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Fed Up with Fed Ex

So, I recently resigned a position from an employer that had provided me with home equipment. I made arrangements for it to be returned but what happened was... well... it will be funny when it is finally done but for now it is infuriating!
Saturday July 30th: Scheduled date for pick up. An unmarked white van pulls into my driveway and backs out. The driver does not get out. Tried to get son, Steve, out fast enough to reach him but was not successful. Called FedEx to inquire they said it was not them. No one else came that day.
On Sunday the site said that an attempt was made to pick up but was unsuccessful due to no one home/business closed.
On Monday, I called and said
“I don’t know if that was him but if so ... should not be using unmarked vehicles in this day and age and more importantly
2. that driver never even got OUT of the vehicle
3. there were three adults home all day long with dogs that bark when someone even walks by much less walks onto the property.
4. I sit where I have full view of the entire part of the street in front of my house and the driveway and there is no way I missed him.”

"SO", says the Supervisor I complained to, "let's schedule for tomorrow" I said "I have to do Saturday because you cannot guarantee it will be before 1:00 and I work from home and cannot have that delivery while I am working." He SWORE that they could indeed guarantee me the pickup before 1:00 so I accepted.

Tues at 1:00 I have to call and cancel because, (no surprise), they have NOT, in fact, shown up in time. The supervisor I spoke to THIS time is an idiot! He says "ok it is cancelled."
"Great", says I, "now let's schedule this for Saturday".
"No", he said "I cannot do that".
"Why?" I inquire,
"Because there is a delivery scheduled for this."
"You just cancelled that, right?" says a suspicious me.
"I did but it is still there."
"Then it is not cancelled?"
"Oh, yes, it is, they will call you."
"No", I said, "they cannot call me I have to work."
"OK they will call tomorrow."
"PLEASE!" I beg, "make sure they do so before 1:00 as I cannot take a call after that and this needs to be rectified as it is YOUR driver's mistake."
"Sure, no problem."
(me) "OK now let's get this scheduled, ok?"
"They will call you" *SMH*
"ok fine", I give up.

3:00 that afternoon the SAME van pulls in and a driver wearing the FedEx uniform shows up. Now I am angry and I leave WORK and rush to the door and roust Steve to grab the boxes as they are here now. I step out and motion the driver to the back door. He can hear the dogs barking but I assure him they are caged, he still refuses. I said "look I don't have time to do this you need to come get the boxes they are right here" and it took SIX TIMES telling him the dogs are not able to come out before he would come back there. Now don't get me wrong I understand a fear of dogs but not in that job and not when you have been told they are secure. You are responsible to do your job. OK, so he finally gets there and I have Steve tell him which box is which, the driver grabs both boxes without listening and I tell Steve get a receipt for those, he goes to the driver and comes back and said the guy says they are scanned that is all we need and of course he has already left and I cannot do anything more as I HAVE to be at work.

OK so I let my former employer know that they have been picked up. The next day I go onto the site as some instinct is telling me that something is not quite right and sure enough there is a 'failed attempt' to deliver it. WHAT? from Georgia to Colorado in a matter of HOURS? DOUBTFUL! The only good thing is that they do show as picked up so no worries, right? WRONG

The very next day I see this same van pull in and think "Oh great! My Amazon delivery is a day early!"
I was again working so I had to let Steve get them and as he is mostly blind he did not realize what had happened. They are delivering the pick up BACK to me! *FP* The guy did not mark out or cover the old label so they scanned in the wrong one. Might be a good thing as each item was mislabeled and they MUST be correctly labelled! (He had the monitor sticker on the pc and vice versa!)

Another call to a sup and I am doing everything I can to not go off on this poor girl and even apologized because I KNOW how I sound. I sound angry. I WAS angry. She heard the whole thing, (including my rant against the driver and my opinion that unmarked vans are a bad idea in this day and age), and puts me on hold. When she returns she says that they cannot get the driver to come back and get them because it is already 'closed' as it is deemed as delivered but they can pick it up tomorrow.
OK so I explain again that I cannot take the risk that they might not come until after 1:00 and this time I am going to have to both make sure that they put the correct label on the correct box but get a receipt this time. I also asked that a different driver is sent, in a regular vehicle. I also asked that this driver be reprimanded, not just coached. IMHO he needs to be given a disciplinary action. That should tell anyone that knows me how incensed I am as I NEVER want someone to get disciplinary action only coaching.
We shall see what Saturday brings!

Aug 06, 2016

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