ASHRO Complaints & Reviews

ASHRO / Service

Jan 08, 2016

I ordered a wig in October and before the completion of the order was told that my order was denied due to owing another associated company (Midnight Velvet). Approximately two weeks later I went to pick up my mail and notice a slip for package pickup. I went to the counter and ask for the...

ASHRO / return policy

Jan 22, 2013

ASHRO has a very short return date-30 days-so if you do not wear an item immediately or wash it to see how it wears, you are out of a significant amount of money plus return fees and interest. Hammacher Schlemmer has a very generous policy and other companies allow for defects and wash and...

ASHRO / Sold me bad product and now want make me pay late fees etc on a bad product


I bought a wig out of a catalog that was nothing like what was in the book. I called them after having the wig for a month because I did not wear the wig it was in my closet then I decided to wear wig. And when I put the wig on it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen and was nothing like... / Unethical Sales and Billing Practices


I've been receiving ASHRO catalogs for years. Recently, I decided to open an account and place my first order for two dresses. Immediately after placing my order in February 2010, I received a communication that one of the two dresses I ordered would not be available until May 2010...

Ashro Lifestyles / Money scam


I would recommend that no one attempt to buy by catalog from this company. In January I placed an order for two items for an amount in excess of $200. After numerous phone calls, e-mails to the company and even a letter to the company I was told varying stories by different people about...