fith third bank / mis represitation off fees and amonts due

Jasper In, IN, United States Review updated:

told you when this is fixed I owe you 150.00 plus 33.00 and not this figure I will go in and pay the 183.00 in full account thats been stopped and closed per you and i can not view my account or get any of my info, seems you just keep over accessing excessive fees. Arrangements were made and discussed with manager prior to return check. I no longer will be doing business with you because over you excessive charging and after arrangements were made...

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cc: mis representing that excessive fees and -500000 that has effected my credit history by a lie

went in to pay the 150 plus the 33 nsf fee and they refused not continue to not fix and continue to excessivly over access fees

the bankers are trying to cause clients un do fees and stress when payment was there and ready to pay and they would not correct fees or mis representation of the -500000

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