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Plainly put, I went on Jetblue Website to get information on a Charlotte to New York r/t ticket. Found lots of flights for $158.

Came across an Expedia promotion "trueblue36" whereas, you get $36 off your new Jetblue reservation made on expedia. I go to, choose identical flights as Jetblue website and find they charge $214. Being new to this, I attempted to get through to Expedia to find out if they charge more than Jetblue for identical flights, times, dates, etc.

Took 30 minutes to get through and was told no, that expedia has best price guarantee. I was connected to the Philippines (employee 32654) who for the next 79 minutes would be on and off hold, gathering information from someone standing beside him as to what to say to me. Mind you I now have almost an 1 hour 40 minutes invested in this (feeling like a total loser for wasting this much time).

Outcome was he booked my flights at the higher rate and said the Jetblue36 doesn't work because of a time zone problem but, I would eventually see a credit. Keep in mind he charged me $214 each ticket (x2). So, basically I am now paying $178 (if he applies credit)for a ticket that I could have booked on Jetblue for $158 and no booking fee. He then says someone will call me to review price guarantee.

The call came after 10pm eastern time, I repeated entire story and was told a call back would come and was given incident number. 30 minutes later a different person calls with a different incident number and says he will call back. Approaching 11pm (my time) I get a call back again saying I will receive a credit for the price difference and an additional credit for future Expedia travel.

So, having spent over 3 hours on this debacle to save $36 I get a $50 expedia credit (p.p.) 3 hours wasted, total nonsense explaining a problem they caused and I get a lousy $50 credit.


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      Jul 23, 2009

    Did you check to see if those initial rates were available after the booking?
    Rates change by the minute!

    Bottom line, if you see a good rate, book it! Don't look around because there are billions of people in this world, over half use the internet, and I gaurantee that rate probably got booked while you went through this ordeal.

    This is especially true for summertime.

    If the rate was still available afterwards Expedia should have adjusted.

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