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New Albany, OH, United States

I came home this morning, and opened my garage door (before I could drive around the corner to see it) only to realize my 125 pound 3'x7' box containing my new bed was leaning AGAINST IT!!! I do not even know at this time whether it damaged it or not, because after it opened the box leaned farther into my garage so that I CANNOT CLOSE THE DOOR NOW!!! I called FedEx and asked them to have the driver come back and move it out of the way, as I cannot move it at all. Two hours later I had to call again because no one came back, only to find out they NEVER called the office to have the driver come back. The person on the phone said she talked to a manager and that they would TRY to have the driver come back, but they could not guarantee it. SERIOUSLY???? I can NOT close my garage door!!! I have a concussion with neck and back injuries and cannot in any way move the box myself, which has nothing to do with the fact that the idiot should not have leaned it against my garage door to begin with!! So now I have to hope that when my husband gets home in several hours that someone doesn't steel something out of my garage, not to mention I CAN'T LEAVE MY HOUSE because I CAN'T CLOSE MY DOOR, so I had to cancel a business meeting!! On top of all of this there are SEVERAL places the box is damaged so the driver clearly had no respect for my delivery to begin with. I am reporting this to the better business bureau.

FedEx Corporate Services

May 19, 2017

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