Family Dollar Stores / managers complaint

Nashville, TN, United States

I worked at the Family Dollar Store #8754. I arrived at 4:30p today and walked out at around 5:00 pm. Lila the Store Mgr., stated to me that Kevin the District MGR., said that we would have to leave the scanners on the holder when scanning products for the customers, because it looks as if we are stealing and giving the products away to the customers for free. Lila said Kevin said we have a lot of voids. If I accidentally scan a product twice we remove the duplicate product as a void. But no stealing is involved. I can only void the last item scanned which is the duplicate item that was already scanned. Lila even gave me a dramatization of voiding the item and handing the item to the person she was ringing up which inturn that's why we have to keep the scanners on the holders. Lila even stated that she checked the cameras to make sure we were not stealing and she saw that we were not stealing it was a legitimate void and plus it's only the last item scanned, which Is a duplicate that I CAN only void. They were both insinuating wrong motives on me and that's unacceptable. Lila stated Kevin said when I asked her point blank is he saying we're stealing and Lila said YES!!! I'm offended and insulted that the District MGR., and the Store MGR., would accuse us of stealing. He's only referring to (us) the only 2 Black American women that are the only cashiers majority of them he time that are stealing. Our customers are 95% Hispanic and the rest are immigrants. So in other words I don't know them at all to help them steal from this company.

Sep 25, 2017

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