Family Dollar Storesstore manager always complaining about her help

J Nov 14, 2017

I visit Family Dollar in Hendersonville North Carolina at least twice or more a week. Sharon the manager is always saying, and I quote "No one does anything, I have to do it all. I have no help at all" The three ladies who work there along with Sharon, do work, you have a cashier and two assistant managers who I think do a good job. Most times Sharon is there by herself during the day, because there are not enough hours for everyone. And then when there are hours for more people, Sharon is complaining about all of them outside to other managers and customers. I feel sorry for the workers who work with Sharon, since they aren't appreciated. My wife and I are considering no longer going to this Family Dollar because of Sharon and all of her complaining when the ladies are actually working. I would think that a manager wouldn't say such horrible things about her workers when they actually do work.

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