Eureka ForbesBig mistake


I was shopping for a vacuum cleaner and was offered a demo of Eureka Forbes - their latest vacuum cleaner. I accepted it, and it was a big mistake.

After the demonstration was over, the sales people started talking us into buying the product. They said they came with an unopened new item, and since the box was opened and the vacuum cleaner used we are obligated to buy it.

We asked them to leave our house with the vacuum cleaner. One of the sales guys finally agreed to pick the item the next day motivating it that they can't take the vacuum cleaner today. We agreed.

No one came the next day and the day after. When we contacted them, they again told us that we need to pay for it. We then contacted their manager who also said that the item was opened and we need to buy it. We are being ripped off by these people, and I hope someone will stop them soon.

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