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FIA Card Services / Unauthorized checking acct debits!

1 TN, United States Review updated:

I once had a credit card issued by MBNA. Once they were bought out by Bank of America, my credit card was now the property of some fools known as FIA Card Services. I had authorized them to take out the minimum payments due from my checking account on the first of each month, thereby never missing a payment, and not being accessed a late fee. All of a sudden on January 1st, 2008, i noticed they began to debit my checking account TWICE for the same amount. So I phoned in to figure out what was going on. They apologized and told me they'd wire the funds back to me and i should see it post back into my checking account the following day. Long story short, I waited 11 days to get that back to me after long hours on the phone arguing with these incompetent individuals. During that call, I revoked the authorization to debit my checking account and demanded my bank's information be deleted from their system. Come Feb 1st, again 2 drafts were debited from my checking account. Again I waited days to get the money put back into my account. Same thing in March. I have had enough with these fools. How dare they think they have the ability to just draw MY funds whenever they want. They are nothing more than crooks and criminals tapping into my hard earned money in order to grab an interest free loan. I have filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Delaware about their illegal practices of basically stealing $ from client's checking accounts. In the complaint, I have also requested all bank fees be refunded due to overdrafts caused by their unauthorized debits, AND in addition, I want compensation for the headaches, and interest for the days I basically 'loaned' them my money (and that interest rate is at the HIGHEST possible interest rate allowed by law). Should this occur again in April, I will be filing a small claims lawsuit against them, or even will consider a class action law suit should I find out they are taking advantage of more individuals other than myself.

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  • J
      15th of Mar, 2008
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    im about to have a suit against those fools too!!!

  • An
      12th of May, 2008
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    FIA Electronic Forgery... unauthorized electronic checks. My story is nearly line for line of yours. We were promised the money back in our account the next day but would take 72 hours to show with almost no question that they were wrong and would fix the error. Now five days later I call and they seem to know nothing about the agreement to refund the unauthorized charge and there are no notes in their system as to who agreed to make the refund, unfortunately in many cases they do not use their real names so it makes it even harder. Now I have to start over. I am worried to learn that they did this to you more than once as I can not afford another unauthorized transaction, the first one took my account to near zero. Class action sounds like a real possibility with these people.

  • Ea
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    Fia did the same thing to me. Set up an agreement and then withdrew funds at random. One withdrawal was for $1000.00. Thank God the money was not in that account. My bank advised me to close the old account and open a new one. Still, it cost me fees. WHAT FEDERAL AGENCY do I contact about this? I had to close the checking account after 10 years.

  • Br
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    My husband had a bank of america card that he was young and spent way to much on. When we were married i paid the card off in full to the tune of $2500. About a month later we recieved a card from bank of america for a lowered ballance of $500. I was comfortable with the amount he would be allowed to spend on this card so we decided to activate it. The card came in an envelope from bank of america, the card says bank of america, nowhere does it say fia card services. so we ended up having to move suddenly and got behind in a few bills we are almost caught up three months later. we used this card during the move and it is maxed out. so my minumum payment is $19 i wanted to take a little off extra each month until everything else is caught up then we will pay this off completely again. i used the card every once in a while i never looked at the statement because i knew i was paying more then the minimum. so $5 here and there was not a worry to me. i logged on to look at this card and i have been charge over draft fees each month. apparently the minimum payment of $19 is designed to occur over fees. my card is charged $30 per month in interst. so if my card is maxed which it is, and i pay the minimum my card will always be over, if i pay over the minimum and use it at all my card will be over. we are never late but sometimes things come up and we can not pay it off complet;ey (something we did every month until this happened) so the last straw is we paid as much as we could this pay check so we could be clear by the 15th so we knew things were going to be tight, everythin is automatic with us and this account always posts on the 2nd. so we thought we had money left over. they pulled what i authorized plus the over fees, and were $3 short in my account. so i just paid $25. they did not charge my account until this afternoon. 10/5/09 i am going to cancell this account

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