Ford Motor Company / 2015 ford fusion

Bought brand new Fusion in Feb 2015. My car has been driving fine. And all of sudden went out to drive it, it wouldn't start. Wouldn't turn over or anything. Called local Ford dealer and roadside assistance came out. Said battery was completely drained. Well we got it jumped, took to Englewood, :) Ford dealer. They had my car almost 2 days and checked everything and said they couldn't find anything wrong with car. My car seemed to work ok, up until Sept 2016 and then I jumped it and was ok. Then again in November 2016, did same exact thing, like battery was dead. Jumped it and took to Kerns Ford in st. Marys, oh and they had car one week and still couldn't find anything wrong with it. And now Dec 8th 2016 it's doing same thing again. Ford really needs to figure out what is happening with why my car is doing this

Dec 08, 2016

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