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I do love my job but, don't get this...Constant complaints on the condition of the store from corp. well store has been open for about 20 yrs, we only have so many employees in store at one time to do ten diff. jobs. the floors are a night mare and need to be redone they cannot even be cleaned when cleaned -- they are stained so badly and the shelves are in the same condition--- customer go through the stack of hand carts to find a have way decent one but, there are none without at least a quarter of an inch of what looks like tar ------ uuuuggggg --- they need to put some of these corp assssssss in the stores then let them judge !!! i know they work but they need to actually work the stores. we get busier and busier and more and more side work ----- no additional pay and judged like that !!! come on corp get a clue ...

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  • Xi
      Aug 21, 2009

    I had to do a 22 hour shift while I was seven months pregnant because of the stupid floors!
    They got a company to come in and wax the floors. It was only supposed to take three or four hours.
    I was there for 22 damn hours straight! Not to mention it's not a good idea for a pregnant woman to inhale those fumes. I had to sit outside the back door.
    To top it off, I figured "we're in this together" and bought the four on the crew some pizza. They ate the pizza and three of them left the other one to wax the floor by himself.
    We were there until FOUR O'CLOCK in the morning! I then had to return to work seven hours later.
    It was a nightmare!

    And to answer jeffersontr75's question, no matter how much we cleaned that store, it was never good enough. Furthermore, we were lucky to be given 30 hours per week. Anymore than that and you'd get written up if it isn't authorized.

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