

When I had first got the car their wher problems with it, the car schock, the reverse lidid not work, the alligment bulled to the left, the left tire was low, the car was not properly detailed. I had tried to get all those things fixed and I took it in but they had asked me to come another day, do I did and they said they would give me a call when the part was ready but never did.

service contract

When I bought my car I put an extended warranty on it because of the miles I drive every year. I'm within 200 miles of my warranty expiring and I took the car in for service because the a/c doesnt work. At first the dealership was going to take care of the a/c until they found out what I had for miles. Then they told me they had to have an inspector inspect the a/c and then he would determine if it would be covered. After the inspection we were told that it wasnt covered because a rock hit the compressor. This is just an excuss to get out of what they are responsible. I find it very hard to believe that a rock hit the compressor for the a/c under the car. I would think that this would have created such a noise. If a rock is going to damage this unit then ford needs to look at a resolution to correct this problem. It is very disapointing that dealerships take advantage of people and then wonder why people turn to foreign vehicles . At least they honor there warranties. Very disapponted for car owner.

defective brakes

Hi, my name is Vivette Hall. We have a 2003 Ford Focus that has been nothing but trouble since we purchased it a few years ago. We have owned many automobiles during our lifetime but have never had brake problems so constantly. We have brakes put on every year. We need brakes again, less than a year since we had the last repair. Will you authorize one of your Rockford dealers to repair this car at your expense? Please respond immediately. I need my transportation but can't afford the repair again. Mechanics often tell us that Ford Focus are known for having defective brakes. Please help me. Thanks Vivette Hall


I purchased a Ford Five Hundred 2007, and since then I have had problems with the ride. Constant vibration (like a small jackhammer) starting around speed 43 mph on up to 60 mph. Replaced two tires by dealer, replaced torque converter and have had tires balance 4 times since then. Purchased 4 new tires and would hope that would solve the problem. Even after balancing tires with "Road Force Balance" I still get vibration from the car. Now this is what bothers be, I have drove two loaners from the dealer and they were Ford Five Hundred and they never rode and vibrated like my car. They drove smooth and quiet, so if they were acceptable, why is my car different?

  • Je
    jerry martin Jul 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    a lock smith said theres a problem with the focus with the ignition he has replace some with this poblem will have to fix at my own money ford should pay for it. only have 60 thousand miles

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  • Ka
    kathy scott Oct 27, 2009

    I have a 2005 Ford truck/taurusx/4dr wgn awd and i have had a lot of problems. First all my brakes were bad. They were covered on my extended warranty. My stabilizer bar was bad and i had a water leak coming in on the passenger side. The mechanic said it was really bad. They fixed it but said it wasnt covered under my warranty. This car had to come off of the prodution line like that. I have only got 34, 000 miles on this vehicle. Why isnt this covered. It wasnt something that was my fault. When i picked the vehicle up and got it home the mats were soaking wet. They didnt even dry it out. There is water running off of the mats. I took a cloth and soaked up as much of the water that i could. Is this a way to return the vehicle to me? Also it cost me 218.75 plus tax. What a rio off. I bought the extende warranty with the belief it was covered. But it was just a sales pitch as usual . I dont blame the Donley ford company. I blame the company itself. My husband had a ford also F150 truck. We buy Fords.but we are very disatified with the idea that a leak that came off the manufacturing line is our fault. The vehicle i.d. number is 1FMDK06195GA67606. OWNER'S NAME IS THOMAS M. SCOTT. YOU CANNOT EXPECT US TO BUY FORD'S IF WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THE MANUFACTURE NOT PUTTING A GOOD VEHICLE AND EXPECT US TO JUST KEEP PAYING FOR FORD'S MANUFACTURING PROBLEMS. WE BOUGHT THE CAR AND WARRANTY IN GOOD FAITH, BUT WE WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FORD IF THIS ISSUE ISNT TAKEN CARE OF.

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  • Br
    Brian Nov 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We own a 2008 Ford Taurus X. Yesterday, while driving with three of our kids in the back, the power steering failed. We couldn't make any right turns. No warning, no nothing, it just failed.

    This morning we went to the Ford dealer, and the repairs are going to be $1, 000

    No warranty. This is a 2 year old car!!! This system failed and no one is helping out to correct it.

