Family Dollar Storesservice

P Nov 26, 2017

After many years shopping in this store, I have never been treated so badly like today. Family Dollar in key West has holidays hours which says open at 8am, I even checked online and it says 8am. So after waiting hour up front of the store and letting manager know that their hours says 8am, he started arguing with me and keep saying no we open at 9. Then he smoke cigarette and even it was already 9am he locked the door right up front of me 😲😲😲 I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm 8month pregnant and it takes me 20 min to walk to this store, which I go to pretty much every day, so do the math 20 min get there, hour of waiting and 20 min get back home. Thats nearly 2 hours waist of my time, being treated horribly, kicked out and walk home with none of the stuff I was going to buy. I will be writing complain to everywhere where I can to make sure this new manager gets fired.

Family Dollar Stores

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