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I filed a complaint right after I bought this car. Was contacted back by the district rep for the Knoxville area. We had the car into the Ted Russell Ford service dept for a repair on the transmission. I have called back numerous times to report that the car is still not fixed.I was told to drive it until it breaks down, they will pull it & fix it then. This car hesitates in traffic, completely stops at times and sounds like it is fixing to blow up. I am getting very pissed at this whole situation. You know these cars have transmission problems & yet you are not willing to fix the cars until they break down??? If this car is not fixed, we are going to join the law suit against Ford Motors. We bought this car for my daughter who is disabled. If somethings happens to here while driving this car, you will be in for another law suit for personal injury. We paid good money for this car but was not informed about the transmission problems on these cars when we bought it. I am pretty sure that is against the law. We are done with this & we want our car fixed now. The car is broke down now & needs to be pulled to the dealership. Waiting on your car & it better be soon.
Norma Jean Thomas & Robin N. White.

May 15, 2017

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