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Fifth Third Bank / unethical behavior

1 Cincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:

Fifth third bank raised the interest rate on an account with excellent payment history this February 2010. The account had been closed since April of 2009. They said they sent a letter allowing me to opt out of the interest rate increase in Nov. 2009. I didnot receive the letter. These letters typically say you may close the account and opt out of the rate increase. This account had been closed for eight months already when they supposedly sent the letter. Because I didnot get a letter and didnot opt out, they raised the rate. Its important to note how terribly unethical they are in this matter. This account had been closed for months. I should not have had to "close and opt out " with an already closed account. DO NOT BANK WITH FIFTH THIRD EVER!!

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      31st of Mar, 2010
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    THis bank owns Cincinnati.
    All 5/3 bank customers are unaware of how dangerous this bank is.
    You can check in anytime you want, but you cant everrrrrrr leave...

    Since this bank took taxpayer bailout funds of 3.4 billion dollars, they've went into chaos mode.
    What is interesting is the "socialist" mindset of the either complacent or extremely lazy Greater Cincinnati citizens mindset.

    5/3 deposits from customers are up a stunning 25% since Tarp.
    Yet, their commercial loand dropped a stunning 5 billion dollars last year.
    THat translates to about 40, 000 jobs lost in the tri-state.

    If you are 5/3 bank customer still, and you are reading this post, , , , , , ,
    You are a COMPLETE supporter of socialism and ONEROUS government favored handouts.
    If You HAVE NOT closed your 5/3 bank deposit account, you are COMPLETELY on board with socialism.
    You CANNOT support a concept anymore FULLY than when you contribute money to a cause.
    You are also a TOTAL ### and UNEDUCATED to the loan docs you signed without thoroughly reading them.

    Any ### who has a mortgage with this bank, credit card, car loan and STILL deposits their payroll to this bank
    deserves what will happen to them when they miss a payment. You people signed/initialed a paragraqh stating that
    they can do as they please, no court process, no argument from your side, they can and WILL destroy your financial life.

    If you arent totally without resources, pay an atty the fee, have the atty review your mortgage or other loan docs.
    Your atty will insist you leave the loans at 5/3 bank only until you can refinance elsewhere. Your atty will then give you the scary news. You so much as sniff
    being late on your home, or a credit card with them, you are going to lose that home you love. But first, they'll yank every dime you have in your account.
    Oh, and if they overdraw you, they'll charge you fees, and I mean fees on a daily basis till you scurry into that bank and pay the thugs.

    See an atty, and as soon as possible, you'll be depositing your payroll checks elsewhere.
    You'll move your savings, and you'll understand how ###IC and RECKLESS you are
    to have ANY loan with this bank. More reckless, is for you to deposit your cash and payroll
    into this bank. If you're a parent, and you continue banking at 5/3 bank, and you wont take the time to call
    a lawyer, DO NOT EVER ACCUSE your children of being irresponsible.

    Oh, and for those of you that think the bank just wants you to catch up on your mortgage,
    and that taking your home doesnt make sense, I FEEL AWFUL for you. THis bank has MORE reasons to foreclose
    than to cooperate. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND bank ratios, TARP, HAMP, etc. THey went crazy destroying Cincy lives
    in 2008 and 2009. And, a FANTASTIC MOVE by their deceptive CEO. FITB Stock has gone from 1.00 to 14.00
    since the March 09 lows. NO BANK, not even Goldman Sachs accomplished this brilliant financial feat.
    Tossing your life out of a window allows the bank to "off balance" sheet perceived liabilities.
    NO ONE did more TOSSING in the tri-state than Fifth Third Bank.

    Dont rely on message boards and rumor.
    Be responsible, it will only cost you 150.00 or so to consult a qualified local atty.
    A percentage of bloggers deserve high interest and fees as they wont pay on time regardless of employment status.
    But, ALL OF YOU are in a very precarious legal fix if you indeed deposit/bank/trust this outfit called Fifth Third Bank.
    They OWN YOU more solidly than any human mind can comprehend.

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