Ford Motor Company / 2016 ford f350, fx4 diesel 6.7 liter

Imlay City, MI, United States
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This truck is kept in the garage all year long and used for family functions it currently has 7600 miles on it and I've owned it one year now, ... Monday Sep. 04, 2017 on our way to great lakes crossings I noticed the battery light come on in the dash and it turned off a couple of times, seemed to drive fine, then on the way home the same thing so I took it into Imlay City Ford dealership where I bought it and have it checked out. They first said they swapped out the alternator but still had the same light coming on, they contacted Ford technical service and they had them check on the electrical system. None the less come Friday I said I need to have my truck to pick up wood pellets on sale that weekend, they said you can take it home for the weekend because everything seems fine except for the light, OK. take it home (roughly 8 miles) and then saturday after work I get home and try to start the truck and NOTHING, dead as a door knob !!! I subdued my anger and tried to jump start it with the M934A2 military truck, and holy smokes it would only "click" when I turned the key !!! oh yeah, now I don't believe a $70, 000 truck should act that way... I took one of my vacation day Monday, September 11th, 2017 due to the fact that the truck was going to have be pushed out from the garage in order to load it on the tow truck, takes two good men to push an F350... It is now
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 and no one still knows what is wrong with it !!!????? are you serious !!!???? to top this whole debockle off it is the "michigan youth hunt" this weekend and my two youngest are dreaming of hunting and there is no way we can go with out a truck...!!! Do you realize that the Imlay City Ford won't help us out what so ever !?!?!?!? No wonder people are changing to another manufacturer !!! SHAME ON YOU THE MANAGEMENT OF FORD MOTOR COMPANY FOR ALLOWING THIS TO CONTINUE !!! IMLAY CITY FORD IS TRYING TO GET ME INOT ANOTHER TRUCK TO REMEDY THIS SITUATION AND SO I CAN TAKE MY KIDS HUNTING !?!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS !?!?!?!

Sep 13, 2017

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