    Needless to say; this will be the last Ford we own. The respond from 2 Ford dealers were very negative and they weren't in the least helpful or concerned or friendly.

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new ford fiesta - paint problem

First of all, I want to introduced myself. I am a policeman in Turkey, city of Hatay and I am a...

transmission problems

i had a problem with my transmission on my 2004 f350 at 30, 000 miles- ford would not pay for the problem they agreed to pay half due to the fact that the 3 year warrentee was up and not my 36, 000 mile warrentee. they replaced it with a rebuilt transmission and i was out around 2500$ and now at 68000 miles it started having problems so i brought it to the dealer and they told me my transmission was "as good as dead" for the second time .i spoke with the ford customer relations center at [protected] with the problem due to my truck--and they told me there was nothing they could do with the second ford transmission that had failed - they are completely use-less to call - i was over my warentee by 1900 miles - i own 8 ford trucks from 350's to 750's and i am woorried about possable promlems in the future with these trucks and with no help from FORD MOTOR COMPANY - there customer service is useless and now i am going to be out 5000$ for a new second transmission -

Your customer service sucks -

  • Di
    disgusted in detroit Jun 14, 2009

    Buy a foreign make and find out that 3yrs is 3yrs and that they will not do a damn thing to help.You are probably one of those people who spend all of their money at the local cheap oil change place and expect a dealer to go out of their way to help when something major happens.Sounds like a commercial vehicle that some yahoo is beating the crap out of or has a snowplow bracket mounted on the front end.The rest of the year is spent dragging overloaded trailers around town.Feel lucky you got any help at all and quit complaining

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  • Ch
    Charles L Raymond Jun 28, 2011

    Hello: I agree with the truck owner, not the detroit yahoo with all the Mouth, he sounds like a Ford Stooge! I have a 2004 Ford Freestar van, that my transmission let go at 85, 900 miles with no warning! Bad torque converter, like I have read about, that has happened to hundreds of folks on these vehicles! If you make a defective product (Please have the guts and ethics to make it good!) This is not Ford's ideology. Save a few bucks today and lose many customers in the future! I have loved my Ford Freestar since the day I bought it, It is a pleasure to drive and the ride and power of a luxury vehicle, and the gas milage on the highway is 27-29 mpg. I never anticipated a problem like this, with no warning! Ford's customer service rep was curt and abrupt, (Nothing we can do!) I have many Ford driving friends, and there is nothing I can do about not spreading the word about Ford's Carless attitude after the sale money has lined their pockets!
    A Disatisfied Ford owner in Pennsylvania

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  • Ma
    matt brooks Aug 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a 99 power stroke when I had bought it the truck sounded great but a year after I bought it it sounds like crape it's the torch converter that gives it such a loud noise and I blame ford because your the one that put bad touch converter's in my year model I want my truck fixed and I think that you should fix it .It, s not my fault the torch converts out in it

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no customer service!!

We had a new motor put in our Mountaineer June 2006. In Nov/Dec 2008 the motor blew again. Our Mechanic determined the problem was Ford did not tighten bolts on the new motor. They were found in the pan. Ford would not pay our Mechanics hourly rate so we had to take in to a dealer. The dealer said that because we could not produce receipts on all of the oil changes, we did not take care of the vehicle. We did, but I can't keep every receipt. Now, it will cost us another $5000.00.

We are still paying on the vehicle, paying on the first loan for the first motor, and now how are we to come up with another $5000.00. I tried to work with Ford Customer Service and all they did was call the dealership that has the vehicle. The person at the dealership was so rude and accusative that I had to talk to his supervisor. The supervisor said that he had to talk to the guy before and would talk to him again. Once I have the money to replace the motor again, it will not be another ford Engine!

  • Ti
    TIMETOFIGHT Apr 20, 2009


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terrible service

I have been a loyal Ford Customer since 1974. Well no longer. Over the past two years everytime we have taken our autos for service into our local dealerships we get treated rudely and unprofessionally. They just don't seem to care about customer service anymore. They act like they are doing you a big favor of even taking your vehicle in.

