Ford Motor Company / ford escape 2017 repair issues - paint peeling

Louisville, KY, United States

We are now into six months of trying to get Ford to fix our Escape. Case number 5 is open right now. In April paint started peeling on driver door Byerly Ford in Louisville, KY said it was from dirt in paint and passenger door had what they called a stamp in the door both noted as Ford Factory Defects. We have had two repairs at Byerly with the last repair leaving compound, buffing marks, dirt in paint and a crease down passenger door from where they tried to remove stamp. We opened a case from the first repair with Ford. We opened a case with the BBB after Ford will not do buyback or replacement. BBB tried to go for Lemon law but it had two repairs and two denials for repairs and 16 days at Ford Dealerships. They said it had not had enough repairs. This is a 32, 000 vehicle we bought with six miles now having 2990 miles over 800 miles are from taking to Ford Dealership for repairs and inspections. Ford CSM telling us Ford refuses Buyback or Replacement we have a New Escape that a Ford Dealership has damaged due to Factory Defects they tried to repair. Other Dealerships are refusing to try and repair saying Ford will not pay them to fix it. This has bumper to bumper warranty 3 years 36, 000. Yet Ford is doing NOTHING! 5 Cases opened and our Escape is worse now! We did not wreck this Escape! Byerly Ford contacted the BBB and said they were to have no contact with us that the Ford Lawyer told them not to talk to us. We are the CUSTOMER that they destroyed our Escape.

Sep 17, 2017

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