Ford Motor Companyfailure to service

For years my transmission has had problems. Same stuff. Time and time again I have complained while under warrantee. Now, as it was happening, I happen to be near ford and pulled in. After 20 min of trying to get someone to witness it as people stood around and socialized, it was evident transmission was messed up. I first started to complain when truck was about 30k miles. Now that it is out of warrantee with the same issue, I must pay for it. Ford's refusal to look at issue multiple times leaves me with a bill. I understand how ford works now. refuse to identify and leave it to the customer to eat it when warrantee is over. This is my 3rd ford. An explorer, F150 platinum, and now XLT. My next vehicle was the Bronco.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Newtown, PALooking forward to it for 2 years. Not any longer. Doing another brand. A reputable brand that stands by their work and word. Ford management promised to resolve if it shows up out of warrantee. It should be repaired at no cost. Hell, I deserve an apology for not fixing first few times as it was very scary to drive on highway with children in car and transmission acting up. Neglect and then abused by Ford. When I pay to get it fixed, I will be posting on every social media I can get my hands on.
I was very angry ford would not look into it when problem started. Imagine how I feel when that was neglected and now have to pay for it. And complaining gives me zero satisfaction and seriously doubt there will be any attempts to reach out.

May 16, 2017

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