Ford Motor Company2012 f150

when I purchased my F150 in 2013 which was a 2012 brand new truck we also purchased 2 others same make and model. one for my son and one my cousin.
all 3 trucks have had the same issue with timing chain and guides wearing out. My sons had extended warranty fixed 2 times, my cousin traded his in and bought a new truck and mine with now 61, 000 has the same failure.
I feel you are hiding a possible recall with the 6 cylinder turbo charge.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Livonia, MII did every oil change on time per recommended time and mileage.
dealer tell me $1600 for a repair on a low mileage unit is crazy since I know this has happened over and over with other trucks. I want feed back never have I owned anything but a ford and quickly feel the quality is gone downhill or let me say being covered up when there is an issue. I am very upset that this is not covered a truck timing chain does not wear out at 61, 000 so much for ford tuff only if you buy new maybe.

May 18, 2017

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