Fashion Novalied and charged a higher amount on my credit card than I authorized

V Nov 17, 2017

My credit card was not charged the price shown to me at checkout
i placed an order online with fashion nova. The price was supposed to be $95.11 us funds however i received an email from amazon stating that i was charged $135.87 us funds. I immediately contacted fashion nova and asked to cancel the order or correct the price. I received an email stating that nothing could be corrected and if i was not happy with the purchase after shipping, to return and they would issue a fashion nova e-gift card... Meaning i would have to pay to send these items back! the order had been placed within minutes of me contacting fashion nova yet they are stating they cannot do anything?? it's not right to be shown one price and charged a much higher price. Luckily i took screen shots of the pricing in the cart as proof. I then received an email stating that the items have not been shipped yet, i contacted fashion nova telling them to cancel, do not ship and refund my money or correct the price. I wanted to ensure these items do not get shipped if they are unable to correct the price. Showing a lower price and charging a higher price is a total scam!! they are refusing to correct this issue that was caused due to their lies.

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