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Approximately 2 years ago, the reliability of Fedex has declined precipitously and is now to the point of ridiculous. You are lucky if you receive a package on time 50% of the time. They give one excuse after problems, plane problems, mis-routed, mis-sorted, etc. You will get a different excuse each time you call. UPS and the usps are providing far better service and reliability now than Fedex is. Fedex used to be the best courier it is the worst. I know vendors who have stopped using them as shippers due to their increasing unreliability...and hope that soon, the usps and UPS will knock them off the pedestal they no longer deserve or merit. In fact, if the usps is smart, they will jump right into this huge opening the Fedex is providing right now and replace them as better courier. The usps needs the business and this would be the time to take advantage of the failings of Fedex that have just continued to increase the past 2 years or so. Shame on Fedex. Hope you go down.


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