FashionNova β€” customer service & return policy & their clothes run small

So I order a dress from them and I couldn't fit it so they sent me a post card so you could return whatever you purchase but I noticed something they didn't have a number or a email address to contact them on they return post card so that was weird to me the only thing they had was the address and why was I sending it back & the name of the dress & color . They customer service is the worst I ever dealt with they number on the wedsite doesn't work the only way you could contact them is by email which made me mad as hell because I prefer calling it much fast then waiting for somebody to email you back but long story short I return the dress and the dress has been deliver so let's see how long this going take for them to email me my store credit because this dress suppose to be for my birthday 😑😑😑😑

Jan 10, 2017

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