Family Dollar Stores / false written advertising price / not honoring price

El Paso, TX, United States

I went to Family Dollar on 2901 Fort Boulevard, El Paso TX store #02527 about an hour ago...completely out of my home area. I usually go to Dollar Generals and sometimes even Dollar Trees because of the horrible customer service we receive with Family Dollars. But it was convinient to stop at this one today. I purchased 33.02 worth of merchandise at this store. When I went to check out I saw that the drawer plastic chest that I bought was charged at 15.00 but several signs advertising it at 6.00. I immediately told the cashier and she didn't care to go look, just said that's the price and period. Of course at that point made me upset, so I asked for mgr. She said he won't b able to change the price either but loud and with an attitude. I then raised my voice also and told her to get the mgr anyways. The manager came out and without him letting me explain he told me not to yell at his girl. Maybe he meant employee, but I told him to go check the price advertised and fir the cashier to quit yelling at me first. He wasn't going to budge on giving me the price his store had on the shelves so I paid and left! But I am so upset that she would have that type of attitude towards a customer and that he would not at least tell her to keep quiet either. ...not too sure where their customers etiquette was learned but I'm never going back to this store & I feel I deserve an apology! I have family & friends that live on that area and I will make sure they ban this store also! I should of left the products and gone somewhere else! Very upset customer!

Family Dollar Stores

Jan 21, 2017

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