My last two vehicles have been nothing but trouble quality wise. My most recent problem had to do with my custom Ford OEM wheels becoming pitted and rusted. They were replaced once under the standard warranty but this time I was told that they would not be covered under the extended warranty. When I asked why they told me that they had corrosion due to being "exposed to the elements" What a joke. Am I supposed to drive the vehicle in covered buildings only? I tried to appeal it to Ford's totally worthless customer service center and was just told that there was nothing they could do.

I cancelled my extended warranty as Ford doesn't cover anything anyway within their fine print. I'd rather deal with local independent service providers until I can sell the vehicle.

I'm tired of their arrogant attitude and will never purchase or recommend a Ford product again!

refused to repair defective lincoln

I purchased a Lincoln aviator new. I had a failed starter 2 weeks after warranty expired. They said this was highly unusual. It cost me apprx. $450. Heritage Ford in Loveland, CO was to call me in 2 days. I called the service manager and he was to check into it and would call me back. No call, and that was 3 months ago. I didn't figure he would call as I asked if he had my phone number and he said "no". He never did! I definitely would not recommend that they retain a dealership. I'd like to be reimbursed. Honda would NEVER do this! No more fords. What poor service!

  • Ford Motor Company Feb 19, 2009

    I'm not sure what happened in your situation. I would recommend that you call Ford Customer Relations Center at 1-800-392-3673. Have your VIN, the repair order (if possible), the name of your dealership and the name of the person you spoke to at the dealership. The Ford CRC representative would be in the best position to help you resove your concern. Thanks.

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heater core

I took my car to Cole Ford Sales in July of 2006 to have a heater core replaced and they charged me around...

ford brake cylinder

Due to the fact Ford decided to allow the Master cylinder to feed both the front and rear brakes, I lost my brakes when my rear cylinder went. My daughter was in the car with me, and the pedal went to the floor. Luckily. I went through our street into the neighbour's front yard and no-one was killed.

I crimped the line to take it to the garage, and my front spring on the passenger side broke and took out my tire. It was a recall item until 2002. I have a 2003. Don't bail these ### out, they design cars to fail for the money, and are unsafe.F9fixed)O(or)R(repaired)D(daily).I think the Japs make their money selling Quality, not repairable JUNK.

  • Ford Motor Company Feb 12, 2009

    I am sorry to hear of your issue. I would recommend that you contact the Ford Customer Relations Center at 1-800-392-3673. Please have your VIN available. The CRC representative would be in the best position to help you resolve your concern. Thank you.

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  • Do
    Don't Start Jul 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ford didn't take bailout money and this post was oviously prior to Toyota's massive quality oopsies, lol.

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  • Ex
    exfordowner Dec 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never buy another Ford because of the dishonest people and practices that seem to prevail. I own a 2001 Explorer - the problems started with Ford right after I bought it- remember the big tire fiasco? AT first they were too busy to exchange mine - I understand. But when I went back they said I waited too long and was refused the new tires. Since then I have only used a Ford dealer's service Dept. 2 or 3 times. EACH time I went- my CHECK ENGINE light went on after picking up my car. More than a coincidence. They wont even look at the car for under $90- THIS IS A SCAM! Anyone else experience this type of fraudulent trick?

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re warrenty

i have been having trouble with my ford torneao transit since befofe christmas they have had my van three times but have still not been able to repair fault. which is when i switch on the enguine malfunction comes on the display also the settings display flashing on and off whilst driving beeping when this happens. my van was in last thursday and im still waiting for them to ring me for a part for my exhust . i find this unacceptable as it is still under warrenty. so my van remains unrepaired and still making bleeping sounds ford have told me they cant find anything wrong. this has been going on to long now as every time my car is in i lose a days pay!

  • Ya
    yasir elawad Apr 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i purchased my 2011 ford crawan victory about 3 month ago. my windsheild cracked when i visited the dealer for replacement they took a picture of the cracked and agreed it look like strees cracked they called to take a picture for the scoand time claiminge the first picture was not clear . one hour later called to detmine that the damaged will not cover by the warranty.

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couldn't pay off loan

My last ford never will I be suckered again - - I bought a ford f 150 and took the loan out with ford motor...

no aftersales service

FORD Focus TDi 1.8. The carpets pulled out from the sides. The inlet manifold had to be replaced (it smoked...